Greenborne – Now with new “Hat” accessory!

May 4, 2009

First, a new screenshot and a quick update, then the meat starts.


Greenborne has hit 40! In days of yore this would be celebrated by the fact that you were still well short of being able to afford the basic mount unless you had some wealthy level 60 friends. Slowly but surely things were changed and now getting enough cash to fork out for your very own Kodo/Hawkstrider/Wolf/Raptor is easily accomplished and now they’ve moved the goalposts down another 10 levels it’s even easier. Apart from the achievement you get, 40 doesn’t really mean much other than a butt-load of new skills. Still, it’s technically halfway through the levelling and I suppose that’s reason enough to celebrate.

Oh, and yes, he still has those nightmarishly garish pants on!

This week I am off work, this will mean sporadic posting as I am going to be kidnapping various friends and forcing them to accompany me to different ends of the country, Nottingham tomorrow and then somewhere south towards the end of the week. I’m trying to collate some thoughts on gaming etiquette as this weekend provided some interesting experiences.



  1. Listen man, nothing but respect here, but your Tauren looks like he is playing football for a team that is color blind. I know it is temporary but still…

    Seriously though, gratz on 40. I always found, once you hit 40, questing and leveling just gets easier. Or at least that is always my goal level to hit before I take a break from the toon.

  2. Unfortunately I don’t think there is a world event that grants the “Linebacker” title…

  3. LOL, hang in there. As you know, there is some cool looking gear running around there.

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