Memory Like a Sieve

April 21, 2009

As an aside today I was going to talk about the changes I’d made to my Elemental Shaman Lekktra over the weekend. I spent a bit of time out of the new project to look over the new Glyphs and I respecced from 3.1 hitting and resetting everything. A run on the target dummy saw me doing 2400DPS which isn’t bad from badge epics and a couple Naxx drops. (That’s unbuffed btw).

I was going to go through my talent spec and expound on some things but forgot to tag myself in the WoW armory and as I am posting from work (shhhhhhh) I can’t get there now to post things up.

I did swap out my Glyph of Lava for Glyph of Totem of Wrath though, 10% spellpower bonus for 1 spell against +30% spellpower for 5 minutes everytime I plonk a Totem of Wrath down was a no-brainer for me. I can hit a level 80 mob for over 75% of its health now with a Lava Burst crit, and my Lava Bursts ALWAYS crit.

My selling of Copper Bars and Light Leather from the gathering specs I grabbed on Greenborne have been uber-successful too, everything he put on the Auction House has sold, along with the green items I picked up from drops while questing. I have almost 60 gold already after having spent most of what I’d earnt from questing on glyphs already. Ten levels to my mount and I am hoping for continued success to mean I’m not going to have to wait for that Kodo.

Also, following comments on the voting for the Casual Horde thing I dropped Bind the Undead Mage and recreated the Mage as a Blood Elf called Snowborne. I doubt this character will see any play time but if the Druid falls through I have a backup. In true casual fashion I shouldn’t be on until Thursday night and that will be the only weeknight this week that I’ll be playing. Green will be hitting up the Stonetalon Mountains and the last sections of the Barrens according to TourGuide. I may actually start to write down my observations too, I come up with a lot of material but once I try and remember it days later for a blog post it’s all gone.


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  1. I have recently begun carrying around a small notebook to write ideas for blog posts in. It helps keep the ideas flowing, and, for those days I don’t have anything to write about, it reminds me I do indeed have something to write about.

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