The Borne Supremacy

April 29, 2009

Hot on the heels of my latest posts about new-found weekend satorial elegance and excessive time-wasting comes yet another tale of running around in circles fighting off hordes of purple bunnehs trying to get their hands on my lucky charms eggs. Yesterday as I was doing my perusing of the various WoW blogs out there (should probably update my blogroll) I found out that Mages have their own very special reward available from the nice Noblegarden Merchant.

As anyone who has followed Operation: Casual Horde will know I added a poll to a post asking what I should play. I’d already decided on giving the Druid a try and the top choice from the viewing public came out in favour of the Mage, specifically of the Blood Elf variety. I’d already created Bind, an Undead Mage (glowy Skello-horsies ftw) but following consensus I deleted this character a while ago and replaced it, just in case the Druid thing didn’t work out. Last night was the first time that this character had been logged in, after all, I can’t pass up an excuse for another alt especially when there is a reward I can’t possible get any use out of until level 60!

I got my 100 eggs for the book after grabbing level 4 in the noobie zone, I didn’t want to get ROFLstomped by Wretched as I made my way around. During those 100 eggs I picked up a few rewards, so say hello to my Blood Elf Mage, Snowborne *waves*


In short order she had managed to pick up all the stuff I was missing on Greenborne, shame that it’s all soulbound really.

After spending time removing eggs from right under guildies noses (there were a lot of us pretending to be Blood Elves it seems) I switched over to Greenborne in order to pick up the last of the rewards I needed. Another 100 eggs later and I had to buy the Spring Robes and Circlet. After already posting the eye-bleeding images of Greenborne in his Wailing Caverns gear I’ll refrain from showing you him in his Spring Robes, although he did don his Elegant Dress to dance with a Warlock and Hunter friend in the middle of the Square….. that’s right a Cow dancing in a Square, pun your heart out with that one.

I popped over to Razor Hill to complete Spring Fling and also found one of those elusive creatures, the Orc female. I just need to gesticulate my posies at Alliance ladies now, wtb port to Dalaran PST!

Greenborne now only needs ladies a trip to Un’goro for a spell in a Jacuzzi and a trip through the sands of a fe zones he shouldn’t have the right to be in yet. Hopefully I can get this all done before the event finishes and then I think I may be the lowest level person on the server with the “Noble” title… we shall see.



  1. You just reminded me. I have a level 1 BE mage just hanging out. I will get around to leveling her. I should definitely get at least the tome of polymorph bunneh. Good idea. I will do that tonight.

  2. I got it. That is the only thing this toon has done. I did do the two quests for Chocolate eggs and Egg shells, but other than that, I got the tome.

  3. Grats, it’s certainly less of a grind than doing the whole event. Acheesements are good fun but can be a PITA when swapping around characters.

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