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Priest + Not Playing + Heroic = Fail

October 2, 2009

Logging on last night and, in an obvious moment of inspired brilliance, thinking that I should mark my return with a run through Heroic CoS despite the fact that I haven’t touched my Priest in almost a year was possibly not the crowning glory of my WoW career.

I’d picked up a Disc spec a long time ago after leaving the Priest behind for my Shaman. Again, not the easiest of things to break back into considering the skills and rotations associated with it. Needless to say we failed the timed run, luckily these were nice people I told them to remove me and grab someone else as I wasn’t up to it.

To mark this utter failure I’ve transferred Bo to Horde. I have yet to log in and complete the transformation but now I have level 80’s on both sides of the faction divide and I’ll be starting off with something easier now I am back in a more comfortable Holy form.


Shaman Vs Priest – Part 1

April 2, 2009

I have two level 80’s, both are Draenei, both are female, both are casters and both have a respected DPS and Healing spec. Let’s have a bot of a history lesson.

My first level 80 was Bouaza, started just after TBC came out (obviously) and levelled up the majority of the time with a Prot Warrior and a Rogue. We ran instances every night of the week so most of the time we were all in blues rather than quest greens. Levelling as a group was good fun, I was Shadow specced for my questing but would always heal in instances, it was a well composed group and we hadn’t actually planned what we were going to play, everything just kind of came about like that. Once we were all in Stranglethorn Vale in the mid thirties Lisuri joined us and Steller was playing on and off (mostly off) during this time too.  Eventually about six months after we started we were all level 70 and starting on the road to Heroics. Bo switched over to Holy at 70 to facilitate the no need to level and we had fun getting ready for raiding which we started in the October of 2007 with Karazhan, the entry level raid at that time.

As many of the people who know me are aware, I am an altaholic, Argent Dawn is full of characters, some of which haven’t seen any play time in at least a year and I’ve probably deleted as many characters as I have created. I think I’m on my fourth or fifth Death Knight and none has gotten past 60. I also have a personal hang-up about being the only one of my class, weird I know as in a guild environment you’re going to end up with multiples of the same. Normally when I see what other classes can do I tend to have an urge to go play that class. Bo went all the way through Kara and was present for a number of the guild firsts, from our opening night 9 manning of Attumen, through the Curator and all the way to downing Nightbane and Prince Malchezzar.

All the way through the levelling process we ended up with a bit of a meme developing during out instances (after all, that is where we spent a lot of our levelling time). This has continued even unto this day really, I am sure the RNG knows who we are. This trend is that 9 times out of 10 we’d get mail armour pieces dropping. If a Boss had mail in his loot table, we’d see it more often than not. I don’t know whether it is because of this or if the feeling had started when I was trying to decide what character to create, but certainly within Karazhan I was wanting to play a Shaman. I’d played a Tauren one into the low 40’s in Vanilla WoW but we didn’t have a resto Shammy in the guild and I had kind of plateaued with Bo, we were clearing all the content easily enough and Priest was getting a bit boring. So, I started the Shaman Lekktra at the tail end of 2007 with a mind to replacing Bo and adding another healing class/spec to the raid composition. The Prot warrior I mentioned earlier had levelled a Hunter to 70 and brought that character to raids when we had enough tanks on to cover so I knew it could be done.

Fast forward to January 2008, what started out as raiding two nights a week had developed into a four nights a week schedule with every other night spent gathering materials to support our raiding efforts. The rogue mentioned earlier is now the Death Knight Roop and in that first month we got talking and realised just exactly what had happened. I myself had a 30 days /played with my Priest in around a years worth of play and he probably had similar, WoW had taken over our everyday lives and it was all we ever talked about together. At this point we decided to stop. I played out the remainder of my play time by levelling Lekktra now and again, pretty much only at the weekends and spent the other days on other hobbies that took up less time and didn’t take over with the same focus that WoW had. Lekktra had hit the late Forties by this point.

A couple of months later we started an ill-fated casual group play attempt, recruiting those people we had been playing WoW with originally, most of whom are our real life friends. The guild was named <Friday Nite Project> and we planned to play on Friday’s only and just run instances together, we set level caps to make sure that no-one got too far ahead. Things started off well, although my initial Troll Rogue became a Blood Elf Warlock, we had too many people to fit in just one group so we decided to run two and I created an Undead Warrior. The 2 group thing started to flounder so I created a Tauren Druid to fulfill whatever role was required. Friday night play became Friday and Saturday and then things just died off.

I went and play WAR for a bit when that came out and then Wrath hit the shelves, I decided to return to WoW. Roop, Steller and Lisuri came back too. I had started off on another alt, my Hunter Janulian as I still remembered my lack of enthusiasm for the Priest, Bo. After an add-on crash I found myself playing Lekktra again and decided to go back to Shamanism after once again enjoying the experience. Due to some pressure from the old play mates who were already running around Northrend as well as thinking about how much I had already accomplished on Bo I respecced to Shadow and began levelling my Priest in Northrend. It was around levle 65 I switched to healing for a run through Azjol-Nerub, Steller had been healing to this point but wasn’t available so I just respecced to keep us going. We later convinced Steller to try Boomkin and I stayed as the healer. Things stayed this way until we hit 80 and then I switched back to Holy. I did some Heroics, got some gear and then went back onto Lekktra with the same goal, retirement of my Priest. Roop the Death Knight had been created to replace Fermat the prot warrior (not the same warrior from our starting days) and I thought that was my chance to get the alt levelled.

I think it took around two months to get Lekktra to 80, I do know that it was a lot faster than levelling the Priest, not just because I knew where everything was (in fact I did lots of different zones on Lekktra than the progression route I did with Bo) but my playstyle and the Elemental Talent Spec seem to gel quite nicely. Now Bo is retired and Lekktra has taken over as my main.

This post was going to be an analysis of the Priest experience vs the Shaman experience, but as you can see my waffle about the history behind this change in my main has kinda grown into a behemoth all of its own. Therefore I’m going to split this in half and come to the analysis later. I just wanted to lay down my experience with WoW and with the two classes. I realise that they are more different than they appear, although they can DPS and Heal a Priest is primarily a Healing class, whereas the Shaman is a hybrid.

Now I have the Shaman to 80 I’m very glad I made the change, this is the character I should have played at the start, it feels exciting and makes me happy to play it, outside of any factual analysis this sits very highly in how we should play. The Priest, although my first end game character always felt like something was missing. I am lucky enough to now have something that really makes me continued to be excited to play.

Watch out for part 2 soon, it won’t be as much guff as there is in this post!


That’s How We (Loot) Roll

March 4, 2009

As with many MMOs Warcraft differentiates the classes not only through unique abilities and differing playstyles but also through the various equipment that they can use. This isn’t just down to the various weapons that exist either, few classes can make use of Shields but everyone wears armour. Whether it’s the paper thin kind that barely keeps the wind out, or the kind that can seemingly withstand the attentions of a hungry dragon.

For those not in the know the Priest I have uses the wafer-thin (using a Monty Python voice is perfectly acceptable) kind, although the spell Inner Fire helps to boost armour (and spellpower now as well making taking the talents to improve it very desirable). Still, taking an axe to the face hurts a squishie Priest and is not recommended, Mages and Warlocks also use this same armour. In contrast my Shaman gets to use a Shield and can wear Mail armour, only Plate armour provides more protection. Due to the way the armour proficiencies work in WoW if you can wear a particular type of armour then you can also wear every type of armour that ranks below it, armour ranks are shown below;

Cloth – least protection primarily for Casters

Leather – Not just bondage gear apparently, loved by Rogues and Druids

Mail – Shiny armour that actually affords some decent protection, find Hunters and Shamans here

Plate – Axe to the face? No problem! Death Knights, Warriors, Paladins apply within

So, as you can see my Priest has only one option on armour and my Shaman has three, Warriors, Paladins and Shamans can also take Shields which helps to boost armour and provides another set of enchant options. “Where are you going with this?” you may ask, well, I’ll tell you. Many of the classes within WoW are what is classed as Hybrids, they can perform various duties depending on Talent Spec and gear. The main Hybrid classes are the Paladin, Druid and Shaman, you could argue that Warriors and Death Knights and possibly even Priests are hybrids as well but they have pretty well defined roles that I am not going to argue about, Death Knights are a special case due to the fact they are designated a “hero class”.

Across those three Hybrids we can see what each can do, a Paladin has three viable specs, they can Tank, Heal or even DPS, the Druid can do four things, they can tank in bear form, melee DPS in Kitty form, do ranged DPS as a Boomkin and the Tr00d can heal. Across three specs the Shaman can do two things, DPS (melee or caster) or heal, I have no problem with this, I love Elemental and am happy to heal if needed as it is the role that Bo has filled for most of her “life”. To improve the capacity of your chosen specification you not only choose the appropriate gems, enchants and glyphs to maximise your potential but gear plays a huge role in the game. The better your gear the better you should perform, now, obviously uber gear does not an uber player make, despite what the WoW forums may have one believe. There are a few ways to get this gear too, crafting, quests, dungeon/raid loot and honour or badge vendors. There is a lot of loot out there and most of it is geared with particular classes and their roles in mind.

Now, for dungeons let’s look at the group and the possible loot distribution. There are a number of configurations but I’ll try and go with what I normally run with and build from there. Tanking we have a Death Knight who has access to Plate, Mail, Leather and Cloth but is going to focus on Plate as that gives him the stats he needs. DPS wise we can show a Paladin, Shaman and Warlock and then healing is normally Druid or Shaman. So in DPS terms we have all armour types covered, healing is Mail down to Leather. Now, due to the armour mechanics you could find that the Shaman is wearing all cloth to get a higher Spellpower to increase healing, the same with the Druid who will be in Treeform (hence the Tr00d). Retribution Paladins are still going to be in Plate but a DPS shaman could go for the same loot as the Warlock to gain +Hit and +Spellpower as those are primary stats if you’re running an Elemental spec (like me).

In any particular run you could have different classes fighting over the same piece of loot (this normally happens with weapons more than armour). In theory I could legitimately want that cloth robe that would also be an upgrade for the Warlock. I could also take spellpower leather away from a healing or Boomkin druid, again, quite legitimately. However, Lekktra is in all mail gear. I haven’t checked out the loot tables for Heroics but in terms of regular Northrend instances there isn’t a lot of kit designed purely for Shamans, I’m talking here about Mail with +Spellpower and +hit on it. When I first got to Northrend I had to take some gear that was subpar for my chosen spec just to keep up with the stats that I should be looking at, I’m not going to give up 500+ mana and some stamina when it’s a huge upgrade that drops me 10 spellpower for instance. I am sure that I could have a much higher Spellpower stat now if I decided do downgrade some of my armour and take some leather and cloth items, however, I don’t. Loot-fu hasn’t historically been good with my characters either, ask anyone in my guild and they’ll tell you I can’t win a need roll to save my life, maybe that factors into things. I don’t think I’m substandard in my performance by sticking to the Mail that I know that I am probably the only one that is going to use it. Once this progresses into Raids and I look at getting my tier sets then this issue goes away, but not everyone raids and I do see people running around in gear that affords them less protection. Maybe I’m gimping myself with this philosophy, after all, it wasn’t designed for my class if it’s not mail. The extra armour that comes from mail maybe shouldn’t factor in either, after all a competant healer should be able to keep everyone alive, but on the flip side don’t I owe something to the group to try and improve my own survivability from the start and thereby come with the “better” armour?

With Inner Fire up Bo can hit around 30% mitigation through armour, Lekktra with Mail and her shield doesn’t have any armour buff spells (other than dropping a damage reduction totem) and stops almost 50%, I know Priests have a damage shield and Discipline specced Priests can do all kinds of fun things with them but I believe that sticking purely with my mail is a good thing. I certainly wouldn’t even contemplate rolling against another class for a piece of gear that is designed more for them than me. I may be a caster just like that Boomkin, but I’ll be damned if I’ll take a swipe at that piece of Leather caster gear.

That’s just not how we (loot) roll!


Patch Day Ponderings

February 10, 2009

I am finally going to be able to make some kind of analysis on the patch notes that have been released regarding 3.1, only to have a few things appear for the 3.0.9 patch that is supposed to hit tomorrow. Nothing really ground breaking there though except the Priest community is quite excited over the changes to Inner Fire, 30 mins timer on the buff and no-dispelling. I’m not sure it will improve the survivability of the class in PvP but not having to refresh it half as often on a timer seems good to me, especially when so much of our armour comes from having it up, not to mention the bonus spellpower.

Ok, so, let’s look at 3.1, firstly I’ll delve into the Shaman side of things, it’s a class I’ve been enjoying way more than the Priest and one I plan to be playing more of.

  • Chain Lightning – now jumps to 4 targets but does less damage. We wanted to make the distinction between Lightning Bolt and Chain Lightning more clear.
  • Storm, Earth and Fire – this talent now increases all damage done by Flame Shock, not just periodic damage.
  • Spirit Weapons – now reduces all threat, not just melee threat.
  • Unleashed Rage – reduced to 2 ranks, now also increases your critical strike chance with melee attacks by 1/2%.
  • Totem streamlining: The Mana Spring and Healing Stream Totems have been combined. The Disease Cleansing and Poison Cleansing Totems have been combined.
  • We are also working on giving Enhancement and Elemental more PvP utility.

Chain lightning bouncing to another target seems OK, on the 4th bounce it’ not really going to be doing any real damage and I already think that the difference between LB and CL is quite clear, one is single target, one is multi-target, don’t see the problem there. I like the change to Storm, Earth and Fire, I use FS a lot and have the Glyph at the moment, sure spamming LB works and stuff sometimes dies before getting close for the shock but I’m happy to accept any damage boost that the devs are willing to throw my way. Spirit weapons and Unleashed Rage really don’t do anything for me as I don’t spec that way so can’t offer any proper feedback on those changes. The totems I’m happy with, there has been some QQ on the forums about how this “dumbs down” the class but I personally think it makes sense and means my Totem Timer bars get shorter, I don’t have any of the totems saved to my normal hotbars. The PvP stuff doesn’t bother me but I also know from class forums that Shamans are considered underpowered and have a lot of problems in PvP, I’ve taken my Priest into PvP and that has never turned out well but Lekktra has not even looked into a BG at all so no idea, I have been owned by Shamans on occasion though but that was way back pre and post TBC. It’ll be interesting to see if there are any other changes coming in that patch too, I suppose we’ll wait and see.

Onto the Priest then;

  • Divine Spirit – this spell is now a core ability available to all priests.
  • Discipline has access to a new talent, Power Word: Barrier. (Think of it as Power Word: Shield for your whole group).
  • Several area of effect (AOE) heal spells have been improved:
    • Prayer of Healing can be cast on any groups in your raid party.
    • Holy Nova’s mana cost has been reduced.
    • Circle of Healing now heals for more.
  • Shadow priest PvP survivability has been improved: Shadow Form now reduces magic as well as physical damage. Dispersion now removes snares.
  • Penance – this spell can now be targeted on the priest.
  • Serendipity – this talent now reduces the cast time of Greater Heal and Prayer of Healing when Binding Heal or Flash Heal are cast.
  • We are also working to give Holy additional PvP utility.

Making Divine Spirit a core ability for all priests is a good move, for many specs it’s too high up in Disc to be used and not of enough bonus to bother throwing all points into it. I’m interested to see whether it’ll be the fully buffed Improved Divine Spirit that makes it onto the spell bar or the standard version and more talent points freed up to improve it in its tree. Power Word: Barrier, not sure how much use that’s going to be, although if it works with the PW: Shield glyph then it could be hugely overpowered, imagine giving half your raid Divine Aegis by popping that spell, I doubt it’s going to work that way though. I like the AOE healing buffs, I rarely use CoH because it heals for so little and I have thought about trying to use Holy Nova to do the same kind of jobs that CoH and PoH do but it does tend to drain you of mana. Playing the Shaman of course will mean I may not get to make use of these changes. Shadow Priests and PvP don’t concern me but I don’t think range is their problem, melee eats through Priests no matter the spec, especially with a DKs ninja pull that likes to grab us from the safety of ranged groups and drop us in convenient range to get burst into the ground. Penance castable on yourself, awesome, I wasted a lot of time when first speccing Disc before I realised it wasn’t going to work. Anything that make me heal more faster is welcome, we’ll see how fast it gets once the changes to Serendipity are live. The only way I can conceive of adding Holy utility to PvP is to increase survivability, we get nuked in next to no time so can never heal if we’re targeted (which is normally all the time). I remember pre-TBC when a Priest was awesome, I loved running alongside one when I was playing my first proper character (an Orc Hunter called Urdrek).

I think these changes will be welcomed in the most part, at least for the classes I am concerned with, I haven’t really read up on anyone else but have heard whispers that all is not well in Warlock land. I haven’t even seen the entrance to Naxx yet am not too concerned with Ulduar, I’m sure the Bin Collectors will get there soon enough.


Game On

February 5, 2009

Tabard of the Explorer

I had a plan and it started with getting these baby’s. Roop,  our now level 80 Death Knight, used his version of the Heirloom shoulders to speed up his levelling which will now see Fermat the Warrior relegated I believe. Although I’m a little further behind with my main class swapover I only needed one shard to get this gear (and let’s face it, I have an almost level 50 Hunter that could get a agility enchant and use them for the XP bonus). Getting this one shard proved somewhat trickier as it meant grabbing Bo. So, I did, hit up the Priest and went to get the Wintergrasp quests, firstly I got gimped by a Rogue (I hate them) and then it took a group of two Death Knights and the same Rogue, apparently Holy Priests need that kind of pewpew to be seen off (needless to say I went down fast). Unperturbed I logged off and had dinner, then went back in got in the raid for the Wintergrasp battle and we retook the zone (Horde controlled it when I logged in so couldn’t just do an instance to get the shard). I grabbed the Shoulders and mailed them away to Lekktra.

Equipped with her fancy new gear I hit Terrokar forest like a Draenei possessed, eating through mobs and quests to hit 64, which I did, at which point (around about 10pm) I settled her down for some rest XP after getting the training I wanted and finally grabbing her a shield to go with her Diamond Core Sledgehammer from Blood Furnace. I’m looking forwards to Nagrand tonight and going to 65, it’s a zone I skipped when levelling Bo so haven’t really seen it properly. Between the priest and shaman I also now have enough for the regular flying mount, although due to Northrend I’ll not be doing a thing until I hit 77 and then I can hopefully go straight for the Epic.

After hitting 64 I logged Bo back in and decided to go grab some more Elders and do some exploring, I finally finished off the explore Northrend and have been granted my Tabard of the Explorer which is nice to have for sure. I still have some way to go to get the Elder title and am trying to weigh up in my mind whether I should be levelling the Shaman or using Bo to finish the event. I’ve looked at some of the achievements for Love is in the Air and am despairing that it’s unlikely that Lekktra will be able to complete it despite the fact she is levelling quite quickly. I want to be in Northrend by next weekend so we’ll see if I can get into Dalaran and maybe get more done that I might otherwise be able to.

In other news some of the ideas for patch 3.1 have been released, but I think looking at those warrants a post of its own rather than being tagged onto the end of my “Look at my levelling prowess and achievements” post.

Tonight it’s 65 or bust and the wife is out for the most of it. Yes I am just going to shove a pizza in the oven and not move from my PC until she gets home, how’d you guess?


Picking up where I left off…

February 2, 2009

….although I do wish that I had tried to solo that world Dragon in Ferelas.

After the break on Friday night I got to grips with things again Saturday afternoon. Somehow I managed to heal a PUG through Blood Furnace as an Elemental Shaman, it was a lot of fun actually even though things didn’t go perfectly, still if I can manage that as a DPS spec then surely if I was actually Resto then everything would be even better than that, there is definitely encouragement there for the future. I hit 62 and went on my merry way to Zangamarsh (I’m concentrating on levelling in the best places rather than finishing zones at the moment). During this levelling I’d like to call out a special Night Elf Druid. I will omit the name for now, but next time you see me please feel free to apologise for casting Moonfire on every single mob that I targeted so you’d get your quest done faster. I’m sorry that I was killing them faster than you could but there were enough for the both of us without you collecting 5 at a time and then AOEing them down.

Lekktra has now hit Terrokar forest and is level 63, at 64 I’ll be off to Nagrand, a zone I didn’t level up Bo in apart from the Ring of Blood quests which I used to ding 70 way, way back. So not really much Shaman news, just that I am continuing to level just as fast as I can, I’m expecting Roop to hit 80 sometime this week and he is already gearing ready for Heroics, needless to say I am way off this and once more feel like the poor cousin. I wanted Lekktra to hit 70 and raid Kara when we were doing that just over a year ago, I never managed it although I was levelling her a lot faster than Bo had, Lekktra is a step up again in terms of the speed with which I am able to level. This is no doubt to experience of the quests as well as knowing more about the game.

Bo spent much of her time talking to Elders, she has now talked to all of them in Kalimdor with the exception of ZF and Mara. I have also done the Northrend Dungeon Elders, running around this yesterday also allowed me to finish off the Kalimdor Exploration achievements. Now I just need to finish the three zones in Northrend I haven’t done and I’ll have my explorer title. Sunday afternoon we chain ran instances, Utgarde Pinnacle, Halls of Stone and Halls of Lightning, non-heroics. I’m still having a lot of fun with the Shaman, more so that I can remember on my Priest, the only thing that still concerns me is that Bo has so much more in terms of achievements and reputation gains. I suppose that I’ll just be kept busier with Lekktra come the point where she does hit 80. Although we do now have a Resto Shaman that has joined us through another RL friend, so even the position I hoped to occupy may now be in jeopardy. Once more I feel like I am lagging behind and will be left there while others go on to do bigger and better things because the character I think I should have been playing wasn’t what I’d picked at the start.


Tempting the Horde

January 30, 2009

Prior planning and preparation prevents poor performance. This mantra applies in all aspects of our life and equally in World of Warcraft. With my crippling case of Chronic altaholism I am always struggling with the amount of characters I have on a specific server. I have one legacy character left over on Scarshield Legion when I first started playing with many of the group I do now before we moved to alliance. Argent Dawn, our current server has its full complement of 10 characters and Draenor, the server we had a short spate on playing new Hordies has 8, despite the fact we were there for maybe a mere 2 months. I may look at a free character transfer to free up a slot on Argent Dawn as my constant hankering for different characters takes hold once again. What this altaholism has done though has provided me with a level 21 Blood Elf rogue and my original character from Scarshield Legion, a level 43 Blood Elf Paladin. Tonight I wanted to get through the “Elders of the Horde” achievement on Bo, I’ve done enough PvP with her to realise that I am effectively a free kill and cannot outheal the damage I take quick enough and I have no mitigation as I am always in PvE gear. To facilitate this I logged onto the Paladin (who resides in Silvermoon City) and translocated to Undercity, I had a good idea where the Elder was so grabbed him and then took the zeppelin over to Orgrimmar, after a quick question in guild chat (yes, even though I play Alliance I have my almost never played Hordie in a guild…..don’t tell anyone but it’s an RP guild too…..Shhhhh) and found out where that Elder was hiding. I zipped over the Thunderbluff and found that Elder, then, being a Paladin, I leaped off the top of Cow Central and bubbled to get the “65 yds without dying” achievement for giggles.

Armed with this knowledge I later logged in Bo with some trepidation, shockingly she can’t use the translocator in Silvermoon, nor the zeppelin (easily) or Horde flight points. However, this present more of an opportunity as between many of these places lie some of the other Elders that I need to get for the other achievements. First up was Undercity, I went from Ironforge to Southshore and rode through Silverpine to grab the Elder from Sepulcher, then onto Brill and eventually riding in through the front door past two level 80 Paladins. Incident free I grabbed the Elder and legged it on the back of my trusty Armored Brown Bear. I hearthed to Dalaran and took the portal to Stormwind and headed down to Booty Bay to grab the boat over the Ratchet, another two Elders from the ports and I was in Kalimdor running towards Crossroads, then Camp Taurajo and then off to Bloodhoof Village and up the “back” lift. The only thing I aggro’d was the guards, which I expected. I knew that Orgrimmar was going to be the busiest by far so left it till last. I’d already run Ragefire Chasm on Bo so I knew the kind of run there was to outside Thrall’s chamber where the Orgimmar Elder resides, it could have been worse, they could have made me go past the Auction House and Bank. So, after enjoying much success in getting even more Coins of Ancestry I charge across Durotar and into the Orc capitol via the rear entrance on Southfury River. I see the guards running back to their posts from inside the city so obviously someone else from the Alliance has just legged it through, all I need to do is ride in their wake.

In I go, trying to aggro as few guards as I can, but there are several choke points on this route that will make it impossible for me to avoid them entirely. Things are going well, I get outside the Hall of Heroes near the flight point before I see my first red name. Unfortunately this guy was already steering himself into the PvP shop so what happened next probably wasn’t much of a surprise, the fact that he was a Hunter just cements the stereotype for me. Yes, I got shot, he fired off a rotation that hit with with pretty much a crit every shot, I don’t even think his pet had time to spawn after he dismounted. I know, I was in their city, I was flagged and therefore fair game, however, after seeing a fair few Hordies galloping through Alliance cities to pick up their own achievements I would have hoped that the supposedly “more mature” Horde side would let us ride in (I was after all a solo Priest and no threat to anyone) get what we needed and leave. However, this Hunter obviously had other ideas, he saw a red name and hit his shot rotation macro (2 shots and I was pretty much dead as they were both crits). To be honest I’d prepared myself for worse so wasn’t too upset, I just had some seed of hope somewhere that everyone could just accept what was happening during Lunar Festival. The only really annoying part is that the nearest ress point is Razor Hill, which is quite a walk to Org. Nevertheless I dutifully strode back to collect my corpse, ressed, healed, buffed and shielded anew. Hopped back on the Bear and went and grabbed the Elder. I finished off the night by grabbing the Razor Hill Elder and took the flight point from Ratchet to Tanaris.

So, I got my Elders of the Horde with only one death and have positioned myself ready to roll through southern Kalimdor to grab the rest of the Elders there and also complete my Exploration achievements over the weekend. I’ll then hit up Eastern Kingdoms and Northrend before finishing off the dungeons. Hopefully I can be done with Lunar Festival before Love is in the Air kicks off so I can dedicate proper time to that. As an aside I am also enjoying the +75 Alliance rep that you get with each Elder, I’d rather be accruing all this on Lekktra but I suppose all this learning is just going to help once I do switch over more fully to Lekktra when she hits max level. Once I get a break from all these World Events I think Bo will be heading to the dwarf starting area to grab some starting quests to finish the few thousand rep I am off Exalted with the last two factions I haven’t maxed yet. Cue more mounts availability…..

So, hopefully this weekend will be a flurry of achievements on one hand and power levelling on the other. I’d ideally like to get 63 or 64 on Lekktra before Monday arrives but I’m going to be out at a LAN event tonight whereas I’d be concentrating on getting all the Elders done otherwise.