They Love Me in That Town

March 27, 2009

I think perhaps I’ve set myself too many goals. There is the list I posted up not too long ago that I am working on but I don’t think that I’ve made a very good job or prioritising these things. I’m back to to almost 200g in the pockets and a couple of days will see me Reverred with the Oracles and punting for the Proto-drake from the egg you can get. I’m actually enjoying these dailies and I can make a fair bit of gold off farming the Frenzyhearts you kill for one of the quests. This leaves Howling Fjord in the same state it’s been for ages with me not having done any questing there for a while when I probably should and try to make some quick cash.

Last night I did manage to tick a few boxes though. I finished the starting quest line for the Netherdrakes. I am now just over neutral with them but need to do some research on the quicket ways to use the available dailies to claw in that rep. I also achieved Exalted status with Stormwind, I’m now exalted with the same home cities that Bo was before her “retirement” this leaves me with Gnomeregan Exiles and Ironforge, I still have some cloth hand-ins to do and am Reverred with both so we’ll see how I do, I’m guessing that Ironforge is going to be the next one finished and then I’ll have to grab a load of Gnomeregan quests and give that place the once over. So last night really was a rep night by all accounts, I tried to run BRD but seem to be missing the Shadowforge key so I’ll have to look into that, not too much left on the instance list for Classic content.

By achieveing Exalted with Stormwind I grabbed all the normal Horses from Eastvale, I’ll head over the Theramore to grab the black one at some point. I also visited Exodar to get the normal Elekk’s as I never had any of them when I hit 40, I was already Exalted with Darnassus at that point and spent all my time up until 80 riding around on the various Sabers. I bought a swift Palamino just for kicks but need more money to finish off the normal and epic ground mounts before I go collecting the rest of the flying ones. I’ve done my “Stable Keeper” achievement and now need another 13 to hit 25, keep going and I can grab the Albino Drake for 50. I’m not even considering going for 100 at this point, luckily they don’t take up bag space anymore.

This weekend I’m thinking that I’m not going to spending a huge amount of time online, it seems like the ideal time for me to really hit Engineering and Mining hard. Its all sitting there not doing anything and I know I need to do something about that as I can grab a couple of mounts through engineering too, I have the guide all printed out but think I’ll try and max my mining first which is going to be the part that takes the time to start with or at least finish off the Azeroth and Outland parts of it. I only really need Northrend when I hit exalted with Alliance Vanguard so I can make some choppers.

My parents are coming to visit on Saturday so I’ll be trying to help get the house ready for their arrival which will of course limit WoW time.


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