Things I Did at the Weekend – WoW Edition

March 23, 2009

Not just in my own exploits, but in the guild’s, this was a weekend of achievements. Due to it beign Mother’s Day in the UK yesterday I only got a couple hours in during the afternoon before heading out to visit family.

I can’t really remember what I got around to doing on Friday night but Saturday was awesome. I logged in during the morning and finished off the last few hundred gold that saw me get Artisan flying, so I can tick that off my list. I’m now cruising around on my Bronze Drake and feeling very happy, the poor Swift Green Gryphon I bought hasn’t seen a single second of flight time yet, poor fella. I also ran through the Ring of Blood quests in Nagrand, I solo’d most of it then Roop came along and helped me out. I then helped out Lisuri’s alt Paladin do them all again later on that day. I finished the Nesingwary questline in the same zone too which bagged me the achievement for having done his collective extinction level events. Even took the little Paladin for a quick foray to Steamvaults to grab my second Key Fragment (yes I’m doing the Kara attunement). I want the key so I can get in and we might farm Lis’ Paladin through there as it’s pretty decent XP and the loot isn’t that bad either.

During the afternoon I completed the World Explorer achievement, that’s the second character I have that has earnt the title, it took a good bit of time to finish off and I grabbed a couple of nodes of Mithril to help my mining/engineering too. I ran through Scarlet Monastery while I was there trying to grab the Tabard but it didn’t drop, I thought I might as well grab the Instance achievement as I was in the zone driving through. Being all over the place also allowed me to grab “To All the Squirrel’s Who’ve Shared my Life” and “Pest Control” luckily I didn’t have to go out of my way to finish these off. In terms of the PvP achievements and the fact I’d set a goal of playing some PvP over the weekend I managed to grab some from running Arathi Basin as it was the League of Arathor’s weekend. I only played 3 games but we won 2 and lost 1 so I have 10 tokens out of the 150 I need to secure all the PvP mounts there are available. As well as “Know Thy Enemy” and “That Takes Class” I also did the required nukeage to pick up “Damage Control” too. I’m also only 11 HKs off the “Kill 100 Enemies”, the Shaman is slightly more survivable than the Priest but not by much, although Thunderstorming people off the cliffs by the Lumber Mill is worth getting ganked by Rogues and anything wearing Plate.

Later on we ran some Heroics, the daily was Utgarde Pinnacle so we completed that and we also ran Culling of Stratholme in the evening which saw Lisuri pick up his Drake, that means all of our little guild have the Drake mount now. Sunday was Nexus which saw me pickup the epic mace, over the weekend of running instances I’ve got the Epic cloth belt from Violet Hold and the Epic Legs from Culling. I also spent 35 badges to pick up the Caster shield which has seen my spellpower grow quite nicely. I’m still lacking a load of +hit but now I’m getting epic items I’m going to feel better about grabbing Enchants and Gems to fix that problem, especially since I’ve finally forked out for the super-flying. I’m not topping the damage meters in the guild groups but I am still lagging behind in terms of gear with them and I may start to turn it off as I am doing a respectable DPS anyway.

What I have begun to notice is that I need to tighten up my rotation, which I am doing and seeing an increase in DPS, I may just keep that part of the damage meter running as I feel a pull to try and outdo the other people in my group. It’s hard to do as they are all really good players and have been at 80 longer than I have, they even have some Naxx gear but the fact that I see Lekktra underneath them makes me want to crank out the damage anyway possible to try and win, hard when some fights are very AoE heavy and that’s a department that Shaman’s lack in. We are being successful in all our runs so topping a metre isn’t really going to mean anything. I’m doing around 1600DPS at the moment even on the AoE Heavy stuff which is about 200-300dps more than I was last weekend. Although on the one hand I can see Recount inspiring me to sharpen my game and look at ways of increasing my DPS but I can’t allow it to consume me to the point where I compromise the integrity of the group dynamic. Watch this space to see what I do, more than likely it’s getting turned off and then might through it up again now and then to make sure I’m not slacking.

I am small steps closer to another one of my goals too. I am now sitting on 200 Shards, a mere 100 away from the Black War Mammoth, yes it’s huge and yes, it is probably going to replace Baron Rivendare’s Deathcharger on my hotbar. I wonder if I can write a macro to randomly call one of my epic ground mounts instead….. not that I currently have all that many.

Overall it was a good weekend, Shamaning is certainly a lot of fun and I am still excited to be sticking with this character and seeing what I can do. Probably will not get to play properly until Thursday this week due to other commitments but I may be able to pop on and do my Oracles daily quests. Helps to get my gold back up and takes next to no time.

As things are coming off my “To Do” list, It’s only right that I add some more;

  • Save Badges for Epic Chest piece
  • Get a Netherdrake

One comment

  1. Congratulations on all the epicness – jealousy runs rampant on this side of the ocean! I think you hit the nail right on the head with the meters too: they are a useful tool for measuring one’s performance, but they should not be the end goal.

    Its nice to *know* that you’re pulling your weight (via Recount) but all that matters, really, is that the mobs get dead and you have fun.

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