Gear Upgrades NOMNOMNOM

April 6, 2009

I posted on Friday that I had applied to join another guild. <Naxxramas Bin Collection> started out as a group of friends coming back to the game after an absence. We’ve all done different things, some of us have switched classes and now we are all at different stages with what we want from the game.

On Saturday I got the invite to join <Inner Circle> as a non-raider to allow time for me to get the gear I would need to start raiding without being a drag on the rest of the group. They’ve all been a stand-up bunch so far and I’d have been happy to hit up anything of a 10-man variety rather than getting thrown to the wolves in a 25-man progression environment. So, how did my WoW weekend progress?

Over the past couple of weekends I’ve experienced some success in terms of getting some massive upgrades and doing some pretty awesome things. This weekend continued that trend, since applying to the new guild I started to focus on only running those places that would bring me closer to achieving the required standards for making a raider out of me. After all, I was still in a green chestpiece and both my trinkets were also greens, I was missing various enchantments on pieces of gear which may have given the impression that I wasn’t too serious or dedicated to the task at hand. Despite only getting around 3 hours play time on Sunday I actually managed to achieve EVERY single thing that I set out to do at the weekend. I’d like to give a shout out to those new guildmates who helped this happen.

To start out with I grabbed a belt buckle and threw a +16 hit gem in it. I spent Saturday doing an OS 10 man, Violet Hold, Halls of Stone and Nexus Heroics. I got nothing other than badges from all the instances except for the Nexus, where I picked up the +55 hit rating trinket. OK, it’s not really designed to be used with my class/spec but my primary stat is +hit until capped. I spent a lot of the day questing to get some money back in the coffers and also managed to ding Exalted with Alliance Expedition and Revered with Alliance Vanguard. That evening I got invited in one of the guild’s Naxx 10 alt runs, this would be my first time in the place and was still running with sub-optimal gear. I’d done the PUG raids in the previous week but this was something else, my performance here would mean something as these were my new guildies and I still needed to learn all these fights.

Around 4 hours later the whole place lay dead, we had one wipe on Gothik and one on Kel’thuzad when an over enthusiastic Fel Puppy decided to go make friends with some abominations. I had a personal brain fart on Thaddeus which saw me dead for most the fight, I’m still learning though and although I died once at the very first Heigan dance I got combat ressed and stayed alive through the rest of it quite happily. We even managed to get the “Hundred Club” achievement on Sapphiron because we totally forgot about Frost resists. All in all it was a lot of fun and at the end of it I’d made some lovely gold as well as grabbing a new Shield, Cloak, Ring and my T7 chest. The following day I grabbed enchants for all the pieces that were missing them (except for my shoulders) and gemmed what needed gemming to get my hit rating up as well as keep the Chaotic Skyflare meta-gem in my hat active. Overall it was a great night for me, I got to see the content I was after and it helped to eliminate a lot of my gearing issues and I now have the 2-piece bonus active from my T7. Equipping that chest saw me get the “Superior” achievement too.

Sunday left me with wanting to replace that final trinket or get a +hit neck, there is one available from badges (I grabbed the Mirror of Truth with badges from the Naxx run) and one from 25-man Sartharion. I queued up for the Obsidian Sanctum and grabbed the daily Heroic. I ended up going to Nexus after misreading which dragon to kill for the daily. I got some more badges and then sat in Violet Hold later on.

Now at this point I’m going to raise something up. I have done quite a few heroics and the ones I am running at the moment are mainly PuGs. I’ve not really had any bad experiences with them either, I was obviously lucky. I started the Violet Hold alongside a Death Knight tank, Affliction Lock, Hunter DPS warrior and a Holy Paladin. I’ve run this thing so many times now I can probably do it in my sleep. So we begin, I do my normal drop of Wrath of Air totem and then run into the portal and drop a Magma totem to help AoE the adds. It wasn’t long before I noticed that things were taking a long time to kill, never mind we were doing OK with very little overlap on the portals towards the first boss. Luckily we got Chaos Watcher which is an easy tank and spank and we downed him without much of an issue. Second wave starts and boss is Ichoron and he is getting released as we are still on the last 10% of the previous portal guardian. We wipe on the boss after no-one seems to worry about killing the little elementals.

I check out the DPS meter from Recount that is the only thing I keep running to make sure I’m doing my job. The tank is pushing out 1200DPS and is holding aggro nicely, the Paladin is right at the bottom as he is healing, however, our Hunter DPS warrior and Warlock are doing sub 1000DPS, the Warlock is under 900 and the hunter DPS Warrior isn’t much better… I’d heard of things like this but had never ever seen it in my life. Now I know there can be gear deficits, I had a lot of new stuff and was pushing out around 2400DPS, good stuff on my part. We restarted the instance but I thought I’d keep quiet and see if we could do it, after all, it was only the other two DPS that seemed to not quite be up to it. fair play to them all though, second time through we defeated all the bosses. Sure the other DPS were very low down on their DPS (I watched the Warlock stand in the middle of the room for 10+ seconds at a time between moving to new portals) but we managed to finish the instance and complete the daily. Bingo on 25 badges, bingo on getting the new +hit neck I needed.

My other goal I’ll come to later when I review the to-do list.

Before logging for the night I went to Ironforge and swapped one of my gems from a +8 hit & +12 Stam  to a pure +16 hit, I am now hitcapped!

(Updated as there was no Hunter in this group, it was my favourite class ever the DPS warrior. I checked Recount last night and I did a whopping 47.5% of the groups damage throughout the instance.)


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