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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

February 3, 2009

And so it has, apparently the worst snowfall to affect the UK in 18 years has fallen across every nook and cranny as far as the eye can see. It means my wonderful wife has gotten two days off as yesterday and today the school she works at has closed, telling her that she can help me out by levelling Lekktra has not met with the success I was hoping it would do.

Last night was one of my non-WoW night’s, normally they are Monday and Wednesday, this week it’s Monday and Tuesday. I’m hoping to get around a level a night for the rest of the week once I can play though, my current target is to finish Outland and hit Northrend by next weekend. That’s only another 5 levels over effectively two weeks so I think it should be achievable. It’s also looking likely that I’ll be grabbing the Heirloom Shoulders for her once I get one more Stone Keeper’s Shard, I have 199 and need 200 for the item. I was saving them to get Bo a Mammoth but levelling Lekktra faster (and only needing one more shard) is probably the more worthy expenditure. A 10% XP bonus will certainly be welcome and they can then be fired around other characters if I want to level them up some.

However, I also have somewhat of a dilemma. It’s not an unknown thing right now that the last patch introduced a lot more lag into things, I have been having problems since then of loading into Dalaran, everytime I hearth I am almost guaranteed to get disconnected. One of the problems I have is that my ADSL connection is a mere 512kbps, even though I “should” be getting around 2mb according to the package I have. I know that if I change I could probably pay a lot less and get hooked up with around 8mb. Problem is that I’m quite lazy in this regard and reckon that I’d end up being without any access for a while during the change over. Yet the more I play at the moment the more I think that a fatter pipe will help out the lag issues, especially as no-one else in my guild really has a problem. At least, not as bad as I do, instant cast spells sometimes take 2-5 seconds to go off and I have had 10 or more seconds of screen freeze during boss fights in instances. If I wasn’t playing with RL friends then I doubt I’d be getting into many groups as I’d be getting a reputation for being unreliable due to a laggy connection. I may try changing my hearth location within the city to see if that helps but I get the feeling that there are way more people crammed into Dalaran than there ever was in Shattrath.