The Pointless Post

March 25, 2009

My background downloader has finished grabbing all 594Mb of the 3.1 patch so I should be sitting pretty for when they actually throw it onto live. Other than that the only thing I did yesterday was my Oracles dailies, it’s an easy way to bring it a little cash and can be done inside of 20 minutes when I have other things on. I still have a lot of things I actually want to get done, not least of which is finish off all the Northrend quests to replenish my cash reserves.

Discussion also came up on Monday night regarding the future for <Naxxramis Bin Collection> too, the whole guild is based off people who know each other outside the game. There aren’t enough of us to start raiding and there are people that might not actually want to raid too. Options include folding into another guild that caters to both the more casual player and the ones that wish to take a peak into the raiding world. I’m actually starting to think about the whole Dual-speccing thing now too, getting hit-capped is seeming to be right pain which is something I’d need for doing DPS, although healing would be OK without it. I know that dual-speccing won’t let me change gems but I don’t need oodles of hit rating for Heroics, I’m doing fine as is. With keeping our guild together for running of Heroics then I’d keep DPS as we have a really good healer already, I’m still up in the air though as I wondering if I really want to raid at all as I have a huge list of other stuff I’m keen on doing. I just fear that those of the guild who’ve been 80 for a lot longer and don’t want to raid aren’t going to find anything to keep them interested and they drift off. Playing with friends definitely keeps me going too but some of them have been in game for so much longer than me that they’ve kind seen it all before. If not in quite the same way as stuff is now.

Social games like WoW are funny beasts when you get down to it. If you just choose to play and meet some cool people then it’ll keep you going. I know there is the option of joining some random guild and seeing how things go for me too, but I’ve made habits of playing with people I already know and that’s worked great for me. Does this post actually have a point to it? I guess not, I can’t think of a structure to all this waffling on and am really just penning my thoughts here. Lack of a conclusion to things is currently where my brain is at because the decisions do not solely reside with myself in how we sort out the future of our lives in Azeroth.

Who knows, Roop may even take up RP!……


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  1. One option would be to form an alliance with a stronger guild that can raid but may not always have the numbers…the kind of guild that usually has to PUG a couple of people for their runs.

    Have a dedicated chat channel between the two (or more) guilds so that you can easily talk to each other.

    The members of your guild who want to raid will then have a regular outlet, plus you maintain the social connection you currently have. The raiders won’t feel the need to leave just so they can raid. It also gives you a new pool of – hopefully – good, experienced players to pull into heroics if you need one or two.

    This can be a risky move for a small guild, as often your members would just leave and join the larger one. But, as you say, you are a group of people who know each other in RL – you have a stronger connection than a group of random strangers who met in Azeroth.

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