I Know You Want to Hit That

March 24, 2009

With my wife working all the hours under the sun (and moon) at the moment I’m having a lot of late nights. My WoW activities yesterday consisted of me finding that my “A Simple Re-quest” achievement had reset AGAIN. But I still did my Oracles dailies and that was about it.

I logged in later in the evening (post midnight actually) to check out some stuff on the Auction House, I ended up getting the Spellpower cloth for my new Epic legs as well as applying the Kirin’Tor enchant to my head slot and gemming my gear with two of the +16 hit gems and I took a Spellpower one just for kicks. I then bought four 20-slot Frostweave bags and have just under a hundred gold left out of the 500 I’d collected since purchasing my epic flying. My spellpower sits just under the 1600 mark now but I am well aware I’m probably going to have to grab some cloth pieces to get my hit rating up, although there are some trinkets I’ve got my eye on trying to get. My hit rating is now 80 which is way off the 263 I need to be hit-capped, I’m doing fine in the Heroics we’re running right now, I think I’ve missed once over the period that I have been doing them from what I see on SCTD. I suppose the real question is will I be raiding or not, if not then trying to get hit-capped probably isn’t going to be the priority it would be otherwise. I never had these kind of issues when I was a healer…


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