The Crossroads of Life (without Barrens chat)

May 21, 2009

Really it’s amazing how life can quickly change and make you sit up and take notice. Yes, this is one of those kind of posts.

First off I need to once more apologise to my readers out there that you haven’t had anything at all for the past couple of weeks. This post is going to be an explanation of just why that is and what the future holds.

I think I need to give you all some background so you know where I am coming from, so here is an insight into my real life outside of sitting in front of the PC playing WoW. Despite the world in which we live in I am a Christian, and I attend Church every week. This is not my attempt to divert my blog into a recruiting ground, nor to espouse the sinfulness and wickedness of all things, merely to say that I have a part of my life that is a really big deal to me and sits quietly behind the scenes of my online persona. The Church has a lay ministry, the officers tasked with the day to day running of the congregations are unpaid volunteers drawn from the units they attend. Ever since I joined the Church in 2004 I’ve had a calling (the term we use for officiating in a position within the Church) and all members are encouraged to serve. These callings have required varying amounts of commitment in terms of how much time should ideally be devoted to performing them.

Still with me? Awesome. For the past few years I’ve tried to balance the service I’ve been tasked with and sitting around playing WoW and to be honest WoW has been the one thing that for the most part has taken more priority. It’s taken up more of my thinking time as well as actual time than any of the callings I’ve had up to this point. Now, some of these callings ask a lot more of our time than others. For example a Sunday School teacher may spend a few hours during the week to prepare a lesson, but the Bishop (the leader of the unit) will devote much more of his time to fulfill his role.

A few weeks ago I was asked to fulfill a new role within our Ward (congregation) which involves working closely with the Bishop and helping him out with a lot of the various parts of our unit. This is the most meaty of all callings I’ve been asked to do and I was rather amazed that someone with as many flaws as I have would be called to such a position of responsibility. It’s times like these that cause us to (hopefully) take a step back and assess our lives and what we are spending our time doing. This is the reason that my WoW time over the past two weeks has been reduced to nothing. When we receive a calling we believe that it comes direct from the Lord, as we beleive that he sits at the head of the Church and directs it through his Prophet on the Earth (it’s all on the website). This adds more weight to the calls that we receive, I always accept callings and therefore accepted this one and have had an absolute blast so far in the two weeks I’ve been doing it.

Due to this calling coming at this time I did take a step back and assess what I was doing. Hence the large amount of time I was spending sat on the PC (even though I had reduced that time for Operation: Casual Horde) has been culled to the point of not even being noteworthy. I have even cancelled my WoW account with a month’s play time still on it. Doing that was probably the final nail in the MMO coffin as despite the fact that I have enjoyed my time in the game I realise that in order to do my best and really be doing the things that I should be doing WoW needs to be removed, yes it’s fun but it doesn’t really do anything for me and so I’ve been spending my time putting myself where I believe I need to be and doing the things I believe that I need to be doing. To be honest, I feel much better for doing this.

That’s not to say I now condemn people who spend time in WoW, quite the opposite, there are many merits to it, but for me the time has come to hang up my coat. Obviously as I won’t be playing WoW anymore that kind of spells the end for the blog too, I can’t really blog about a game I’m not playing and I won’t be keeping up with things. There are many blogs that have been retired recently and for me this has nothing to do with the game itself, more of me restructuring my life to better fit with how I feel it should be.

I joined the Ashen Rose Conspiracy with Greenborne around a month ago now, my only regret really is that I haven’t gotten to spend as much time with them as I would have liked. They are a really great bunch of people and have been the most friendly and welcoming guild that I have EVER been a part of out there in MMO land. I’ve played with guilds that normally start out from RL friends and have grown from there, but this guild, well, it’s been a great pleasure to be counted among their ranks even for such a short space of time. Is there a possibility that I may one day return, well, never say never but I just can’t see a space for it right now as I try to put my life on track in terms of the Church.

I’ve been way happier in myself since I have made this change and deep down know that it’s the right thing to do.

I wish everyone out there in WoW land the very best for the future and lots of epics and to my recent guildies, simply, you guys rock!

Nick (aka Bo, Lekktra, Greenborne)



  1. We* at Cloth & Plate wish you the very best in all your endeavours – offline or on. Thanks for sharing some of yourself as well as your adventures here. I enjoyed reading.

    *By “we”, I mean “me”. I’m not schizophrenic…and neither am I.

  2. Best of luck to you. Drop in and leave a note if you come back, I enjoyed reading your blog.

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