8 Days and 7 Hours Played Later

March 16, 2009

80This weekend turned out to be quite Epic when it comes to WoW.

I know what you’re thinking, Sarth +3D, Black Mammoth from VoA or some other such feat which would stand out against the regular humdrum playing time.

But no, while it was epic for me, it will probably leave other players somewhat cold. Lekktra finally reached level 80. Saturday afternoon just before 6pm IIRC, I didn’t play at all during the morning and had gotten 79 on Friday night before heading to bed. I didn’t even do it purely questing, I managed to get a couple of good groups and we ran Culling of Stratholme, Halls of Stone and Utgarde Pinnacle, I ran out of rested XP around 90% done, I got the last bit by running my quests in Icecrown. Four hundred gold and a trip to Exodar (as I’m a Draenei I use Exodar as the final levelling place of my Draenei characters) and I was fully trained. I celebrated by going and doing some tradeskilling as a break from all the levelling and ran my first attempt at getting Baron Rivendare’s mount. No joy on the first time and I’ve done it 3 times now with no mount coming, but I have worked out the pattern for doing it and it is only taking 20 minutes of my time.

The epic flying mount is still conspicuous by its absense, although I am a mere 400g off getting the skill now, I’ve been questing in Howling Fjord for the Alliance Vanguard rep that will eventually see me Engineering some Choppers. Sunday was a mash of mining and those Baron runs along with the Fjord questing (which is quick even with a slow ass 60% gryphon). Later on that night guildies started to appear, I had plotted out where I needed to go instance-wise to gear up for Heroics, I didn’t want to dive in straight away. I thought I’d take my time, grab some better and prepare properly, after all, there are other players in those instance you run with and not going in ready for it just makes everyones experience bad.

After some congratulations from those who have been awaiting the arrival of Lekktra to end-game content I got invited to go do my first Heroic, we went to Utgarde Keep. I knew I was doing decent DPS in normal instances from the Recount data I have been using to asses my performance, but now I was going to be with the big boys, some of them have seen Naxx and are raiding, Lekktra has just about been around lonog enough to know what an epic is. Our group was Roop, the primary source of mickey taking that I haven’t been playing my level 80 Priest and have been levelling an alt, Federick, our Naxx pugging Mage, Lisuri the Warlock and Aliye the resto Shammy. These guys have been 80 for ages, months longer than I have and so I just want to acquit myself well and not stink up the place. I probably should have screenshotted the Recount data but stink I did not. With the group make-up I was hitting 1500 dps, not bad for someone still in a lot of quest greens. After this we ran Nexus, another successful run (no mace though) and finally Violet Hold. We’d dropped Federick the mage as he hd to go and grabbed a Retribution Paladin for the VH run, I came out the other side with over 1600 dps and even though I got beat by all the other DPS classes felt that I am holding my own considering how new an 80 I am. Some more gear upgrades and I’m hoping to be right up there competing on damage. Unfortunately I had to go then and help out my wife do some PC work and go to bed, otherwise I’d have stayed on and done a timed CoT run to try and grab my Drake. It’ll have to wait for another time.

I grabbed a few new pieces of gear through all those runs and my badge collection has started which will hopefully allow me to grab some nice epics in the not too distant future. Overall it’s been a long old grind to get to this point but now I’m here I am glad that my character and I can be seen to be a respectable addition to our group and it should only get better from here on in as I get better at playing with the Shaman in a dungeon/raid environment.

Shaman 1 : Priest 0

This is so the class I should have played from day 1.


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  1. Grats on the 2nd 80!

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