Account Management Fail

March 20, 2009

I’ve updated yesterdays post of my task list. My Wife was out visiting her parents last night so I grabbed some unhealthy food on the way home from work, scoffed it down while watching the end of the Hellboy 2 DVD, took a shower and then sat down to play some WoW only to find my game time had expired. No problem, just gotta pay for more, so off I head to the account management section of the site to find that the thrice-cursed thing is down, not only that but so are the forums so I can’t bleat about it.

Suitably annoyed I download some songs off iTunes, played some Dead Space, tried the account management page, still down, so got fed up and stomped downstairs wearing a scowl that could cause the death of worlds. Sat down and watched some of “Don’t mess with the Zohan”. At half eight the phone rings, it’s Roop asking me to come to Culling of Stratholme (yes, that’s right, whispers are OK but I get phone calls to come to instances) and I explain the whole sorry tale to him. I want to give Blizzard my money but they’re not letting me. Miraculously once he hangs up I refresh the page again (after having already done so while he is on the phone) and it comes up. Not wanting to miss this opportunity I login and give Blizzard £25 so I can play for the next 3 months. I log into the game grab a buttload of gold from stuff that has sold on the auction house and make my way to the Caverns of Time portal. We grab Aliye and Lisuri and then a nice Death Knight to fill in the extra DPS slot.

Timed run successful with 3 mins left and I win the roll for the Drake /schwurgen! That’s another tick off the list which means I can now replace it with something, that something is still mount based, I want all the four Alliance PvP mounts now. Seems like a good idea for the weekend, have to see what BG is up this weekend. Mal’ganis runs away chicken as normal and then we head to Hall of Lightning for the Daily. I’d done this in normal mode on Bo but Lekktra has been spared this place so far, her first foray into it is on Heroic too. Well, things went really well, I nubbed things up on Loken and stood about one yard inside his AOE the third time it went off, l2p nublet Shaman… but other than that we grabbed all the achievements from the first two bosses. I’ve got a load more badges now and am a third of the way to the Mammoth from Shards, Aliye actually got her mammoth last night so grats to her. Occulous and Gundrak are now the only two dungeons Lekktra has left to visit.

After this everyone went to bed but I stayed on for a bit (Wife wasn’t home yet) so I went and did the mining that I had planned to do earlier before I couldn’t renew my subs. I finished off the mining of Iron so I’m at 175 now which means I can start on Mithril. I’m going to need lots of this for my Engineering levelling so doubt I’m going to making much cash off the back of selling the spares, I have an engineering levelling guide all set up that I am working through. My Engineering currently sits at 105 but I’m waiting until I’ve done some more mining so that I can have a really good go at it rather than doing a little at a time as the mats come in. Luckily I suppose, the mining isn’t taking too long to level and should go even faster once I hit Outland and Northrend as I won’t then be confined to a ground mount.

Tradeskilling might have to take a break while I spend some time doing PvP over the next few days. We’ll see what happens, I imagine I’ll still be running a lot of Heroics with the guild.


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