Cow on Pig Action

April 24, 2009

TourGuide steered me through the wilds of Stonetalon last night seeing Greenborne through from being a paltry 21 to the dizzy heights of level 23. I will probably play a reasonable a mount on Saturday to try and get closer to getting a mount, I have a point in Feral Swiftness at the moment (it’ll be two points once I ding 24) but still it’s not what I’m used to having two level 80s both with epic flying, a little success on the Auction House has me at over 60 gold right now and I have some more items to throw up there.

My little “here’s what you do to level” add-on took me through some places and quests I haven’t done since the very early days of WoW back when I had a Hunter and then moved onto my Shaman. Windshear Crag and it’s horde of Goblins for instance, although having a stealth kitty gives me some options I’ve not had before.

Now, I may be getting confused, it’s certainly been a few years since I did much Hording, but the “Weapons of Choice” quest I always remember as being a nightmare due to the low drop rates of the weapons, I also seem to remember you had to collect 3 of each rather than one? Now I’ll admit that I may have this wrong as there are other quests I can think of where you have to go around picking up weapons so I may be getting some crossover, but now it’s just one of each things when a lot faster, also being able to stealth past mobs you don’t want to fight is awesome.

After I’d fought my way through that little area and the quests TourGuide pointed me in the direction of Gann’s Reclamation. I had bad memories of this quest and it’s nice to see that nothing has really changed, I hit my first death in around 4 levels in that place. It’s so cramped with the mobs quite close together and they have a seemingly huge aggro range and a reasonably short respawn timer to boot. I really hate that the standard mobs also have Sunder Armour. I need to kill things fast as a Kitty and have little to no armour to speak of in that form, I could go bear but then I do less damage and take longer to kill things and there are so many patrols in that little dig site that you can easily get mobbed. Swapping out of forms to heal yourself soon eats through mana as well. I finished the quest but it is still as awful as I remember from the first few times I ran through there. I’m not looking forward to the fact that my guide is showing me the Harpy quest in the Charred Vale, that’s another one I remember as frustrating, they’re all grouped up together and there are various patrols around to give added headache.

Still, despite these “setbacks” I must say that I am enjoying the Druid, my mage still has not even entered the game so I’m on target for keeping this character going. Although I am thinking that a Hunter/Mage Arena team could do an amazing amount of damage in 2v2. That’s a long way off however.

So, observations on levelling comparison between Horde and Alliance then;

I suppose the first few levels are all going to depend on your race. All my level 40+ characters are Draenei and I tend to take other races over to the Draenei starting zones as they give better rewards (and I know all the quests so can run through them pretty fast). Horde side I have a lot of Blood Elves and even though I do have a Tauren now once he finished Mulgore I hoofed it over to Ghostlands to run through that (this is partly because TourGuide gave me the option too and partly because I know the place gives better rewards than the early parts of the Barrens). You can almost discount 1-20 though as the real levelling starts after that.

With Alliance I tended to drop into Ashenvale in the early twenties, there is plenty to do there that sends you towards 30 with occasional forays into Stonetalon. I know that historically on the Horde side you didn’t hit Ashenvale until the late twenties, before TBC I always found a gap around 20-25 where you’d be all over the place trying to get to the point where you can go to Ashenvale. Now though I’ve been grabbing things across the Barrens and Stonetalon, as both zones are close to each other there are some nice paths for handing in things that keep you cycling around and the levelling is quick. I know this is going to lengthen out as I get higher and I’m looking forward to seeing how the higher end zones work Horde side. I’ll have to see where the guide takes me, it’s not boring me so far and I’m not really tempted into firing up my Alliance guys. I think it will be interesting at the point I can get into Dalaran seeing the people I know on Alliance with me on the opposite side.



  1. For leveling Alts, I love using tourguide. I use the wow-pro guides which work with tourguide as well. I have been flying through levels on all of my alts. Glad you are liking the druid. I have a lot of fun playing mine (38), and I am excited to get my lock to 80 so I can start leveling my shaman.

  2. My Alliance main is a Shaman and apart from being an easy kill in PvP in terms of PvE I love her. Elemental spec if amazing in damage output and although the normal levelling spec is Enhancement I spent the vast majority of my time slinging Lightning Bolts around.

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