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Priest + Not Playing + Heroic = Fail

October 2, 2009

Logging on last night and, in an obvious moment of inspired brilliance, thinking that I should mark my return with a run through Heroic CoS despite the fact that I haven’t touched my Priest in almost a year was possibly not the crowning glory of my WoW career.

I’d picked up a Disc spec a long time ago after leaving the Priest behind for my Shaman. Again, not the easiest of things to break back into considering the skills and rotations associated with it. Needless to say we failed the timed run, luckily these were nice people I told them to remove me and grab someone else as I wasn’t up to it.

To mark this utter failure I’ve transferred Bo to Horde. I have yet to log in and complete the transformation but now I have level 80’s on both sides of the faction divide and I’ll be starting off with something easier now I am back in a more comfortable Holy form.