Operation: Casual Horde – Voting open to all!

April 15, 2009

Here we go, a chance for some feedback from you, the readership. With patch 3.1 now here this seems like an almost fortuitous time to be starting off with something new, Roop has suggested that we could do some arena, I’ll have to look into that but for now my sole WoW momentum is behind this operation. I had a quick run around on some of my Horde characters and am pretty sure I’ll be rolling on Argent Dawn rather than porting over to Draenor, this means I can pester Spinks!

Last night (I didn’t really play anything) I was thinking about the post yesterday and did a little research about PvP viability. It’s not going to be the focus of my time but as I know I’ll be doing it I might as well factor it in when starting out. The classes have already been narrowed down and last night I was pretty confident of shooting with the Blood Elf Hunter, but today is another day and the Undead Mage was the superior, however, in the back of my mind the Druid and its multitude of abilities keeps gnawing away.

I have therefore created a poll, shown below for people to voice their opinions on what they think is best for this little project. This doesn’t guarantee I’ll pick what tops the poll but it will certainly influence me that’s for sure.

So, please help a dude out and get voting!



  1. None of the above, Blood elf Retribution paladin FTW!

  2. I understand that Ret pallies got a massive boost with Wrath and you can multi-role like the druid but I already took one into the 40’s and don’t want to pick that character up again and therefore am put off levelling a new one.

  3. Hmm in that case Id go with the druid

  4. If you go hunter, orc is the way, the pet damage boost is great.

    I would recommend any caster to do BELF, the silence is great (within 8 yards) but the (I think 8%) mana refund is phenomenal in those “oh crap if I could just shoot one more time” moments.

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