Operation: Casual Horde Weekend Update 1 – Hitting 20

April 20, 2009

So far, so good! Operation: Casual Horde hasn’t really been all that casual though. The levelling experience of getting the druid to 20 (which I achieved yesterday) was much like I’d expected, I’ve died a few times already (including one ill-fated jump off Thunderbluff trying to grab an achievement). Although I must say that hitting 20 has meant that I see the bear as actually having enough of a skill pool to be able to get through some mobs without me wanting to bang my face against a table. I know that having those kinds of feelings are not really conducive to playing a class long term, this is the third of fourth time I’ve gotten to 20 on a Druid though so I’m well versed in how things go. Now I have Kitty form I should be a lot happier and can hopefully start ripping things up.

Roop’s new Orc Spuzz is catapulting along too, I have to admit that having someone else I know levelling close to me is providing more of a sense of competition to not fall too far behind. However I’m going to commit to the more casual side of things now that the first levelling goal is out of the way. My mining and skinning is going well as I’m collecting everything I come across, I’d have around 60g by now if I hadn’t have spent almost 30 on getting the Glyph of Unburdened Rebirth the moment I dinged 20.

At the close of Friday night, this is how my junior cow was looking;


I finished the TourGuide section for 1-12 and then decided to take the option of Ghostlands rather than sitting around doing more Barren quests. I know I’ll be back to the Barrens at 20 for a bit anyways. I’ve been following this guide pretty faithfully the only detour I had was when Spuzz (Roop) and I decided to try and 2-man Ragefire Chasm, which we did, although we had to wait about half an hour to actually get in to the damn place and once we finally did get in my computer dropped the Internet after the first pull. Luckily a restart cleared everything up and we finished the instance without any problems.

Saturday out of the way and more upgrades for the Beeflord;


Sunday hit and I was happy with how things have been progressing so far, the addition of Faerie Fire to my spell list has been a greater change to my damage output than it may at first seem. Starting off the pull with that spell has seen me reduce the amount of time taken to kill mobs significantly. Running through the final sections of the Ghostlands on my trusty guide managed to get me well over halfway to 21 before completing the guide. I’ve also kept up with my cooking and First Aid so my tradeskills are keeping pace with my levelling progress. As things have gone so well I’ve now taken my foot off the gas and started to be more relaxed and didn’t spend all night last night playing where usually I would have.

One final update on how Greenborne is looking before I offer some observations;


Check out those pants! You should also notice that his horns have changed, there’s not much in the way of haircuts for the bovine-inclined among us but I thought that these horns suit him more than the originals so there.


  1. What exactly is the point of the Satyr boss in RFC? He doesn’t drop any loot….
  2. Isn’t it odd that mobs are perfectly happy to ignore you walking right in front of them until you grab a pickaxe and start mining?
  3. Why do Zombie Trolls only let off poisonous gas when they die and not when you pummel them with a mallet as big as they are?
  4. Despite having hooves I can still wear the same shoes that are given out to everyone else who has killed 10 Ghostpaw Lynxes already…
  5. Why are the Golden Plains some of the hilliest terrain around? Aren’t Plains supposed to be mostly flat?
  6. Orgrimmar is filled with high level guards to protect the city, yet in the bowls of that same place there is a cave filled with much lower level nasties that I should got fight when I barely have any skills.

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