Alliance Vs Horde

May 6, 2009

Anyone that has played WoW for a long time will be more than aware of the argument that has raged back and forth across the interwebs for some time. Which faction is better, Alliance or Horde?

When I first heard about WoW Tauren was the race I had picked out. When information started to get released about the factional divide the guild I was in at the time wanted to be Alliance and so I picked a Night Elf Hunter as the character I was going to play. I beta tested the game and didn’t like it, I was also massively into SWG at the time and therefore fell off the radar of WoW. Obviously I did eventually pick up the game and took a friend from SWG with me, he’d toyed with the idea of an all Orc guild and so my Orc Hunter Urdrek was created. I managed to get him into his 30’s before taking a break from the game, I came back and created a Tauren Shaman that I got to 41. Over the years I’ve started a number of Horde characters but as is noted elsewhere here my top level characters have come through the Alliance.

My own historical analysis of the Alliance is that they tend to fail at team PvP, Warsong Gulch would be loss after loss after loss for example. Overall there is a general idea that the Alliance side contains a lot of the younger demographic of players and that the Horde tends to attract the more mature. However, as we all are aware the asshat knows no boundaries and can be any age and from any background. However, I have never really come across anything that truly sticks out in my mind of Hordies doing anything towards my Alliance characters. Imagine my surprise then when over the last weekend I can no longer say that the reverse is true.

I’m not silly enough to try and tar everyone with the same brush here, I understand full well that over such a large number of players it is only the minor few I consider to be examples of asshattery and general impoliteness. Let me therefore recount to you my tales of woe, minor as they may be.

Firstly, I have been spending a fair amount of time in Stranglethorn Vale completing the quests there. I was doing the Singing Blue Shards quest and was sitting beside an Ore node, being an alt I have Mining and Skinning as a way to make my money while I level. So, I attack the mob to clear access to the node, up rides an Alliance Death Knight while I am fighting, grabs the node and runs off, I emoted a /no to him as all I could do during a fight, but off he ran never missing a step. In almost the same breath a Human Priest walks past me while I’m in Kitty form and does a /spit…

Now OK, it’s only an emote but still, would you spit on someone in real life like that? I doubt you would and all I was doing was sitting somewhere in stealth, I hadn’t seen him before, hadn’t stolen any of his mobs or interrupted his questing, had not stolen an ore node or anything of the sort, yet still, I get virtually spat upon. Later on in that very same day I was outside of Hammerfall and guess what, a Dwarf and his Gnome friend are in the same cave as I am, no problem,  I go one way and kill a mob in front of another node, again, while I’m killing the mob in walks the dwarf and grabs the node, I’d tried to tag it but the mob standing next to it just wasn’t giving me enough time so the Dwarf gets some ore. In the grand scheme of things 1 ore node isn’t the end of the world but seriously, where are the manners on these people? At the end of that character is a person, a person having feelings and thoughts of their own, you weren’t awesome in your amazingness by grabbing a node off someone of the opposite faction nor are you such when /spitting on people. Seriously guys, way to go on perpetuating the myth that the Alliance is filled with immature kiddies who have nothing better to do than wind up other players.

Luckily I have a crappy memory otherwise all of these people would be up here named and shamed for being examples of the poorer manners of some WoW players, I have never done this or experienced this when I have been playing on the Alliance and come across Hordies, I tend to /wave and /greet people from the opposite faction, even when a PvP flagged Night Elf Druid 10 levels lower than me decided to follow me from Darkshore all the way to the perimeter of Stonard, I have no idea why but still, nothing rude passed between us.

What I hope people would be mature enough to do in this day and age when we as a civilisation are so inter-connected through various mediums is that we’d be able to show humanity’s better side, have respect for other players and treat them as you would wish to be treated. There are many parts of the Internet where people from different nations, kindreds and cultures can intermix with none of the venom and hostility that our world shows in such marvellous abundance. Many years ago I thought that the Internet and its communities was a haven for showing the outside world about tolerance and equality, an example for the human race and its flawed relations with people with whom we share the same living space. However, as more and more people migrate to the online playground that we have it’s obvious that some of the worst may have come with us.

I am sure that those people I ran across over the weekend are nothing but frustrated pre-teens giving themselves an ego boost and am happy that the majority of people I’ve met have been friendly and respectful, I have tried to reciprocate that and if one of the many millions of kids out there reads this and decides to change his online behaviour to a more mature one then I’ll be happy, but being an idiot in a game will never ever seem to be a right course of action to me. So, if by some amazing happenstance one of the people that decided it would be fun to ninja a node from a Druid called Greenborne, or even to spit on him as he sat there minding his own business you might want to take a long hard look at what you’re doing, what goes around, comes around and while I’m certainly not going to stoop to low levels to get back at you I can guarantee that someone out there does not share the same values as I do!



  1. Hmm must be a PvE realm you are on. I prefer the PvP it adds a sense of danger and realism to things. Sure it takes a bit longer to level due to getting ganked on many occassions however at least if someone is being an asshat you can kill them to make yourself feel a bit better

  2. Agreed completely. Enjoyed a few years on a WOW pvp server.

  3. “way to go on perpetuating the myth that the Alliance is filled with immature kiddies who have nothing better to do than wind up other players.”

    Come on, I’ve been spat on by Horde plenty of times out in the Boonies, and for no good reason whatsoever.

    I’ve played Alliance and Horde characters to level cap; I really don’t notice any difference in the behaviour of people in Orgrimmar to the people in Stormwind. It’s a big myth.

  4. As I’ve said, I’ve played WoW on and off since vanilla, I can’t say that I’ve sampled Horde at the end game of course but throughout the time I have played the only bad behaviour that has come my way such as I posted here have come when I have been on Horde characters. I’m sure that there are trouble-makers on both sides of the fence, from personal experience though I can only comment on what I have seen and that shows Horde in a more favourable light. I am sure that this will change from server to server and community to community however.

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