Blizzard – Making you feel good by wasting time while wasting time!

April 28, 2009

It’s no great secret that many of the gaming nay-sayers will be quite vocal about WoW being a complete time-sink and a waste of time. I’ve certainly seen my share of being part of the hardcore few, not as hardcore as some, but I don’t believe that you can pigeon hole the term in a set of hours played in a day, I’d claim being hardcore is more about playing all the hours where you’re not doing something else, or blowing something else off in order to play more hours. Been there, done that, actually have a couple t-shirts….

Now, there are those of us who are much more casual that can still admit that WoW can be a huge time-sink if you let it. Since switching to the Horde from Alliance I know that over the course of my new levelling I’ll have eventually invested a lot of hours to get up to 80 and then have another batch of content to do that I have started on my Alliance and not finished. After all, I love my Black War Mammoth and Black War Bear, I’ll be wanting to replicate both of those on the Horde, naturally.

The mere fact that I have an active subscription and blog regularly about exploits in the game means that I am comfortable with the amount of time that I spend playing, that’s kind of the main point of Operation: Casual Horde. It would be easy to get suckered in and play a lot more on my current 80’s, now I’m trying something different away from the pressures that are there. When I switched over from my Priest to the Shaman one of the biggest issues I had was all the stuff I’d accomplished already on my Priest that I’d have to go and potentially do over again, some of those are still outstanding but my Shaman has some stuff that the Priest doesn’t and that means I’m fine with both. Obviously there are now a whole host of achievements once more now I have my nublet Druid. I happen to be one of those people that likes grabbing achievements and World Events give a great opportunity to snag some more. These events tend to have some that will only be obtainable on a level 80, I don’t really have an issue with this, after all the game has been out a long time and you’d almost be expected to have a max level character after all this time. Titles are really just a way of showing who has spent a lot of time focusing on one thing to the exclusion of all others.

Now, I’m sure some of us can appreciate the irony in the Noblegarden events, if some people consider WoW a time-sink or, in some circumstances, a waste of time, then imagine having an event where you run round in a circle for hours trying to collect little coloured eggs hoping that they have certain treats inside. A waste of time within a waste of time, I could have gone to bed early or done some questing or something else entirely, but last night I logged into the game around 2230hrs with the sole purpose of collecting some damn eggs! You know what, I actually didn’t think it was that bad either…..

Blizzard have stumbled upon a holy grail here, you can waste time, while wasting time and feel perfectly happy that you’ve done it and then be happy to log in the following day for more of the same. I know that this simple formula could probably extrapolated out to sum up all of WoW, if that’s what you wanted to do, but I don’t feel that my general WoW playtime is wasted. It’s entertaining and keeps me at home with my wife rather than being anywhere else. Last night Greenborne spent almost 90 minutes collecting eggs from Bloodhoof Village, Brill and FalconpunchWing Square. I got over a hundred, picked up a dress, two Tuxedo shirts, a set of Tuxedo pants and two bunnehs. I ate a lot of choccies for the Chocoholic achievement (talk about art imitating life on this one…geez) and still have the desire to do more to pick up a couple more items and hope for the bunny ears to drop. I’d also like to think that I’ve blinded some people by continuing to wear my garish Viper set while moving out of travel form to renew buffs I don’t need while grabbing eggs hidden under trees.

As I expressed in Guild chat last night, there is no way in hell I am going to bother doing this on my Alliance characters. I’ve always wanted to be Horde rather than Alliance so I’m kind of “living the dream” at the moment. I know that some of my guildies have also been having fun charging round starter areas grabbing eggs, it’s on the strength of one of their comments that I ended up for a large period of time running round Falconwing as it’s small and has quick respawns on the eggs. The event finishes this weekend and there are a couple more bits and pieces I want, if I manage to do what I’m thinking of I’ll throw up a screenie or something for posterity (don’t get too excited about it). Either way I’ll be spending more time finding these things rather than spending my limited casual time doing something like actually levelling my character.

Grats to Blizzard on the hypnotism that means I feel like actually doing this for hours on end and really actually achieving little for the time investment!


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  1. lol, that pretty much summarizes my whole Noblegarden experience as well. And I am thinking about doing it on at least one of my other toons too.

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