My name is Nick and I’ve been playing WoW on and off for the past three years. I first played the game in the beta phase and hated it. I then tried one of the first free trials and had much more fun and eventually decided to pick up the game, this was about one year after general release. My first proper character was a Orc Hunter called Urdrek and I got him to the heady heights of level 32. I then switched to a Tauren Shaman who got to level 41 before I got bored in Stranglethorn Vale.

I left the game then until Burning Crusade came out, I then met some new people that also played and once again started off in Azeroth, this time as a Blood Elf Paladin. I got that character to level 43 before several of my new found friends (who were at the end game when I was levelling) decided that they were bored of the Horde (we were also on an RP-PVP server). A decision was made to change server and faction. This heralded the creation of Bouaza (pronounced Boo-atza)my Draenai priest. We levelled all the way through to 70 together and founded our own guild Renegades which then proceeded to wipe the floor with Karazhan. After spending the year hooked on the game and spending every waking minute playing a few of us re-evaluated our lives and cut out WoW, this was in January of 2008. Those guildies and I have dabbled with WoW again over the months but have really not played since that time at the beginning of the year. Now, with the changes that have been made and the release of Wrath of the Lich King we have returned. I have changed Bo (say it like it is spelt, not Boo) to a Shadow Priest from Holy and am tearing up Northrend and Achievements. This blog will catalogue my adventures and experiences with my characters and those friends who are slowly being drawn back to the game that we had so much fun in during the year that we all played together.

I have played many other MMO’s , the most time aside from WoW was spent in Star Wars Galaxies, I have been playing MMOs since 2002 so I’d like to think that I have experience to back up what I say.

My latest adventures have seen Bo back to Holy after a time spent experimenting with Discipline as well as getting my Shaman into Northrend content.

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