Operation Casual Horde – Invitation for Comments!

April 14, 2009

Easter has been an interesting time here on Vampiric Embrace, I’ve played virtually no WoW at all and didn’t get the Oracles Proto-drake in my second egg. I spent all day at a LAN party on Friday, then visited my in-laws Saturday and my own family on Sunday. Monday I got in a couple of hours on my Death Knight Shorticus, no raiding, no heroics, no instances just a little playing.

So, is the muse back after the horrible PuG experience I had before Easter, not really although we’ll get to something which amounts to an announcement soon, it may even take the blog in a new direction rather than being a travelogue of what I get up to in game, which is pretty much the same as what everyone else gets to in game. I’m going to ask that you stick with me on this as I’m going to need your help come the end.

Let’s start with how I feel about WoW at the moment. After the excitement of getting Lekktra to 80 she is now almost fully epic geared and has seen everything bar Malygos in at least the 10 man variation. I did manage to do a WSG game Sunday which we won but Elemental Shaman in PvP is almost as bad as Holy Priest in PvP, you’re a free kill especially to DKs and Rogues, I really hate them in PvP, I mean REALLY! hate them.

I’ve spent just a little longer than the past month with my level 80 Shaman and things are starting to get a little stale on my end, the bad PuG experience was maybe the start of this and hence the retreat onto my Gnome DK, now a piffling level 61. I was all fired up for raiding when I got to 80 and my new guild provides those opportunities once I’m at a decent gear level, but I got into an alt run to Naxx 10 and I’ve seen the place, been through all the things that people have QQ’d about and seen what goes on, so I kind of already have seen the raid content I was looking forward too. Over the past week I’ve therefore been more and more turned off things to do. Sure there are a bunch of achievements I’m missing and could try that but nothing seems to be clicking at the moment. There are many other things that I can quickly think of that I could spend my time on that would be more productive than idling away hours and hours on the PC playing WoW. I’ve left the game behind before, only to come back a couple of times, the latest instance being when Wrath hit. I could just quit the game again, but there is always that little part of me that will come back now and again, so I started thinking about all that, what I want out of the game experience and what I can do with my time.

In short, I’m not quitting WoW just yet. I’ve come up with an idea for running the blog and WoW side-by-side with more focus on what I’m blogging about, how it all fits together as well as being able to do the decent thing and use my time wisely. I know I’m not going to able to shut myself off completely so by planning for this I am hoping to have a better experience, I can then play more when I feel like it and less when I don’t. Roop better look away now, but after all he’s hardly playing anything right now so this is very much a “me” decision.

Revealing Operation Casual Horde *fanfare*. The name really kind of speaks for itself. To keep things fresh and not restrict myself to experiencing the same crap all over again I’ve taken the decision to switch sides. Now, as there is no defection quest like there was in the early days of EQ2 I can’t drag one of my numerous toons over to the Horde, my first characters were all Hordies, but as I’ve played with friends more than anything I’ve stayed with them and that’s meant Alliance. I still have numerous Horde characters, two of them in their 40’s and many more scattered around the 20’s but rather than play every day and try to stay motivated that way I am actually more excited about grabbing something for the opposite faction and seeing how that goes. I can then play at my own pace without having to keep up with friends, I can sample zones from a different perspective and do quests I haven’t seen before.

Let us get into the meat of things now and exactly why I want your help. As has been mentioned numerous times, I am an altaholic, I have a lot of characters dotted all over the place and have probably deleted as many as I have made. Therefore I’m willing to accept some input on what to play on the Horde. First, let’s list what I already have as a start;

Draenor Server

Level 26 Tauren Druid, level 23 Undead Warrior, level 21 Blood Elf Warlock, level 10 Blood Elf Hunter, level 10 Orc Hunter, level 14 Troll Rogue, level 41 Tauren Shaman

Argent Dawn (RP) Server

Level 43 Blood Elf Paladin, level 21 Blood Elf Rogue

Scarshield Legion (RP-PVP) Server

Level 20 Blood Elf Mage

So there you go, ten characters already Horde side. The problem is that I want to tie all this into the blogging world and catalogue the whole experience, hopefully providing insight and informative posts to the WoW community along the way with a dash of humour thrown in for good measure. I also would really like to try out double gathering for monetary benefits as a lot of the toons have had money taken off them and transferred around, thus my Argent Dawn toons and the Scarshield character are flat broke with little or no bag space as stuff was sold when transferring to fund various other experiments. So this has me thinking of starting from level 1 rather than picking up something I’ve not played for a while, all these toons do have full rested but as I am thinking of going Skinning/Mining I don’t want to sully the experience by spending a couple of hours doing some mining or whatever to get me to where I can actually start with this project, I want to be gathering as I level rather than catching up with myself and then making a start. Please comment away though, I’ll be willing to take advice.

let’s look at what I want to actually do. The majority of the things I’m going to be casualling my way through is going to be on the PvE side of things, however, I do also enjoy bouts of PvP in BGs and Wintergrasp, I know Wintergrasp will wait but I can do BGs as I go for a break, especially with 3.1 incoming which means you can join from anywhere. I think I’ve narrowed down the classes for this, I’ll be posting a poll (maybe) so people can try to influence where I go. Here’s the list;

Tauren Druid – multi-role capability, form shifts to get out of CC and decent enough in PvP (I have been stealth spanked by kitties more than I care to think about)

Troll Mage – Mage I think is a good class but this is mainly for the fact that I think Raptors are awesome as mounts.

Undead Mage – Decent racials for PvP and again decent mount options, way better than Kodos which is counting against the Tauren atm.

Blood Elf Mage – Yeah, I know, but they look hot (females people, females) but their mounts also suck a lot. Give group buffs from the class and get an AOE silence as well as Counterspell.

Orc/Blood Elf/Tauren/Troll Hunter – Easy mode levelling Orc gets the pet damage bonus while Troll adds to bows. Raptors are better than Wolves as mounts.

I’m not really sure about adding Warlock to that list, I know they get cheap mounts but as I will be soloing getting a group for the eventual epic mounts sounds like a pain in the ass. What is bad perhaps is that I am looking at how cool a race is by the mounts they get at 30. Being a Draenei I get Elekks, which suck, so as I got mounts when they were still 40 Ashenvale was a major levelling hub for Alliance and that bagged me a load of Darnassus rep, I have two Draenei toons that both got Sabers at 40 rather then Elekks and I never regretted it, I believe that this is much harder to do on Horde and therefore I am factoring this into my equations. I’m also not going to be rolling a Death Knight, sure they start off at high level but I can’t bring myself to add another to the most overpopulated class out there. I’ll also be looking at soloing some instances in the future too, technically this would add Paladin into the mix but I am not really sure of that one for the same reason as the Warlock. I really will probably have to grab something off the above list for this project.

“Help me Obi-wan Kenintarwebz, you’re my only hope!”



  1. We can chat if you play horde on argent dawn 🙂

  2. It also means I may pester you for dungeon boosts 😛
    Argent Dawn is coming out on top at the moment though.

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