For the Horde….

March 30, 2009

..or maybe the Alliance, it’s just that the exclamation sounds much better on the other side of the Azeroth warring faction divide. Therein lies a big clue as to what I accomplished over the weekend, but let’s start at the beginning shall we.

Over the last week I really didn’t get to do much WoWing at all, I just about managed to run the Oracles dailies and still fail miserably at trying to finish “A Simple Re-quest” I know the methodology just seem to get stuck with irregular play times. I’ve been speaking to Roop and Steller and they are both rather indifferent about WoW at the moment, they are good RL friends and will continue to be so, our bonds are not purely there because of this game, also I’ve been pretty much the only person online from the guild during the days I’ve been around. OK I’ll admit I wasn’t on really from Monday to Wednesday and Saturday my parents came round for dinner so I played a little in the morning but otherwise spent the day cleaning and prepping the house for mother-level scrutineering. Still, Thursday, Friday and Sunday were very, very quiet in our guild chat. I am still happy to keep on playing, we started a discussion last Monday about what to do with the guild and our people, we have friends in another guild that is much larger than ours but I’m not going to repost everything, I’ll skip all the waffle and get on with how I did against my goals.

I said late last week that I probably should get the tradeskills going, so, did I manage to max out mining or engineering? No, not even close, I think I did four gathers of Mithril the whole weekend…. I did however spend a good bit of time clearing more of Howling Fjord to increase my gold reserves. I was speaking to one of my friends who plays in the other guild mentioned above when I was at the store on Friday after work doing my shopping (he works there) and was explaining my thoughts about guilds and raiding etc… He gave some sage advice and on Friday night after taking two of our baby Paladins through some Auchindoun instances I got into a PuG for 10-man Obsidian Sanctum. I looked up the wrong loot table in Atlas-loot so until we got to the end I didn’t really have any idea what was going to drop and as this was a PuG raid wasn’t sure if it’d actually work. I’m also committing the cardinal sin of not being hit-capped, still having some green gear and having virtually no enchants. Still, it’s a PuG and no-one was questioning my gear or anything. Around 40 minutes later Sartharion was dead, it took a while to complete the group and get everyone there, but once we did it was a smooth run and I think only two people died through the whole thing and that was to the drakes. My first Wrath raid was a roaring success, I came 3rd on the damage charts (pretty respectable I think considering how many enhancements I consider myself to be missing) and got my T7 gloves and the 22-slot bag. I was very happy and thought the whole encounter was actually really good fun.

I spent some time later on re-gemming as I had a new slot to fill and slapped a +16 hit in the gloves slot, I’ve popped a Chaotic Skyflare Diamond in my meta slot and re-jigged some of the other gems to activate it while still maintaining +hit and am now seeing some juicy over 9k Lava Burst crits and I still have plenty of gear to come and enchantments to add to boost my Spellpower even further. Friday was a good  night!

Saturday didn’t really do much and I’ve found a problem with one of my graphics cards, I’m lucky (or mad) enough to be running SLi so kind of have an in-built spare so the one failing hasn’t really caused any issues and the performance difference in WoW is nothing. If I fire up Dead Space or Dawn of War 2 I might start to notice though.

Sunday, well, it took me most of the afternoon to diagnose the graphics issue but once I was back up and running I did a run through Gun’drak to clear some quests out of my log. After dinner I was wondering what to do with myself when the LFG channel started off with invites to a “For the Alliance” event. Normally these only start really late at night when I don’t have the time to do it, but this was nice and early so I bit the bullet (again, no other guildies on) and signed up. It took a while to fill up the 40 people but eventually we were all camped at Zul’aman ready to hit Silvermoon first. Maybe someone fraps’d it, I don’t know and I didn’t take any screenshots either but I have to say that it is probably one of the most epic events I have ever participated in. Shockingly (taste the sarcasm) the Blood Elf city of Cyb0rmo… sorry, Silvermoon was deserted of actual players. We ran straight into the throne room, AOE’d all the city guards that had followed us and then spanked the Blood Elf leader good and proper. From there we legged it through the sewers of Undercity to our next target. Sylvanas died to our onslaught and only a couple of brave Hordies decided to try and save the Banshee queen.

Two cities were down, two to go (damn I wish I’d have taken screenies). Orgimmar was next, 40 Alliance charging across the plains of Durotar is a stirring sight, to really rub it into the Horde we decided to take the front entrance too, riding right past the bank and auction house to let them all know we had arrived. Thrall was easy enough but we did have some more Horde players try to come to save their Shamanic leader, needless to say that attacking a full 40 man raid group in waves of two or three was not really going to make a dent in our formation. With Thrall dead we ran out the front entrance again and proceeded to interrupt the duels being fought outside the gates. Through a battle of attrition we were wittled down and regrouped back at Theramore. With many players experiencing a MacAttack we made all speed towards burger central. For the first time ever I used my Shamanic Far Sight spell to check out the defence around Cairn, four level 80’s. We charged in and I promptly DC’d….. bugger. Logged back in to find myself dead, so I ran back, ressed and ran back to join the group, only to get ganked from behind by a Paladin. Second corpse run ensues and I am right outside the city when the raid finally downs Cairn, achievements ping and I have a Black War Bear sitting in my mailbox.

There you have it, on my hotbar I have swapped out Baron Rivendare’s Deathcharger for my Black War Bear and am a happy camper. Over the weekend I did one PvE raid and one PvP raid, all in all, although I hardly did any mining I did have a lot of fun and that is really what the game is about. I don’t know what the future holds at the moment as regards to how my friends see the game but I am having a blast.

In response to Spinks’ question here of would I pick the same class again my Shaman definitely gets a yes vote!




  1. Congrats, Alliance scum 🙂

    I think that these on-the-fly events can be some of the best fun to be had in WoW.

  2. I have to agree, it was a great laugh especially charging through the middle of Orgimmar, I can just imagine the “WTF?” behind the monitor of every Horde player standing there as we charged on through.

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