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3.1.1 Elemental Shaman Spec

April 23, 2009

Right, I finally managed to remember to screenshot my talent trees as they were before the latest patch reset them all again. But I know where they’re going so that’s all well and good. For Major Glyphs I am running with Glyph of Lightning Bolt, Glpyh of Flame Shock and Glyph of Totem of Wrath. My current Elemental spec;



This is pretty much a straight re-write of the old 57/14 spec that was doing the rounds before 3.1 hit, not a couple of the talents have been taken away or changed this is what I’ve come up with as a replacement, it covers all the basic damage boosting bases as well as adding in the staples of the spec. The biggest change between pre 3.1 and now is the addition of Booming Echoes. Boosting Flame Shock periodic damage by 20% is pretty awesome, especially as it now can crit, the cooldown is less useful though as the Glyph of Flame Shock means that Lava Burst isn’t going to be consuming it.

I’ve added in Glyph of Totem of Wrath, it provides a 5 minute buff equal to 30% of the spelldamage boost that you get from Totem of Wrath, I think this is awesome. Totems can be destroyed or you might be in a fight where you move a lot and (for whatever reason) get plonked out of range of your totem, but with this little buff you’re still going to adding some extra spell damage across all your spells which will stack with you dropping another Totem of Wrath later. With my normal gear, unbuffed, dropping a Totem of Wrath and the new buff pumps me up to over 2100 spellpower.

However, with all this messing around with talents I got to thinking (and this is a dangerous thing. I remember when Wrath hit and we got the new talent trees a discussion started up on Elitist Jerks on whether you could run a Shaman resto spec for Dual Wield with Earthliving Weapon on each. This got me to thinking about the possibility of an Elemental core spec but with Dual Wield and Flametongue weapon on each. Please note that this is pure theory, I have no idea even if FT on two weapons stacks at all, I’ve taken talents that increase the power of Flametongue totem as there just isn’t enough points to get Totem of Wrath, ok you miss the crit and some of the higher level Elemental talents like Lightning Overload, Lava Flows and Shamanism though.

Spec pasted below and I’d be interested in hearing anyone comments on this. A lot of the Enhancement here is filler to get up to Dual Wield, if I had an appropriate off-hand I could respec and try this on a dummy, I don’t and I’m too poor to be able to afford dual-spec to try this out myself. Hence the fact that this is pure theory, it may be that people look at this and laugh at how completely nonviable a spec it is, but I’m willing to take any discussion and help to iron it out if any of it looks worthy of a deeper inspection. I’m not imagining that this is the case but this is the first time I’ve really tried to come up with something completely new talent spec wise rather than going with the de-facto spec out there.



I’m note sure if the trade-off in the +% damage bonuses on the those top tier talents are adequately compensated by the extra Flametongue on an off-hand though and my current Glyph of Totem of Wrath would need to go back to the old Glyph of Lava too.


Shaman Vs Priest – Part 1

April 2, 2009

I have two level 80’s, both are Draenei, both are female, both are casters and both have a respected DPS and Healing spec. Let’s have a bot of a history lesson.

My first level 80 was Bouaza, started just after TBC came out (obviously) and levelled up the majority of the time with a Prot Warrior and a Rogue. We ran instances every night of the week so most of the time we were all in blues rather than quest greens. Levelling as a group was good fun, I was Shadow specced for my questing but would always heal in instances, it was a well composed group and we hadn’t actually planned what we were going to play, everything just kind of came about like that. Once we were all in Stranglethorn Vale in the mid thirties Lisuri joined us and Steller was playing on and off (mostly off) during this time too.  Eventually about six months after we started we were all level 70 and starting on the road to Heroics. Bo switched over to Holy at 70 to facilitate the no need to level and we had fun getting ready for raiding which we started in the October of 2007 with Karazhan, the entry level raid at that time.

As many of the people who know me are aware, I am an altaholic, Argent Dawn is full of characters, some of which haven’t seen any play time in at least a year and I’ve probably deleted as many characters as I have created. I think I’m on my fourth or fifth Death Knight and none has gotten past 60. I also have a personal hang-up about being the only one of my class, weird I know as in a guild environment you’re going to end up with multiples of the same. Normally when I see what other classes can do I tend to have an urge to go play that class. Bo went all the way through Kara and was present for a number of the guild firsts, from our opening night 9 manning of Attumen, through the Curator and all the way to downing Nightbane and Prince Malchezzar.

All the way through the levelling process we ended up with a bit of a meme developing during out instances (after all, that is where we spent a lot of our levelling time). This has continued even unto this day really, I am sure the RNG knows who we are. This trend is that 9 times out of 10 we’d get mail armour pieces dropping. If a Boss had mail in his loot table, we’d see it more often than not. I don’t know whether it is because of this or if the feeling had started when I was trying to decide what character to create, but certainly within Karazhan I was wanting to play a Shaman. I’d played a Tauren one into the low 40’s in Vanilla WoW but we didn’t have a resto Shammy in the guild and I had kind of plateaued with Bo, we were clearing all the content easily enough and Priest was getting a bit boring. So, I started the Shaman Lekktra at the tail end of 2007 with a mind to replacing Bo and adding another healing class/spec to the raid composition. The Prot warrior I mentioned earlier had levelled a Hunter to 70 and brought that character to raids when we had enough tanks on to cover so I knew it could be done.

Fast forward to January 2008, what started out as raiding two nights a week had developed into a four nights a week schedule with every other night spent gathering materials to support our raiding efforts. The rogue mentioned earlier is now the Death Knight Roop and in that first month we got talking and realised just exactly what had happened. I myself had a 30 days /played with my Priest in around a years worth of play and he probably had similar, WoW had taken over our everyday lives and it was all we ever talked about together. At this point we decided to stop. I played out the remainder of my play time by levelling Lekktra now and again, pretty much only at the weekends and spent the other days on other hobbies that took up less time and didn’t take over with the same focus that WoW had. Lekktra had hit the late Forties by this point.

A couple of months later we started an ill-fated casual group play attempt, recruiting those people we had been playing WoW with originally, most of whom are our real life friends. The guild was named <Friday Nite Project> and we planned to play on Friday’s only and just run instances together, we set level caps to make sure that no-one got too far ahead. Things started off well, although my initial Troll Rogue became a Blood Elf Warlock, we had too many people to fit in just one group so we decided to run two and I created an Undead Warrior. The 2 group thing started to flounder so I created a Tauren Druid to fulfill whatever role was required. Friday night play became Friday and Saturday and then things just died off.

I went and play WAR for a bit when that came out and then Wrath hit the shelves, I decided to return to WoW. Roop, Steller and Lisuri came back too. I had started off on another alt, my Hunter Janulian as I still remembered my lack of enthusiasm for the Priest, Bo. After an add-on crash I found myself playing Lekktra again and decided to go back to Shamanism after once again enjoying the experience. Due to some pressure from the old play mates who were already running around Northrend as well as thinking about how much I had already accomplished on Bo I respecced to Shadow and began levelling my Priest in Northrend. It was around levle 65 I switched to healing for a run through Azjol-Nerub, Steller had been healing to this point but wasn’t available so I just respecced to keep us going. We later convinced Steller to try Boomkin and I stayed as the healer. Things stayed this way until we hit 80 and then I switched back to Holy. I did some Heroics, got some gear and then went back onto Lekktra with the same goal, retirement of my Priest. Roop the Death Knight had been created to replace Fermat the prot warrior (not the same warrior from our starting days) and I thought that was my chance to get the alt levelled.

I think it took around two months to get Lekktra to 80, I do know that it was a lot faster than levelling the Priest, not just because I knew where everything was (in fact I did lots of different zones on Lekktra than the progression route I did with Bo) but my playstyle and the Elemental Talent Spec seem to gel quite nicely. Now Bo is retired and Lekktra has taken over as my main.

This post was going to be an analysis of the Priest experience vs the Shaman experience, but as you can see my waffle about the history behind this change in my main has kinda grown into a behemoth all of its own. Therefore I’m going to split this in half and come to the analysis later. I just wanted to lay down my experience with WoW and with the two classes. I realise that they are more different than they appear, although they can DPS and Heal a Priest is primarily a Healing class, whereas the Shaman is a hybrid.

Now I have the Shaman to 80 I’m very glad I made the change, this is the character I should have played at the start, it feels exciting and makes me happy to play it, outside of any factual analysis this sits very highly in how we should play. The Priest, although my first end game character always felt like something was missing. I am lucky enough to now have something that really makes me continued to be excited to play.

Watch out for part 2 soon, it won’t be as much guff as there is in this post!


A Class Act

March 26, 2009

I recently commented on this post over at Spinksville and got a response from the man himself. Rather than take up a huge column space with another comment I thought I’d take this opportunity to make a whole post out of it to try and explain my “inconsistency” with regards to my thoughts. Spinks does a really good job of writing out objective posts backed up by solid arguments, I am probably a little too emotive in the way I perceive things, this is not meant as a bash to him at all, I have a lot of respect for his opinions but I am going to try and set out my own arguments to back up what I have written, hence needing the extra space afforded me by using a proper post of my own.

Firstly, lets look at where my objectivity comes from, what point of view gives me the experience that I will be relating. I am going to ignore my vanilla WoW experiences, I didn’t really know the game and didn’t interact a whole lot with anybody, so therefore I only have my time spent on Alliance since TBC to go off. This is the first point at which I’ll admit there maybe some failings, Spinks is on Horde, I’m over on Alliance, we all know the generally accepted argument that Horde tends to have better players than Alliance, while Alliance get most of the kiddies playing the “pretty” races. I’m not getting into that argument here and I don’t really have enough Horde experience to prove otherwise, but I do miss not being Horde!

I have two level 80 characters, Bouaza the Priest and Lekktra the Shaman, both Draenei. Bo has had a lot more playtime than Lekktra and has been a healer for pretty much her whole life, therefore I have a lot of experience of groups from the healing point of view, this is where the majority of my play experience is coming from. Lekktra has been 80 for almost two weeks now and is unashamedly DPS, this is giving me a completely different experience and viewpoint on how a group works (or doesn’t work). So, there you go, I’m not an end game tank of any level (although I did tank Prince Malchezzar once when our MT was away and I got to use his toon to get the raid to keep going, yes, we did down him too!). I have a Death Knight, a level 33 Prot Warrior and a very low level druid and Paladin, my tanking experiences are not worth mentioning, this may colour my views, just warning you.

Right, onto my argument, DPS is OK for Ret Pallies and Death Knights, the other two plate wearers, but I have a problem with DPS Warriors. I’m going to try and argue this to the best of my abilities, no offense intended to anyone, especially not if you chose a DPS warrior, this is just my opinion, yours may differ and I have no problem with that, it’s your game to play as much as it is mine.

Argument the first; RAGE!!!!!!!!

This is really probably going to turn out to be the crux of my argument when I try and think about everything. It’s the basics of the Warrior mechanics, you want to use those abilities then you’re going to need a bar full of red stuff. Remember, I’m looking at this from a healer point of view mainly. How do you get rage, well, there are talents that help you get in and you have a skill you can pop that generates some and you can charge into combat. That gets the red bar filling up, the other options are hitting stuff and getting hit in return. For a Prot Warrior he wants to be beaten around like a dogs chewtoy the more he gets pounded the more rage he has to slam his shield up some guy’s ass thus maintaining a high threat. For the DPS warrior being hit is a bad thing, ignoring stances, the DPS warrior will not have as much mitigation as the Warrior, heck, he may not even be wearing full plate so if he gets hit he’s instantly going to take more damage than the tank. Rage diminishes over time, so the Warrior needs to be in combat hitting (or being hit) for a lot of the time to maintain his ability to fire off those skills that are going to allow him to make a meaningful contribution to the group. In solo play getting hit is fine, but in a group if you’re getting hit then generally you’re doing something wrong.

I’ve been in a number of fights whereby the only person to die during the whole instance is the DPS warrior, normally getting one-shotted by bosses. Spinks may be right, I may just have come across the nublet kind of DPS warrior, but I have never seen once do anything decent in a group. As a healer you know when a DPS warrior is in the group that they are going to be taking almost as much damage as the tank (personal experience here) and every single time you have a choice over who to heal it’s going to be the tank, hence DPS warrior death. I rank one Utgarde Keep where our DPS warrior died 4 times, no-one else did, just the DPS warrior. Whether this is down to skill use I don’t know but I’ve seen many a DPS warrior challenge the tank on threat generation and once they pull it off the tank that low mitigation means they get dead quick. I put this down to them needing rage and therefore really being dependant on being up close and personal.

On the other hand we have Paladins and Death Knights. Paladins have a very good melee DPS spec as do Death Knights (in fact Death Knights can do a decent job of tanking even with a primarily DPS spec), the difference here is that Paladins run on mana and Death Knights have their Runic Power and their Runes to use. Runes have a cooldown but don’t rely on getting an axe to the face, Retribution Pallies get Replenishment to keep their mana up (and that of the group) and use that mana for their spells, which they regenerate quickly and if things go pearshaped they have their bubble or even Lay on Hands. Neither of these classes need to be in melee to generate their primary abilities.

Argument the second; heals

Blood presence DKs are getting healed as they do damage, Paladins have healing spells that allow them to keep themselves alive. Yes each group has a healer and that should allow the group to stay topped off but primarily you’re going to want to keep the tank alive first and foremost, then the healer needs to keep themselves alive, healing DPS comes in last place. I’m sure we could get into a long discussion about Warrior and Death Knight talents that allow them to provide self healing. Pots do not count, they can’t be relied upon due to the Wrath changes which limits you to 1 per fight.

Argument the third; DPS

The reason to take a DPS warrior is down to them contributing meaningful DPS to a group. I’ve heard tales of DPS warriors hitting the tops of damage meters. I’ve already espoused in previous posts that simply being at the top of a damage chart is not the be all and end all of the group. Yes, being at the top probably means you’re alive through everything so have the maximum time to hurt things. However, this doesn’t show anything regarding the possibility of the DPS warrior (and any other DPS for that matter) constantly stealing aggro off the tank to ensure his place a top the meter, the only reason he gets there is because a healer who’s on top of her game makes sure that no-one dies allowing the warrior to keep the pewpew despite things being harder for the group as the DPS dude focused purely on the fact that his name needs to be at the top.

In my experience of having DPS warriors in a group they haven’t done anywhere near the output of other DPS classes, sure dual-wielding two-handers looks cool, but if you’re throwing out crappy DPS you’re pulling your weight in the group. Again, I’m willing to admit I may have just been with bad players, but it does seem to be a trend that some of the worst players I have come across all seem to be DPS warriors… I have yet to see one make a meaningful contribution to the group.

Argument the fourth; group benefits

Death Knights fall down here too, I’m going to agree with Spinks here and be a bit inconsistent, I’m of the opinion that even though the Hero class can do DPS, I’d much rather see them tanking, yes it’s a harder job than doing DPS but still, I’ll be much happier with a DK tank than a DK DPS. In terms of group buffs their not really bringing a whole lot other than the aura. Pallies however provide blessings, auras (ok yeah, only if you’re close to them) as well as replenishment and a backup healer. I love ret pallies, sorry, that’s an emotive side of the argument here, /slapwrist. Warriors have shouts but…yeah… don’t really see them doing all that much but I’m open to a counter here due to my lack of warrior specific knowledge. This is my opinion and experience, not a definitive “thou shalt not be a DPS warrior” post.

Argument the fifth; a class act

Winding this up now as I realise this is somewhat of a mammoth post. Paladins are a hybrid, they currently have three valid talent specs, they can do decent DPS, can tank well and can heal well. Death Knights are a Hero class, the first one and are therefore different to the other classes, their specs are not so clear cut, however, I fall majorly on the side that they are excellent tanks and that should be their top role. However, I know that most people with one use it for DPS which I am OK with even if it jumps in the face of reason. I’ll admit to being inconsistent on this point. Warriors, well, warriors are not hybrids, their not a hero class, according to Blizzard’s design they are there to tank. Personally I’ve always viewed their DPS specs as primarily for PvP in the PvE environments warriors are tanks. So, if you wanted to do PvE DPS (I know Death Knights are recent additions to let’s ignore them as much as we can) why pick a Warrior? Is it a case of wanting to play a warrior because they sound cool and then realising that you don’t want the responsibility of effectively leading a group? If I really sit down and think about this I can’t think of any reason to pick a Warrior as a pure DPS class choice, all the other classes (ignoring Death Knight remember for all the older characters we have out there) bring something else to the party and generally do better damage with better survivability. I know there are others in my guild who think the same as me, I cannot see any compelling argument for a DPS warrior opposed to another class.

If I had a friend who played a warrior and was DPS would I bring him to the group? Well, yes I would, I still advocate bringing the player not the class but this isn’t a post based on that argument.

I’m going to stop now as I probably haven’t made this half as coherent as I probably should, hopefully I’ve kept the emotive side of things out of it and made proper points that I’ve explained well enough.

I’ll re-iterate one more time, this is my opinion only as I have experienced things. If you want to be a DPS warrior then go for it, I await the day for someone to prove me wrong and I’m not going to write someone off for the choices they make in a game. It’s not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things, do what you do to get enjoyment out of your leisure time as long as it doesn’t involve being an ass to others.


Important News is Important!

February 13, 2009

Righty-ho then, let’s dive straight in to all the important new from Azeroth. Alongside the breaking news that the “Ice Stone has melted” there is also a new interview out detailing some of the proposed ideas for the dual-spec system. This holds promise for Hybrid classes such as my Shaman as I can swap in and out of Healing/DPS gear as it’s looking like I might be spending end game in a more Elemental guise than the planned switch to Resto. I suggest you go take a read it’ll be interesting to see if it can be pulled off as I can see a couple problems with it.

In news closer to home Love is in the Air kicked off, with achievements available for another World Event I have to fight off the urge to dive right in (OK, I’ll admit I got the one for shooting off the 10 rockets) but as I have a goal right now I managed to only spend around 10 minutes or so diverted on the quest chain and giving out cards. I’d also like to thank a very nice Druid in Darnassus that donated to Lekktra the stuff that she was just about to chuck in the bin, I saw the trade window appear and I popped in 5 gold as a small token of appreciation for the gesture.

For the most part of the night I got on with the serious business that is hitting Northrend, I was 100k short of 67 after Tuesday night’s instance farming so started off finishing some of my Nagrand quests, this allowed me to move onto Netherstorm as soon as I had hit the lowest recommended level for the zone. I remember taking Bo there as soon as she hit 67 (I was doing Terrokar at the time IIRC) and really enjoyed the quests there and this time it was no different. There are a huge number of quests and due to farming the place for Netherbloom throughout TBC I know the zone back to front, although usually I’m flying. Without that option things took longer to get to with Lekktra but with all the quests so bunched up and close together you get through them in no time at all, I think it took just over 3 hours to go from newly 67 to 68, Elemental is a monster for levelling right now and I really enjoy it. I remember things being a nightmare with the Priest and playing this character has certainly been a revelation for me. As soon as I got 68 I headed back to Shattrath, dropped by Stormwind to get training and then jumped on the boat over to Borean Tundra, that’s right, Lekktra is now in Northrend! I can’t tell you how happy this makes me to finally have this character in the right place and heading for endgame. I’ll have a lot of this weekend to try and get as high as possible, 70 should be easily achievable and I’ll take whatever I can get over that, hopefully I can get in some instances too.

Lekktra had over 1000 gold in her pocket when I left Outland, a good portion of that has gone on skills though, I forgot how expensive they get. I had to resist the urge to buy a Brown Bear straight off the bat too. I’m going to be a good Shaman and save up until I hit 77 when I am hoping that I can go straight to Epic flying. Bo still has over 800 gold so I am almost halfway to Epic flying already. Northrend has meant a bag clearance too, thanks to Federick our mage porting me straight to Dalaran I can get around to places nice and easy, what I had failed to remember that as soon as you get the new First Aid skill all you do is Frostweave, I had over 300 Netherweave cloth in my bags, this is effectively useless as I am no Tailor so it all went on the auction house, I undercut the lowest person on there and with so many stacks of the stuff I’m hoping to make a tidy profit on all the stuff I’ve collected since maxing the OL First Aid.

Tonight will therefore be my first proper night of Borean Tundra questing, the fact I am enjoying this character so much keeps driving me and enables me to sit at the computer for much longer than ever I could with Bo, it looks like making the decision to try this character and stick with it is proving to be a good one.

Wish me luck against all those Dragonkin and Vrykul!


A Draenei, a PuG and a Huntard

January 23, 2009

My “I’ll hit Outland this weekend” goal with my Shaman is looking like a go, this makes me happy. More questing in Winterspring got me to 57 last night and now I just need to do a quick tour of places in Kalimdor to drop off some quests and then maybe do a little more in the land of snow before hitting Eastern Plaguelands to finish. Then it’s a short hop to Nethergarde Keep and legging it through the Dark Portal.

Boomkin Steller logged in during a lull and started recruitment for a Heroic (I’ve only done one so far in Wrath). I grabbed the daily quest and headed for Old Kingdom. We ended up with me, Fermat our warrior, Steller and a pug Warlock and Hunter. Things went a bit wrong from the start really, I remember having to use the soulstone on the steps after the first couple of pulls, don’ tknow whow as to blame but we ended up with a couple of groups of pulls rather than just the one, I was also fighting the 3.0.8 lag improvements with a ping of 700-1k, fun times. Well, after that we get to first boss, despite the 1-2 sec lag on casting we downed the first boss with no problems whatsoever, off we go down the stairs towards second boss and wipe after half the group gets feared into the Geist things, we last for a while but with a high latency and about 400 mobs on screen eventually we bite the dust. I’ll have to admit that my own preparation for this place was not that great as I had only run it once prior to heroic so I’m not down with all the bosses etc… this has been fixed now.

Anyway, we get to second boss, two people die due to the debuff (with screams of “HEAL” from the Hunter despite the fact that the debuff stops 100% of all healing) but we down him (no priest loots) and we decide to go straight for the final boss to race the timer. We can play good idea/bad idea with this after what happened next. For those of you who have yet to sample the delights of the Herald at the end of Ahn’kahet he is a Bog Lord, ala several instances and mobs around Zangarmarsh and has a mechanic similar to the “Time for Fun” in Shadow Labyrinth but amplified. You end up in a “phase” with copies of your party who will then mercilessly try and kill you. I managed to nuke my way through my copies, Hunter and Warlock didn’t, this was a set of events that would replay its way through a full set of durability on my gear. Every time the same few people would make it through the “insanity” and despite our clear attempts to help with what can be done to nuke us all down (trap the melee, viper sting the priest, scatter shot etc..) the Hunter proceeded to whine that he had no way of killing anyone. The sad thing is that he was excellently geared in almost full Naxx epics and put out the best DPS of our group. After about the 6th wipe he called it quits and left, we secured Lisuri our guild Warlock and after the other Lock left we tried to 4 man it. The best we did was 5%, I think this is due to learning the encounter a little better and more co-ordination, I’ll admit though that it is a tough encounter.

After we left the instance (yes, we gave up) I got talking to Fermat about my talents, he feels that he is not getting the healing that he would like from the Disc spec that I have been running. Personally I don’t think things have gone that badly and we put the majority of things down to the ridiculous lag last night, however, for the cost of a respec we decided to try going back into a Holy spec to see if that provided better utility while doing Heroics, the disc spec could sit on the back burner until we hit Naxx or perhaps come back for instances if the Holy doesn’t prove to be better. So, I am back to Holy, I’ve lost Mental Agility so am about 2k mana worse off, however, I have gained about 100 spellpower and will have vastly larger heals. I have given in and got Circle of Healing too, I haven’t used this since my first forays inside Kara and I’ve seen it used very badly before so have personally stayed clear of it. Yet, for the sake of the group I’m willing to see if we can do better with this spec as it should provide better group healing as opposed to the single target that Disc is really designed for.

This spec may get a trip out tonight to see how it goes, but I would have thought that I’ll at least get some mileage with it this weekend. I have been Holy for a long time before this so there shouldn’t be too much to learn other than using CoH and the new Guardian Spirit. I want to see how my mana regen works out. It probably won’t be another trip into the Old Kingdom that tests this out but I am much more in the frame of mind to properly prepare for boss encounters so that we can decide how the group can deal with things. However, the fact that the Hunter could not take out a single clone despite his gear proved to be rather a detriment and the fact that he shot down whatever advice we tried to offer (OK so we’re not Hunters full time but a good group should try and help each other out) and then left doesn’t provide a shining example of the class that already has a poor reputation.

I’m looking forward to see if the Shaman replacement does good things.


It’s Alive…..

January 21, 2009

… or should that be “it’s live”?

Patch 3.0.8 hit live servers today, I know this because of the site EU WoW site being down over lunchtime robbing me of my forum browsing time. Shouts of “The sky is falling” resound from the Hunter community due to some large changes there. However, I thought I’d take a look at those changes that specifically affect the Priest class. There are also some changes to Shamans but until I’ve got Lekktra through Outland (at least) I’m not going to be commenting until I am better acquainted with the class.

World of Warcraft Patch 3.0.8


    • Abolish Disease and Cure Disease can now be cast while in Shadowform.
    • Holy: Circle of Healing now has a 6 second cooldown.
    • Levitate is now castable on others.
    • Mana Burn: Now burns a percentage of maximum mana.
    • Shadow
      • Shadowform: You can now shift into Shadowform while mounted or sitting.
      • Vampiric Embrace- Mana cost of this spell has been removed.

As I’m not currently Shadow the first few changes don’t affect me, but I’m sure that being able to sling around a few cleansing spells amy come in handy now and again, although I would ahve thought and raid worth it’s salt will be quite well equipped to remove diseases, perhaps this is more for 5-mans and even PvP to challenge Death Knights. The Circle of Healing change is personally welcome. After all, Bo isn’t Holy, but I’ve seen bad things from a raid healer spamming this spell to climb up the healing charts. Priests have a large number of spells to enable a versatile healing capability, hopefully people will use the tools given them rather than trying to render the class down to being a Paladin. The change to levitate really isn’t anything that’s going to affect the game, although I was explaining to a friend about the hilarious potential for Path of Frost jokes on our friends. The escape from Utgarde Keep sees you drop down into some water, I levitate, cast it on a few other people and then we jump down, the Death Knight casting his “walk on water” and we wait for the splat.

Mana burn I imagine is largley a PvP thing, I have never actually weaved it into any DPS spell rotation for any of the PvE things I have ever done. The only times I have used it is when something Mana Burns me and I just do it back out of spite. The final two changes to Shadowform actually make sense as well. Not really much to comment on except I’d like some kind of “Holy form” for healing priests. This could even combine the various powers from other talents (a priest floating in the air with a golden halo similar to PW: Shield would be awesome). But that’s just what I think and I’m not a Blizzard developer. So, nothing really affects Bo out of anything of this. There are more sweeping changes to Hunters and Shamans, one those affects me and if I play my Hunter more I may experience the changes to the other as my level 46 Hunter is currently specced as BM. For a better view of the Hunter changes check out someone more in the know.