A Cure for Altoholism?

March 17, 2009

sticksMonday is normally a very boring night where WoW is concerned. For me and my family a Monday night is a night we take away from our “usual lives”, me camped out in front of the PC, my wife camped out in front of her PC, the only difference being she is doing work ready for the next day and I am unleashing spellcaster DPS in a fantasy world of Orcs and Elves. Roop and Steller (in their RL incarnations) come over (or we visit them) and we have a night together involving various snacks and drinks and usually some kind of activity. It breaks up the week and ensures that we actually make time to spend with our loved ones, which, quite rightly, nukes the chances of playing WoW.

Last night as usual we kicked off at 7.30pm, by 10pm the crit chicken was wanting to go back to her roost to catch some snooze time. Never one to fail to seize an opportunity Roop and I concocted a fiendish plan to run an instance while our respective spouses made ready for bed. I logged Lekktra in and quickly recruited Aliye our Resto Shammy while Roop recruited Ret Pally Hoac who was lurking on MSN. Just as we were searchign for a fifth member Federick logged in and agreed to a quick run. “Gief Drake” I \g’d.

After getting the summon I plopped down in Tanaris and took the drake down to the Master’s Lair and jumped through the instance portal. Ran through all the guff at the start and we all assumed our positions ready to pwn us some undead. Thirteen minutes in and we had cleared the first area and I had some nice new gloves to show off for it. Seven minutes after that and the building was cleared and I was now wielding a new mace (that’s 5 pieces of loot from 2 runs in the Culling instance, one normal and one Heroic, this place really seems to like me). We headed into the gauntlet and watched Lolthas do his “Leeeeeeeroy” thing and charge through everything, with 4 minutes to spare we engaged the extra boss and handed him his ass in short order. Aliye and I rolled on the Drake and in true “me+draenei=losing loot rolls” fashion I rolled a 58 to Aliye’s 98, grats to her on that. I can’t be too upset after I got two upgrades already. Only Lisuri and I remain to grab Drakes so I’m pretty sure that by the end if the week we should both be able to do the current in vogue thing of hanging around on Krasus’ Landing showing off the fact that we have Drakes. Mal’ganis was a push over as normal and so I bagged two more achievements and have done the Timed run on my first time in the Heroic, I love running with these guys, they are each decent players and are a real joy to be around and they keep me wanting to be on top of my game, 1500 DPS in this case.

My new upgrades and having Flametongue 10 up mean that Lekktra has broken through the 1300 Spellpower barrier. I’ve decided to write myself a “pre-raiding” gear list so I can go to the places and spend my badges appropriately, looking back on it I probably should have needed on the +hit trinket that dropped in Nexus Sunday night as I’ll be needing to reach my cap before diving into Naxx. For now I’m eyeing up epic flying but once that’s out of the way it’s all go on gems and enchants.

After the Caverns of Time everyone else said their goodbyes and logged off for the night. I stayed around for a little longer and decided to go and do one of the things on my “list of things to do now I’m 80”. I’ll probably post this up at some point and check off the things I’ve done already. What happened after the instance last night had me smiling profusely and, whilst I would love to share with you all exactly how much awesomeness was unveiled, I cannot yet tell you what it is as I have to do the honourable thing of logging in and showing off to the guildies first. I want them to see it before I ruin the surprise by splurging it all over the interwebs. Once they do know about it, I’ll post up my level 80 task list and mark off the appropriate things there, maybe I’ll even do a screenshot if you’re good.

Suffice to say that this one single event (Roop need to prepare himself here, I’d expect a comment off what I am about to announce but once he reads this he may be unable to after entering a state similar to Anaphylaxis) I may not actually play any other alts. This singular achievement has me so over the moon with this character that it is unlikely that I will now switch to something else while I can come up with things to do on Lekktra! A cure for altoholism indeed!

Right now I’m just working on how many badges I should save for my first piece of loot from the badge vendor, I need to work through Loot-fu, shame this is frowned upon when you’re at work…


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  1. A cure for your altaholism? I never thought it possible… I am intrigued!!!

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