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Priest + Not Playing + Heroic = Fail

October 2, 2009

Logging on last night and, in an obvious moment of inspired brilliance, thinking that I should mark my return with a run through Heroic CoS despite the fact that I haven’t touched my Priest in almost a year was possibly not the crowning glory of my WoW career.

I’d picked up a Disc spec a long time ago after leaving the Priest behind for my Shaman. Again, not the easiest of things to break back into considering the skills and rotations associated with it. Needless to say we failed the timed run, luckily these were nice people I told them to remove me and grab someone else as I wasn’t up to it.

To mark this utter failure I’ve transferred Bo to Horde. I have yet to log in and complete the transformation but now I have level 80’s on both sides of the faction divide and I’ll be starting off with something easier now I am back in a more comfortable Holy form.


Operation: Casual Horde – Weekend Update Part 2

April 27, 2009

Another weekend, another batch of levelling and just for a change, another world event whereby people are camping various points and get irate if you step into their perceived personal space.

I took a break on occasion this weekend away from TourGuide in order to run some instances, I can now tick off Wailing Caverns, Shadowfang Keep and Blackfathom Deeps. I picked up some very fetching pieces from Wailing Caverns and now look like some reject from the 70’s!

* of the Viper

I know, it’s just not right!

Overall I had but one goal that drove me over the weekend. I’ve been getting used to DPSing in kitty form as well as switching over to bear when things go a bit pearshaped. However, everything has gone swimmingly and I even got to try my hand at tanking in Blackfathom, I didn’t lose aggro, no-one died and it all went rather well feeding my impression that Horde > Alliance. I hope that this continues.

Without boring everyone to tears I’ll just say that I hit my goal, I can go back to being more casual now as I’ve really done a ton of levelling. My simple gather and sell has netted me over 100g so far and I’m happy at that. For what my goal is I’ll direct you to the picture below. I should have a more detailed post up when I can decide on its direction, it might involve players disguised as bunnehs frustrating me to hell!



Operation: Casual Horde Weekend Update 1 – Hitting 20

April 20, 2009

So far, so good! Operation: Casual Horde hasn’t really been all that casual though. The levelling experience of getting the druid to 20 (which I achieved yesterday) was much like I’d expected, I’ve died a few times already (including one ill-fated jump off Thunderbluff trying to grab an achievement). Although I must say that hitting 20 has meant that I see the bear as actually having enough of a skill pool to be able to get through some mobs without me wanting to bang my face against a table. I know that having those kinds of feelings are not really conducive to playing a class long term, this is the third of fourth time I’ve gotten to 20 on a Druid though so I’m well versed in how things go. Now I have Kitty form I should be a lot happier and can hopefully start ripping things up.

Roop’s new Orc Spuzz is catapulting along too, I have to admit that having someone else I know levelling close to me is providing more of a sense of competition to not fall too far behind. However I’m going to commit to the more casual side of things now that the first levelling goal is out of the way. My mining and skinning is going well as I’m collecting everything I come across, I’d have around 60g by now if I hadn’t have spent almost 30 on getting the Glyph of Unburdened Rebirth the moment I dinged 20.

At the close of Friday night, this is how my junior cow was looking;


I finished the TourGuide section for 1-12 and then decided to take the option of Ghostlands rather than sitting around doing more Barren quests. I know I’ll be back to the Barrens at 20 for a bit anyways. I’ve been following this guide pretty faithfully the only detour I had was when Spuzz (Roop) and I decided to try and 2-man Ragefire Chasm, which we did, although we had to wait about half an hour to actually get in to the damn place and once we finally did get in my computer dropped the Internet after the first pull. Luckily a restart cleared everything up and we finished the instance without any problems.

Saturday out of the way and more upgrades for the Beeflord;


Sunday hit and I was happy with how things have been progressing so far, the addition of Faerie Fire to my spell list has been a greater change to my damage output than it may at first seem. Starting off the pull with that spell has seen me reduce the amount of time taken to kill mobs significantly. Running through the final sections of the Ghostlands on my trusty guide managed to get me well over halfway to 21 before completing the guide. I’ve also kept up with my cooking and First Aid so my tradeskills are keeping pace with my levelling progress. As things have gone so well I’ve now taken my foot off the gas and started to be more relaxed and didn’t spend all night last night playing where usually I would have.

One final update on how Greenborne is looking before I offer some observations;


Check out those pants! You should also notice that his horns have changed, there’s not much in the way of haircuts for the bovine-inclined among us but I thought that these horns suit him more than the originals so there.


  1. What exactly is the point of the Satyr boss in RFC? He doesn’t drop any loot….
  2. Isn’t it odd that mobs are perfectly happy to ignore you walking right in front of them until you grab a pickaxe and start mining?
  3. Why do Zombie Trolls only let off poisonous gas when they die and not when you pummel them with a mallet as big as they are?
  4. Despite having hooves I can still wear the same shoes that are given out to everyone else who has killed 10 Ghostpaw Lynxes already…
  5. Why are the Golden Plains some of the hilliest terrain around? Aren’t Plains supposed to be mostly flat?
  6. Orgrimmar is filled with high level guards to protect the city, yet in the bowls of that same place there is a cave filled with much lower level nasties that I should got fight when I barely have any skills.

Gear Upgrades NOMNOMNOM

April 6, 2009

I posted on Friday that I had applied to join another guild. <Naxxramas Bin Collection> started out as a group of friends coming back to the game after an absence. We’ve all done different things, some of us have switched classes and now we are all at different stages with what we want from the game.

On Saturday I got the invite to join <Inner Circle> as a non-raider to allow time for me to get the gear I would need to start raiding without being a drag on the rest of the group. They’ve all been a stand-up bunch so far and I’d have been happy to hit up anything of a 10-man variety rather than getting thrown to the wolves in a 25-man progression environment. So, how did my WoW weekend progress?

Over the past couple of weekends I’ve experienced some success in terms of getting some massive upgrades and doing some pretty awesome things. This weekend continued that trend, since applying to the new guild I started to focus on only running those places that would bring me closer to achieving the required standards for making a raider out of me. After all, I was still in a green chestpiece and both my trinkets were also greens, I was missing various enchantments on pieces of gear which may have given the impression that I wasn’t too serious or dedicated to the task at hand. Despite only getting around 3 hours play time on Sunday I actually managed to achieve EVERY single thing that I set out to do at the weekend. I’d like to give a shout out to those new guildmates who helped this happen.

To start out with I grabbed a belt buckle and threw a +16 hit gem in it. I spent Saturday doing an OS 10 man, Violet Hold, Halls of Stone and Nexus Heroics. I got nothing other than badges from all the instances except for the Nexus, where I picked up the +55 hit rating trinket. OK, it’s not really designed to be used with my class/spec but my primary stat is +hit until capped. I spent a lot of the day questing to get some money back in the coffers and also managed to ding Exalted with Alliance Expedition and Revered with Alliance Vanguard. That evening I got invited in one of the guild’s Naxx 10 alt runs, this would be my first time in the place and was still running with sub-optimal gear. I’d done the PUG raids in the previous week but this was something else, my performance here would mean something as these were my new guildies and I still needed to learn all these fights.

Around 4 hours later the whole place lay dead, we had one wipe on Gothik and one on Kel’thuzad when an over enthusiastic Fel Puppy decided to go make friends with some abominations. I had a personal brain fart on Thaddeus which saw me dead for most the fight, I’m still learning though and although I died once at the very first Heigan dance I got combat ressed and stayed alive through the rest of it quite happily. We even managed to get the “Hundred Club” achievement on Sapphiron because we totally forgot about Frost resists. All in all it was a lot of fun and at the end of it I’d made some lovely gold as well as grabbing a new Shield, Cloak, Ring and my T7 chest. The following day I grabbed enchants for all the pieces that were missing them (except for my shoulders) and gemmed what needed gemming to get my hit rating up as well as keep the Chaotic Skyflare meta-gem in my hat active. Overall it was a great night for me, I got to see the content I was after and it helped to eliminate a lot of my gearing issues and I now have the 2-piece bonus active from my T7. Equipping that chest saw me get the “Superior” achievement too.

Sunday left me with wanting to replace that final trinket or get a +hit neck, there is one available from badges (I grabbed the Mirror of Truth with badges from the Naxx run) and one from 25-man Sartharion. I queued up for the Obsidian Sanctum and grabbed the daily Heroic. I ended up going to Nexus after misreading which dragon to kill for the daily. I got some more badges and then sat in Violet Hold later on.

Now at this point I’m going to raise something up. I have done quite a few heroics and the ones I am running at the moment are mainly PuGs. I’ve not really had any bad experiences with them either, I was obviously lucky. I started the Violet Hold alongside a Death Knight tank, Affliction Lock, Hunter DPS warrior and a Holy Paladin. I’ve run this thing so many times now I can probably do it in my sleep. So we begin, I do my normal drop of Wrath of Air totem and then run into the portal and drop a Magma totem to help AoE the adds. It wasn’t long before I noticed that things were taking a long time to kill, never mind we were doing OK with very little overlap on the portals towards the first boss. Luckily we got Chaos Watcher which is an easy tank and spank and we downed him without much of an issue. Second wave starts and boss is Ichoron and he is getting released as we are still on the last 10% of the previous portal guardian. We wipe on the boss after no-one seems to worry about killing the little elementals.

I check out the DPS meter from Recount that is the only thing I keep running to make sure I’m doing my job. The tank is pushing out 1200DPS and is holding aggro nicely, the Paladin is right at the bottom as he is healing, however, our Hunter DPS warrior and Warlock are doing sub 1000DPS, the Warlock is under 900 and the hunter DPS Warrior isn’t much better… I’d heard of things like this but had never ever seen it in my life. Now I know there can be gear deficits, I had a lot of new stuff and was pushing out around 2400DPS, good stuff on my part. We restarted the instance but I thought I’d keep quiet and see if we could do it, after all, it was only the other two DPS that seemed to not quite be up to it. fair play to them all though, second time through we defeated all the bosses. Sure the other DPS were very low down on their DPS (I watched the Warlock stand in the middle of the room for 10+ seconds at a time between moving to new portals) but we managed to finish the instance and complete the daily. Bingo on 25 badges, bingo on getting the new +hit neck I needed.

My other goal I’ll come to later when I review the to-do list.

Before logging for the night I went to Ironforge and swapped one of my gems from a +8 hit & +12 Stam  to a pure +16 hit, I am now hitcapped!

(Updated as there was no Hunter in this group, it was my favourite class ever the DPS warrior. I checked Recount last night and I did a whopping 47.5% of the groups damage throughout the instance.)


A Class Act

March 26, 2009

I recently commented on this post over at Spinksville and got a response from the man himself. Rather than take up a huge column space with another comment I thought I’d take this opportunity to make a whole post out of it to try and explain my “inconsistency” with regards to my thoughts. Spinks does a really good job of writing out objective posts backed up by solid arguments, I am probably a little too emotive in the way I perceive things, this is not meant as a bash to him at all, I have a lot of respect for his opinions but I am going to try and set out my own arguments to back up what I have written, hence needing the extra space afforded me by using a proper post of my own.

Firstly, lets look at where my objectivity comes from, what point of view gives me the experience that I will be relating. I am going to ignore my vanilla WoW experiences, I didn’t really know the game and didn’t interact a whole lot with anybody, so therefore I only have my time spent on Alliance since TBC to go off. This is the first point at which I’ll admit there maybe some failings, Spinks is on Horde, I’m over on Alliance, we all know the generally accepted argument that Horde tends to have better players than Alliance, while Alliance get most of the kiddies playing the “pretty” races. I’m not getting into that argument here and I don’t really have enough Horde experience to prove otherwise, but I do miss not being Horde!

I have two level 80 characters, Bouaza the Priest and Lekktra the Shaman, both Draenei. Bo has had a lot more playtime than Lekktra and has been a healer for pretty much her whole life, therefore I have a lot of experience of groups from the healing point of view, this is where the majority of my play experience is coming from. Lekktra has been 80 for almost two weeks now and is unashamedly DPS, this is giving me a completely different experience and viewpoint on how a group works (or doesn’t work). So, there you go, I’m not an end game tank of any level (although I did tank Prince Malchezzar once when our MT was away and I got to use his toon to get the raid to keep going, yes, we did down him too!). I have a Death Knight, a level 33 Prot Warrior and a very low level druid and Paladin, my tanking experiences are not worth mentioning, this may colour my views, just warning you.

Right, onto my argument, DPS is OK for Ret Pallies and Death Knights, the other two plate wearers, but I have a problem with DPS Warriors. I’m going to try and argue this to the best of my abilities, no offense intended to anyone, especially not if you chose a DPS warrior, this is just my opinion, yours may differ and I have no problem with that, it’s your game to play as much as it is mine.

Argument the first; RAGE!!!!!!!!

This is really probably going to turn out to be the crux of my argument when I try and think about everything. It’s the basics of the Warrior mechanics, you want to use those abilities then you’re going to need a bar full of red stuff. Remember, I’m looking at this from a healer point of view mainly. How do you get rage, well, there are talents that help you get in and you have a skill you can pop that generates some and you can charge into combat. That gets the red bar filling up, the other options are hitting stuff and getting hit in return. For a Prot Warrior he wants to be beaten around like a dogs chewtoy the more he gets pounded the more rage he has to slam his shield up some guy’s ass thus maintaining a high threat. For the DPS warrior being hit is a bad thing, ignoring stances, the DPS warrior will not have as much mitigation as the Warrior, heck, he may not even be wearing full plate so if he gets hit he’s instantly going to take more damage than the tank. Rage diminishes over time, so the Warrior needs to be in combat hitting (or being hit) for a lot of the time to maintain his ability to fire off those skills that are going to allow him to make a meaningful contribution to the group. In solo play getting hit is fine, but in a group if you’re getting hit then generally you’re doing something wrong.

I’ve been in a number of fights whereby the only person to die during the whole instance is the DPS warrior, normally getting one-shotted by bosses. Spinks may be right, I may just have come across the nublet kind of DPS warrior, but I have never seen once do anything decent in a group. As a healer you know when a DPS warrior is in the group that they are going to be taking almost as much damage as the tank (personal experience here) and every single time you have a choice over who to heal it’s going to be the tank, hence DPS warrior death. I rank one Utgarde Keep where our DPS warrior died 4 times, no-one else did, just the DPS warrior. Whether this is down to skill use I don’t know but I’ve seen many a DPS warrior challenge the tank on threat generation and once they pull it off the tank that low mitigation means they get dead quick. I put this down to them needing rage and therefore really being dependant on being up close and personal.

On the other hand we have Paladins and Death Knights. Paladins have a very good melee DPS spec as do Death Knights (in fact Death Knights can do a decent job of tanking even with a primarily DPS spec), the difference here is that Paladins run on mana and Death Knights have their Runic Power and their Runes to use. Runes have a cooldown but don’t rely on getting an axe to the face, Retribution Pallies get Replenishment to keep their mana up (and that of the group) and use that mana for their spells, which they regenerate quickly and if things go pearshaped they have their bubble or even Lay on Hands. Neither of these classes need to be in melee to generate their primary abilities.

Argument the second; heals

Blood presence DKs are getting healed as they do damage, Paladins have healing spells that allow them to keep themselves alive. Yes each group has a healer and that should allow the group to stay topped off but primarily you’re going to want to keep the tank alive first and foremost, then the healer needs to keep themselves alive, healing DPS comes in last place. I’m sure we could get into a long discussion about Warrior and Death Knight talents that allow them to provide self healing. Pots do not count, they can’t be relied upon due to the Wrath changes which limits you to 1 per fight.

Argument the third; DPS

The reason to take a DPS warrior is down to them contributing meaningful DPS to a group. I’ve heard tales of DPS warriors hitting the tops of damage meters. I’ve already espoused in previous posts that simply being at the top of a damage chart is not the be all and end all of the group. Yes, being at the top probably means you’re alive through everything so have the maximum time to hurt things. However, this doesn’t show anything regarding the possibility of the DPS warrior (and any other DPS for that matter) constantly stealing aggro off the tank to ensure his place a top the meter, the only reason he gets there is because a healer who’s on top of her game makes sure that no-one dies allowing the warrior to keep the pewpew despite things being harder for the group as the DPS dude focused purely on the fact that his name needs to be at the top.

In my experience of having DPS warriors in a group they haven’t done anywhere near the output of other DPS classes, sure dual-wielding two-handers looks cool, but if you’re throwing out crappy DPS you’re pulling your weight in the group. Again, I’m willing to admit I may have just been with bad players, but it does seem to be a trend that some of the worst players I have come across all seem to be DPS warriors… I have yet to see one make a meaningful contribution to the group.

Argument the fourth; group benefits

Death Knights fall down here too, I’m going to agree with Spinks here and be a bit inconsistent, I’m of the opinion that even though the Hero class can do DPS, I’d much rather see them tanking, yes it’s a harder job than doing DPS but still, I’ll be much happier with a DK tank than a DK DPS. In terms of group buffs their not really bringing a whole lot other than the aura. Pallies however provide blessings, auras (ok yeah, only if you’re close to them) as well as replenishment and a backup healer. I love ret pallies, sorry, that’s an emotive side of the argument here, /slapwrist. Warriors have shouts but…yeah… don’t really see them doing all that much but I’m open to a counter here due to my lack of warrior specific knowledge. This is my opinion and experience, not a definitive “thou shalt not be a DPS warrior” post.

Argument the fifth; a class act

Winding this up now as I realise this is somewhat of a mammoth post. Paladins are a hybrid, they currently have three valid talent specs, they can do decent DPS, can tank well and can heal well. Death Knights are a Hero class, the first one and are therefore different to the other classes, their specs are not so clear cut, however, I fall majorly on the side that they are excellent tanks and that should be their top role. However, I know that most people with one use it for DPS which I am OK with even if it jumps in the face of reason. I’ll admit to being inconsistent on this point. Warriors, well, warriors are not hybrids, their not a hero class, according to Blizzard’s design they are there to tank. Personally I’ve always viewed their DPS specs as primarily for PvP in the PvE environments warriors are tanks. So, if you wanted to do PvE DPS (I know Death Knights are recent additions to let’s ignore them as much as we can) why pick a Warrior? Is it a case of wanting to play a warrior because they sound cool and then realising that you don’t want the responsibility of effectively leading a group? If I really sit down and think about this I can’t think of any reason to pick a Warrior as a pure DPS class choice, all the other classes (ignoring Death Knight remember for all the older characters we have out there) bring something else to the party and generally do better damage with better survivability. I know there are others in my guild who think the same as me, I cannot see any compelling argument for a DPS warrior opposed to another class.

If I had a friend who played a warrior and was DPS would I bring him to the group? Well, yes I would, I still advocate bringing the player not the class but this isn’t a post based on that argument.

I’m going to stop now as I probably haven’t made this half as coherent as I probably should, hopefully I’ve kept the emotive side of things out of it and made proper points that I’ve explained well enough.

I’ll re-iterate one more time, this is my opinion only as I have experienced things. If you want to be a DPS warrior then go for it, I await the day for someone to prove me wrong and I’m not going to write someone off for the choices they make in a game. It’s not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things, do what you do to get enjoyment out of your leisure time as long as it doesn’t involve being an ass to others.


Things I Did at the Weekend – WoW Edition

March 23, 2009

Not just in my own exploits, but in the guild’s, this was a weekend of achievements. Due to it beign Mother’s Day in the UK yesterday I only got a couple hours in during the afternoon before heading out to visit family.

I can’t really remember what I got around to doing on Friday night but Saturday was awesome. I logged in during the morning and finished off the last few hundred gold that saw me get Artisan flying, so I can tick that off my list. I’m now cruising around on my Bronze Drake and feeling very happy, the poor Swift Green Gryphon I bought hasn’t seen a single second of flight time yet, poor fella. I also ran through the Ring of Blood quests in Nagrand, I solo’d most of it then Roop came along and helped me out. I then helped out Lisuri’s alt Paladin do them all again later on that day. I finished the Nesingwary questline in the same zone too which bagged me the achievement for having done his collective extinction level events. Even took the little Paladin for a quick foray to Steamvaults to grab my second Key Fragment (yes I’m doing the Kara attunement). I want the key so I can get in and we might farm Lis’ Paladin through there as it’s pretty decent XP and the loot isn’t that bad either.

During the afternoon I completed the World Explorer achievement, that’s the second character I have that has earnt the title, it took a good bit of time to finish off and I grabbed a couple of nodes of Mithril to help my mining/engineering too. I ran through Scarlet Monastery while I was there trying to grab the Tabard but it didn’t drop, I thought I might as well grab the Instance achievement as I was in the zone driving through. Being all over the place also allowed me to grab “To All the Squirrel’s Who’ve Shared my Life” and “Pest Control” luckily I didn’t have to go out of my way to finish these off. In terms of the PvP achievements and the fact I’d set a goal of playing some PvP over the weekend I managed to grab some from running Arathi Basin as it was the League of Arathor’s weekend. I only played 3 games but we won 2 and lost 1 so I have 10 tokens out of the 150 I need to secure all the PvP mounts there are available. As well as “Know Thy Enemy” and “That Takes Class” I also did the required nukeage to pick up “Damage Control” too. I’m also only 11 HKs off the “Kill 100 Enemies”, the Shaman is slightly more survivable than the Priest but not by much, although Thunderstorming people off the cliffs by the Lumber Mill is worth getting ganked by Rogues and anything wearing Plate.

Later on we ran some Heroics, the daily was Utgarde Pinnacle so we completed that and we also ran Culling of Stratholme in the evening which saw Lisuri pick up his Drake, that means all of our little guild have the Drake mount now. Sunday was Nexus which saw me pickup the epic mace, over the weekend of running instances I’ve got the Epic cloth belt from Violet Hold and the Epic Legs from Culling. I also spent 35 badges to pick up the Caster shield which has seen my spellpower grow quite nicely. I’m still lacking a load of +hit but now I’m getting epic items I’m going to feel better about grabbing Enchants and Gems to fix that problem, especially since I’ve finally forked out for the super-flying. I’m not topping the damage meters in the guild groups but I am still lagging behind in terms of gear with them and I may start to turn it off as I am doing a respectable DPS anyway.

What I have begun to notice is that I need to tighten up my rotation, which I am doing and seeing an increase in DPS, I may just keep that part of the damage meter running as I feel a pull to try and outdo the other people in my group. It’s hard to do as they are all really good players and have been at 80 longer than I have, they even have some Naxx gear but the fact that I see Lekktra underneath them makes me want to crank out the damage anyway possible to try and win, hard when some fights are very AoE heavy and that’s a department that Shaman’s lack in. We are being successful in all our runs so topping a metre isn’t really going to mean anything. I’m doing around 1600DPS at the moment even on the AoE Heavy stuff which is about 200-300dps more than I was last weekend. Although on the one hand I can see Recount inspiring me to sharpen my game and look at ways of increasing my DPS but I can’t allow it to consume me to the point where I compromise the integrity of the group dynamic. Watch this space to see what I do, more than likely it’s getting turned off and then might through it up again now and then to make sure I’m not slacking.

I am small steps closer to another one of my goals too. I am now sitting on 200 Shards, a mere 100 away from the Black War Mammoth, yes it’s huge and yes, it is probably going to replace Baron Rivendare’s Deathcharger on my hotbar. I wonder if I can write a macro to randomly call one of my epic ground mounts instead….. not that I currently have all that many.

Overall it was a good weekend, Shamaning is certainly a lot of fun and I am still excited to be sticking with this character and seeing what I can do. Probably will not get to play properly until Thursday this week due to other commitments but I may be able to pop on and do my Oracles daily quests. Helps to get my gold back up and takes next to no time.

As things are coming off my “To Do” list, It’s only right that I add some more;

  • Save Badges for Epic Chest piece
  • Get a Netherdrake

Account Management Fail

March 20, 2009

I’ve updated yesterdays post of my task list. My Wife was out visiting her parents last night so I grabbed some unhealthy food on the way home from work, scoffed it down while watching the end of the Hellboy 2 DVD, took a shower and then sat down to play some WoW only to find my game time had expired. No problem, just gotta pay for more, so off I head to the account management section of the site to find that the thrice-cursed thing is down, not only that but so are the forums so I can’t bleat about it.

Suitably annoyed I download some songs off iTunes, played some Dead Space, tried the account management page, still down, so got fed up and stomped downstairs wearing a scowl that could cause the death of worlds. Sat down and watched some of “Don’t mess with the Zohan”. At half eight the phone rings, it’s Roop asking me to come to Culling of Stratholme (yes, that’s right, whispers are OK but I get phone calls to come to instances) and I explain the whole sorry tale to him. I want to give Blizzard my money but they’re not letting me. Miraculously once he hangs up I refresh the page again (after having already done so while he is on the phone) and it comes up. Not wanting to miss this opportunity I login and give Blizzard £25 so I can play for the next 3 months. I log into the game grab a buttload of gold from stuff that has sold on the auction house and make my way to the Caverns of Time portal. We grab Aliye and Lisuri and then a nice Death Knight to fill in the extra DPS slot.

Timed run successful with 3 mins left and I win the roll for the Drake /schwurgen! That’s another tick off the list which means I can now replace it with something, that something is still mount based, I want all the four Alliance PvP mounts now. Seems like a good idea for the weekend, have to see what BG is up this weekend. Mal’ganis runs away chicken as normal and then we head to Hall of Lightning for the Daily. I’d done this in normal mode on Bo but Lekktra has been spared this place so far, her first foray into it is on Heroic too. Well, things went really well, I nubbed things up on Loken and stood about one yard inside his AOE the third time it went off, l2p nublet Shaman… but other than that we grabbed all the achievements from the first two bosses. I’ve got a load more badges now and am a third of the way to the Mammoth from Shards, Aliye actually got her mammoth last night so grats to her. Occulous and Gundrak are now the only two dungeons Lekktra has left to visit.

After this everyone went to bed but I stayed on for a bit (Wife wasn’t home yet) so I went and did the mining that I had planned to do earlier before I couldn’t renew my subs. I finished off the mining of Iron so I’m at 175 now which means I can start on Mithril. I’m going to need lots of this for my Engineering levelling so doubt I’m going to making much cash off the back of selling the spares, I have an engineering levelling guide all set up that I am working through. My Engineering currently sits at 105 but I’m waiting until I’ve done some more mining so that I can have a really good go at it rather than doing a little at a time as the mats come in. Luckily I suppose, the mining isn’t taking too long to level and should go even faster once I hit Outland and Northrend as I won’t then be confined to a ground mount.

Tradeskilling might have to take a break while I spend some time doing PvP over the next few days. We’ll see what happens, I imagine I’ll still be running a lot of Heroics with the guild.