A Night of Achievement

April 1, 2009

Achievements, love them or hate them, I don’t think they are going anywhere and Lekktra is picking them up by the bucketload at the moment.

After BRK’s shock announcement of his retirement from WoW I stood back and looked at how much time I’m spending in the game. I asked my wife last night is she felt if her or our relationship was suffering because of my game time, she said it wasn’t and we set out that I’ll get a clip round the ear if things get out of hand. It’s also confirmed that this isn’t an April fools, it’s sad that one of the best WoW blogs out there is retiring but, to be honest, there is no better reason to be doing what he is doing than the reason he is doing it. I’ll give props to him for his blog and being one of the main inspirations for me starting my own little corner of the interwebz.

Last night saw Lekktra return to the world of PvP, thought I’d run some Arathi Basin before dinner, first match we won 2000 to 0 inside of six minutes, two more achievements there which saw me pass the total I’d amassed with Bo. I also got myself into an Obsidian Sanctum 25man and picked up the epic leather shoulders which finally replace the Heirloom item I’ve been wearing since level 49, they’ve certainly been put through their paces and can be passed on to whatever character comes along next. They have a +30 stam enchant on them so would be fantastic for a real low level character. I also splashed out yet more cash on picking up the Icewalker enchant for my boots and a +50 spellpower for my Nexus mace. I could link all the items but work bans all the really cool sites during the day when I write these posts. I came to realise at the close of my play time last night that I am pretty well geared to start raiding, quite a few enchantments lying around and the only green gear I have is my chest and two trinkets and I’m trying to save badges to deal with the chest first. After doing the raid there was an hour left till Wintergrasp so I went and ran Maraudon just to grab the achievement and get another dungeon ticked off my list (only BRD and Dire Maul remain). Went and did Wintergrasp, did the quests as a part of it which bagged me some cash and some more shards. To round off the night I joined a group for Heroic CoS, just as I’d joined them I got an invite to run Vault of Archaevon, that raid is high on my list of things I want to do, but as I’d just joined the Caverns of Time group I couldn’t be an ass and leave them searching again after I’d already said I’d do it.

We went off and finished it although we had one wipe, I already have the drake so am not too bothered about doing more timed runs but it’s always nice to try and push yourself. I finished having done over 2100dps so I consider that I am getting to a decent level now in terms of my damage output.

Over the course of the night then I got achievements for 2 things in Arathi Basin, 1 in Warsong Gulch (which I deserted for the OS raid), 1 for finishing off the Princess in Mara and 2 from OS itself (one for downing heroic Sartharion and one for my first “epic” emblem). Overall another good night’s play. Tonight I’ll be out so no playing for me as I make myself take a break in the middle of the week for a night, I’m also just waiting to see what my Oracle egg drops. I got lucky with Rivendare’s Deathcharger dropping quick and I’m hoping for a repeat to get the green Proto-drake. I’m happy enough with my Bronze Drake but would really love a Proto because I think they just look really cool.

Just need to finish off the last 70 or so shards now so I can also bag me a mammoth, choosing what mount to ride is becoming increasingly difficult and that situation doesn’t seem to be going to change anytime soon!


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