Things on my To-Do List (Updated)

March 19, 2009

After having gloated in a manner most unbecoming about what has seemingly cured me of my altoholism to my guildies I can write up that list of things that I want to now accomplish. Haven’t quite been 80 for a week yet but it’s certainly nice to be taking things a little easier and not having to be really doing all I can to catch up. Sure there are a load of gear upgrades to get (I traded in 15 badges for the +Haste proc totem) but I am doing well enough in the Heroics I have been in to take things slow and enjoy myself a bit more.

Lisuri and I two-manned normal Magister’s Terrace Tuesday night, I think that would have been a fun instance to do at 70. He was hoping to farm it for the Phoenix pet but with our current gear levels (not to mention there was just the two of us) meant that at least until we get more lewts that plan is not workable. We still enjoyed it though and I think I gained new respect for the PvE survivability of the Shaman.

Onto my list then, in no particular order, the things I am currently working towards.

  1. Obtain Baron Rivendare’s Death Charger (took 4 runs! – this is the epicness that I spoke of)
  2. Buy Artisan Flying instead of being stuck on slow ass 60% flyer. (100g to go)
  3. Level mining to 450 (currently farming Mithril)
  4. Level Engineering (I have wanted to do this tradeskill since I first started WoW, I am finally going to realise this)
  5. Finish the Classis Dungeons and Raiding achievements (Mara, BRD and Dire Maul left in dungeons)
  6. Obtain a Drake (most likely going to be Bronze Drake) – – Yes, it was the Bronze Drake, got it Thursday night
  7. Obtain a Proto-Drake (I love the models for these mounts and will try and avoid the in-vogue sitting around in Dalaran posing)
  8. Get Exalted with all 5 home cities, currently have Exodar and Darnassus done
  9. Have fun doing some of the other Rep achievements
  10. Get a Mammoth
  11. Build myself a Mekgineer’s Chopper and then furnish the guild with them
  12. Have a peek into Naxx and the other current 80 raids
  13. Just hang out and have fun with the guild

All my gear upgrades and things will hopefully come through various means that will enable me to realise the goals above. Number 13 is completely serious, after having switched characters and spending a month or so going through things with Lekktra I do feel left out and left behind in certain respects. They’re off doing the end game while, through my own choices, I’ve set myself back. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very glad I did so, I am having a blast on the Shaman much more so that I can ever remember on the Priest. I should be kept busy for the foreseeable future with all of this lot, especially adding some rep grinds in there for good measure.


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