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Greenborne the Noble

May 1, 2009


Noble Tauren indeed! I have to give a big shout out to my lovely Horde guildies who came out to help a pathetic level 30 nublet finish off the Hard-boiled achievement and thereby complete the Noblegarden events. I am now level 32 and have a title to display alongside my name and I couldn’t have done it without the support and assistance of one of the nicest bunch of people I’ve met online. These guys are way more friendly than people I’ve met on Alliance side.

Now I’ve finished the Noblegarden events I am not really going to be turning myself towards Children’s Week, I spent a lot of time doing Noblegarden and I cannot attain certain of the new World Event’s achievements due to my level, so I may as well spend that time questing then.

Last night I managed to pull together a group to run Razorfen Kraul with, being the Swiss army knife of WoW I stood back and healed this time rather than using my tanking persona, it was a good run and apart from our mage and Tankadin deciding to fall off various bridges it went off without a hitch. I got a new set of shoulders off the trash mobs but nothing Druid-worthy dropped off the bosses. I think Razorfen Downs is next on the list once I have a few more levels under me. I’ve healed two instances now and despite the fact I’m a Feral spec (more on that to come) I’ve been impressed with the abilities and mana efficiency I have, having raided as a Holy priest I’m not oblivious to WoW healing but still, things are good. While I’m sure this will change as I get higher the fact I can dip into anything at the moment is proving very useful, especially as tanks and healers are normally the hardest spots to fill and I can currently do either.

Today see’s me finish work for a week too. What this means is that I will set aside a day to have a complete WoW-fest. Not exactly a casual attitude I know but I’ll be spending at least 2 days at various ends of the country so a day of complete vegetating doing nothing other than seeing what I get through by the end of the day seems good enough. By spending time on Noblegarden that pesky Orc hunter Spuzz has been able to close to within a level of me, that’ll never do, clearly I need to seriously outpace him, bring on Scarlet Monestary!


The Borne Supremacy

April 29, 2009

Hot on the heels of my latest posts about new-found weekend satorial elegance and excessive time-wasting comes yet another tale of running around in circles fighting off hordes of purple bunnehs trying to get their hands on my lucky charms eggs. Yesterday as I was doing my perusing of the various WoW blogs out there (should probably update my blogroll) I found out that Mages have their own very special reward available from the nice Noblegarden Merchant.

As anyone who has followed Operation: Casual Horde will know I added a poll to a post asking what I should play. I’d already decided on giving the Druid a try and the top choice from the viewing public came out in favour of the Mage, specifically of the Blood Elf variety. I’d already created Bind, an Undead Mage (glowy Skello-horsies ftw) but following consensus I deleted this character a while ago and replaced it, just in case the Druid thing didn’t work out. Last night was the first time that this character had been logged in, after all, I can’t pass up an excuse for another alt especially when there is a reward I can’t possible get any use out of until level 60!

I got my 100 eggs for the book after grabbing level 4 in the noobie zone, I didn’t want to get ROFLstomped by Wretched as I made my way around. During those 100 eggs I picked up a few rewards, so say hello to my Blood Elf Mage, Snowborne *waves*


In short order she had managed to pick up all the stuff I was missing on Greenborne, shame that it’s all soulbound really.

After spending time removing eggs from right under guildies noses (there were a lot of us pretending to be Blood Elves it seems) I switched over to Greenborne in order to pick up the last of the rewards I needed. Another 100 eggs later and I had to buy the Spring Robes and Circlet. After already posting the eye-bleeding images of Greenborne in his Wailing Caverns gear I’ll refrain from showing you him in his Spring Robes, although he did don his Elegant Dress to dance with a Warlock and Hunter friend in the middle of the Square….. that’s right a Cow dancing in a Square, pun your heart out with that one.

I popped over to Razor Hill to complete Spring Fling and also found one of those elusive creatures, the Orc female. I just need to gesticulate my posies at Alliance ladies now, wtb port to Dalaran PST!

Greenborne now only needs ladies a trip to Un’goro for a spell in a Jacuzzi and a trip through the sands of a fe zones he shouldn’t have the right to be in yet. Hopefully I can get this all done before the event finishes and then I think I may be the lowest level person on the server with the “Noble” title… we shall see.


Blizzard – Making you feel good by wasting time while wasting time!

April 28, 2009

It’s no great secret that many of the gaming nay-sayers will be quite vocal about WoW being a complete time-sink and a waste of time. I’ve certainly seen my share of being part of the hardcore few, not as hardcore as some, but I don’t believe that you can pigeon hole the term in a set of hours played in a day, I’d claim being hardcore is more about playing all the hours where you’re not doing something else, or blowing something else off in order to play more hours. Been there, done that, actually have a couple t-shirts….

Now, there are those of us who are much more casual that can still admit that WoW can be a huge time-sink if you let it. Since switching to the Horde from Alliance I know that over the course of my new levelling I’ll have eventually invested a lot of hours to get up to 80 and then have another batch of content to do that I have started on my Alliance and not finished. After all, I love my Black War Mammoth and Black War Bear, I’ll be wanting to replicate both of those on the Horde, naturally.

The mere fact that I have an active subscription and blog regularly about exploits in the game means that I am comfortable with the amount of time that I spend playing, that’s kind of the main point of Operation: Casual Horde. It would be easy to get suckered in and play a lot more on my current 80’s, now I’m trying something different away from the pressures that are there. When I switched over from my Priest to the Shaman one of the biggest issues I had was all the stuff I’d accomplished already on my Priest that I’d have to go and potentially do over again, some of those are still outstanding but my Shaman has some stuff that the Priest doesn’t and that means I’m fine with both. Obviously there are now a whole host of achievements once more now I have my nublet Druid. I happen to be one of those people that likes grabbing achievements and World Events give a great opportunity to snag some more. These events tend to have some that will only be obtainable on a level 80, I don’t really have an issue with this, after all the game has been out a long time and you’d almost be expected to have a max level character after all this time. Titles are really just a way of showing who has spent a lot of time focusing on one thing to the exclusion of all others.

Now, I’m sure some of us can appreciate the irony in the Noblegarden events, if some people consider WoW a time-sink or, in some circumstances, a waste of time, then imagine having an event where you run round in a circle for hours trying to collect little coloured eggs hoping that they have certain treats inside. A waste of time within a waste of time, I could have gone to bed early or done some questing or something else entirely, but last night I logged into the game around 2230hrs with the sole purpose of collecting some damn eggs! You know what, I actually didn’t think it was that bad either…..

Blizzard have stumbled upon a holy grail here, you can waste time, while wasting time and feel perfectly happy that you’ve done it and then be happy to log in the following day for more of the same. I know that this simple formula could probably extrapolated out to sum up all of WoW, if that’s what you wanted to do, but I don’t feel that my general WoW playtime is wasted. It’s entertaining and keeps me at home with my wife rather than being anywhere else. Last night Greenborne spent almost 90 minutes collecting eggs from Bloodhoof Village, Brill and FalconpunchWing Square. I got over a hundred, picked up a dress, two Tuxedo shirts, a set of Tuxedo pants and two bunnehs. I ate a lot of choccies for the Chocoholic achievement (talk about art imitating life on this one…geez) and still have the desire to do more to pick up a couple more items and hope for the bunny ears to drop. I’d also like to think that I’ve blinded some people by continuing to wear my garish Viper set while moving out of travel form to renew buffs I don’t need while grabbing eggs hidden under trees.

As I expressed in Guild chat last night, there is no way in hell I am going to bother doing this on my Alliance characters. I’ve always wanted to be Horde rather than Alliance so I’m kind of “living the dream” at the moment. I know that some of my guildies have also been having fun charging round starter areas grabbing eggs, it’s on the strength of one of their comments that I ended up for a large period of time running round Falconwing as it’s small and has quick respawns on the eggs. The event finishes this weekend and there are a couple more bits and pieces I want, if I manage to do what I’m thinking of I’ll throw up a screenie or something for posterity (don’t get too excited about it). Either way I’ll be spending more time finding these things rather than spending my limited casual time doing something like actually levelling my character.

Grats to Blizzard on the hypnotism that means I feel like actually doing this for hours on end and really actually achieving little for the time investment!


Operation: Casual Horde – Weekend Update Part 2

April 27, 2009

Another weekend, another batch of levelling and just for a change, another world event whereby people are camping various points and get irate if you step into their perceived personal space.

I took a break on occasion this weekend away from TourGuide in order to run some instances, I can now tick off Wailing Caverns, Shadowfang Keep and Blackfathom Deeps. I picked up some very fetching pieces from Wailing Caverns and now look like some reject from the 70’s!

* of the Viper

I know, it’s just not right!

Overall I had but one goal that drove me over the weekend. I’ve been getting used to DPSing in kitty form as well as switching over to bear when things go a bit pearshaped. However, everything has gone swimmingly and I even got to try my hand at tanking in Blackfathom, I didn’t lose aggro, no-one died and it all went rather well feeding my impression that Horde > Alliance. I hope that this continues.

Without boring everyone to tears I’ll just say that I hit my goal, I can go back to being more casual now as I’ve really done a ton of levelling. My simple gather and sell has netted me over 100g so far and I’m happy at that. For what my goal is I’ll direct you to the picture below. I should have a more detailed post up when I can decide on its direction, it might involve players disguised as bunnehs frustrating me to hell!



Things on my To-Do List (Updated)

March 19, 2009

After having gloated in a manner most unbecoming about what has seemingly cured me of my altoholism to my guildies I can write up that list of things that I want to now accomplish. Haven’t quite been 80 for a week yet but it’s certainly nice to be taking things a little easier and not having to be really doing all I can to catch up. Sure there are a load of gear upgrades to get (I traded in 15 badges for the +Haste proc totem) but I am doing well enough in the Heroics I have been in to take things slow and enjoy myself a bit more.

Lisuri and I two-manned normal Magister’s Terrace Tuesday night, I think that would have been a fun instance to do at 70. He was hoping to farm it for the Phoenix pet but with our current gear levels (not to mention there was just the two of us) meant that at least until we get more lewts that plan is not workable. We still enjoyed it though and I think I gained new respect for the PvE survivability of the Shaman.

Onto my list then, in no particular order, the things I am currently working towards.

  1. Obtain Baron Rivendare’s Death Charger (took 4 runs! – this is the epicness that I spoke of)
  2. Buy Artisan Flying instead of being stuck on slow ass 60% flyer. (100g to go)
  3. Level mining to 450 (currently farming Mithril)
  4. Level Engineering (I have wanted to do this tradeskill since I first started WoW, I am finally going to realise this)
  5. Finish the Classis Dungeons and Raiding achievements (Mara, BRD and Dire Maul left in dungeons)
  6. Obtain a Drake (most likely going to be Bronze Drake) – – Yes, it was the Bronze Drake, got it Thursday night
  7. Obtain a Proto-Drake (I love the models for these mounts and will try and avoid the in-vogue sitting around in Dalaran posing)
  8. Get Exalted with all 5 home cities, currently have Exodar and Darnassus done
  9. Have fun doing some of the other Rep achievements
  10. Get a Mammoth
  11. Build myself a Mekgineer’s Chopper and then furnish the guild with them
  12. Have a peek into Naxx and the other current 80 raids
  13. Just hang out and have fun with the guild

All my gear upgrades and things will hopefully come through various means that will enable me to realise the goals above. Number 13 is completely serious, after having switched characters and spending a month or so going through things with Lekktra I do feel left out and left behind in certain respects. They’re off doing the end game while, through my own choices, I’ve set myself back. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very glad I did so, I am having a blast on the Shaman much more so that I can ever remember on the Priest. I should be kept busy for the foreseeable future with all of this lot, especially adding some rep grinds in there for good measure.


The Weekend is NOT for working!

February 16, 2009

Indeed it is not, so losing four hours of my Saturday by being at work is something of a bummer…. oh well, I suppose that is what they pay me for.

Apart from that lost afternoon though this weekend has gone quite well, I topped out on Sunday night at 30% towards 72 and am on my way now to Dragonblight after completing the Borean Tundra achievements. I still love those Murloc quests though and reckon I’d get another character to Northrend just to do those quests again. I even managed to do the Arcatraz and the Mechanar, there is talk now about also going back into Kara to grab some achievements there, especially for those of us that have either never seen it or are now going in on different characters. I wonder if the Infernals are still as annoying as they were when we were doing it for real. I also took some time last night to grab a couple of the Love is in the Air achievements, although some are appearing to be infuriatingly elusive.

I’ve already got some massive gear upgrades and am seeing my crit climbing, Totem of Wrath is an amazing buff to my damage output too. We’ve also been helping out our level 65 Warlock Qet, he got his Dreadsteed on Saturday and I had a laugh with Lisuri taking him through Scholomance. As the de facto leader of <Naxxramas Bin Collection> I’m getting some questions about going raiding, I have no problems if anyone wants but I need to try and get the Shaman to that level, Bo has no enchants on her gear and I am not going to spend all that cash when I’d rather get Lekktra there and invest in her. I’m coming up on 2000 gold just on Lekktra as well, leaving me to hope that getting the epic flyer at 77 shouldn’t be too much of an issue at all.


Important News is Important!

February 13, 2009

Righty-ho then, let’s dive straight in to all the important new from Azeroth. Alongside the breaking news that the “Ice Stone has melted” there is also a new interview out detailing some of the proposed ideas for the dual-spec system. This holds promise for Hybrid classes such as my Shaman as I can swap in and out of Healing/DPS gear as it’s looking like I might be spending end game in a more Elemental guise than the planned switch to Resto. I suggest you go take a read it’ll be interesting to see if it can be pulled off as I can see a couple problems with it.

In news closer to home Love is in the Air kicked off, with achievements available for another World Event I have to fight off the urge to dive right in (OK, I’ll admit I got the one for shooting off the 10 rockets) but as I have a goal right now I managed to only spend around 10 minutes or so diverted on the quest chain and giving out cards. I’d also like to thank a very nice Druid in Darnassus that donated to Lekktra the stuff that she was just about to chuck in the bin, I saw the trade window appear and I popped in 5 gold as a small token of appreciation for the gesture.

For the most part of the night I got on with the serious business that is hitting Northrend, I was 100k short of 67 after Tuesday night’s instance farming so started off finishing some of my Nagrand quests, this allowed me to move onto Netherstorm as soon as I had hit the lowest recommended level for the zone. I remember taking Bo there as soon as she hit 67 (I was doing Terrokar at the time IIRC) and really enjoyed the quests there and this time it was no different. There are a huge number of quests and due to farming the place for Netherbloom throughout TBC I know the zone back to front, although usually I’m flying. Without that option things took longer to get to with Lekktra but with all the quests so bunched up and close together you get through them in no time at all, I think it took just over 3 hours to go from newly 67 to 68, Elemental is a monster for levelling right now and I really enjoy it. I remember things being a nightmare with the Priest and playing this character has certainly been a revelation for me. As soon as I got 68 I headed back to Shattrath, dropped by Stormwind to get training and then jumped on the boat over to Borean Tundra, that’s right, Lekktra is now in Northrend! I can’t tell you how happy this makes me to finally have this character in the right place and heading for endgame. I’ll have a lot of this weekend to try and get as high as possible, 70 should be easily achievable and I’ll take whatever I can get over that, hopefully I can get in some instances too.

Lekktra had over 1000 gold in her pocket when I left Outland, a good portion of that has gone on skills though, I forgot how expensive they get. I had to resist the urge to buy a Brown Bear straight off the bat too. I’m going to be a good Shaman and save up until I hit 77 when I am hoping that I can go straight to Epic flying. Bo still has over 800 gold so I am almost halfway to Epic flying already. Northrend has meant a bag clearance too, thanks to Federick our mage porting me straight to Dalaran I can get around to places nice and easy, what I had failed to remember that as soon as you get the new First Aid skill all you do is Frostweave, I had over 300 Netherweave cloth in my bags, this is effectively useless as I am no Tailor so it all went on the auction house, I undercut the lowest person on there and with so many stacks of the stuff I’m hoping to make a tidy profit on all the stuff I’ve collected since maxing the OL First Aid.

Tonight will therefore be my first proper night of Borean Tundra questing, the fact I am enjoying this character so much keeps driving me and enables me to sit at the computer for much longer than ever I could with Bo, it looks like making the decision to try this character and stick with it is proving to be a good one.

Wish me luck against all those Dragonkin and Vrykul!