Operation: Casual Horde – Weekend Update Part 2

April 27, 2009

Another weekend, another batch of levelling and just for a change, another world event whereby people are camping various points and get irate if you step into their perceived personal space.

I took a break on occasion this weekend away from TourGuide in order to run some instances, I can now tick off Wailing Caverns, Shadowfang Keep and Blackfathom Deeps. I picked up some very fetching pieces from Wailing Caverns and now look like some reject from the 70’s!

* of the Viper

I know, it’s just not right!

Overall I had but one goal that drove me over the weekend. I’ve been getting used to DPSing in kitty form as well as switching over to bear when things go a bit pearshaped. However, everything has gone swimmingly and I even got to try my hand at tanking in Blackfathom, I didn’t lose aggro, no-one died and it all went rather well feeding my impression that Horde > Alliance. I hope that this continues.

Without boring everyone to tears I’ll just say that I hit my goal, I can go back to being more casual now as I’ve really done a ton of levelling. My simple gather and sell has netted me over 100g so far and I’m happy at that. For what my goal is I’ll direct you to the picture below. I should have a more detailed post up when I can decide on its direction, it might involve players disguised as bunnehs frustrating me to hell!




  1. Arrgh, my eyes! I always kind of wondered what a male tauren might look like in the wailing caverns gear and now I know.

    Congrats on the mount too 🙂

  2. Just be glad that you’re not the one walking round in it! The sooner I can get some upgrades from anywhere, and I do mean ANYWHERE! I’ll ditch these in a second. The only bad thing is that they are quite nice stat wise and the set does have some half decent bonuses even if they’re not really sure what they are for.

  3. Gratz on Wailing Caverns. That instance is such a PITA. You look sharp BTW and kodo is one of my favorite mounts. Can’t wait to be exalted with TB to get mine.

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