Chocks Away!

March 13, 2009

Well, I didn’t manage to grab level 79 last night, although I am over halfway there and I managed to \epicfail the Violet Hold quests, more on that later.

Things started out well, I went back to Storm Peaks to carry on with my K3 quests and they are a pretty decent set too, especially setting up mine fields to cause massive casualties to Snowbolds and Magnataur.

However, the problem with my levelling plan became apparent all too quickly, it seems Storm Peaks is adequately named. The reason I haven’t zoomed over to Icecrown is because that zone really needs a flying mount to do, when I went through with my Priest I already had the epic flyer that made this a painless experience. Lekktra on the other hand is still about 1500 gold short of the epicness. I did as many of the K3 quests as I could actually get too but there are mountains in the way, a mite inconvenient. I ended up at the second quest hub and realised that things weren’t going to get any easier, my plans to earn the cash for the epic flyer and only start soaring the skies of Northrend seemed to be nonviable. So, I packed up my bags and headed to Shadowmoon Valley, grabbed myself a Golden Gryphon (Bo had a Snowy one) and also grabbed a Swift Green (Bo has a Swift Red) while I was there figuring that I can buy the skill in Dalaran and it saves me a trip to Outland when I actually do have the cash. I’m still hoping to get into a Strat timed run once I grab 80 with the guild and get farmed to a Drake.

Equipped with the amazing speediness of a whopping 60% flying speed I set off for Icecrown once again and completed the first few phases of the Argent Crusade quest line. Even though doing it on the Priest was a long and laborious task it was still a fun chain and now I have the uber-blasting power of my Shaman I can rocket through it quite happily. So I’ve had to abandon my original levelling for mount plan but think that even though I’ve already laid out 300g now on mounts, the fact that I have more places accessible is going to been a bonus, especially now I’m in Icecrown and the gold if flowing freely, I ended the night with 55% of the level complete, still not bad in a three hour session that saw me back and forth to Outland and grabbing an instance too.

PUG instances really do take too much time. I thought I’d be able to grab the quest for the key etc.. and get some decent XP and a quick instance run, I also added myself to LFG for Gun’drak and Utgarde Pinnacle. Violet Hold was the first one to come up, being in Icecrown I wasn’t far away from Dalaran either. When I joined the group consisted of myself on Lekktra, a Ret Pally(73), a Feral Druid(73) and a tanking Death Knight(77). The leader (the Druid) spent a good while trying to grab a healer, I’d already offered to heal if needed and after re-iterating this point we grabbed another Ret Pally (this one 79) and I made my way back to town. Shockingly I’m standing at the instance entrance for a good while, the 79 Pally arrives second. The Death Knight comes and grabs the Violet Hold key quest and shares it, I forget to hand in this first part and do so at the end of the instance to then get the follow-on to actually do the instance….bugger.

Still no movement from the Druid or other Pally, eventually after the 79 Pally and I make some comments in Party chat the druid decides to stop his questing and comes on over, the Pally doesn’t have a FP and hasn’t been to Dalaran yet so we have to ninja pull him through a Battleground. I swap Flametongue weapon for Earthliving and am ready to go, the 73 Pally DCs as we are about to start but suddenly springs to life and starts buffing everyone with the same Blessing the 79 Pally had given us five minutes earlier. He gets rebuked as he had already been asked to provide a different Blessing (which he never renewed when the first one expired). With that out of the way we began the instance, I healed mainly but threw out a little DPS now and again and still put out 800DPS even though healing, Hybrids ftw. The whole run went fine and we had no deaths, I got the loot of dragon-lady and went outside to hand in my quest to realise I should have handed it in before we’d started and gotten the follow on…. \noob!

I went and did some more Icecrown quests and called it a night. I may hold off on instances tonight and just go straight for the quests and grind my merry way to 79. I should be able to accomplish that which leaves me with a Saturday devoid of anything other than racing my way to 80 and hopefully being able to use that epic flyer that’s sitting in my bags.

Chocks Away!


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  1. Maybe its because my main is a Paladin, but I certainly enjoy Icecrown more than Storm Peaks. The quest lines there appeal to me, while Storm Peaks kinda feels like a big, snowy, Quel’denas…

    Unlocking the Hodir rep and doing the dailies there is important (unless you know inscription), but I thought it was all really boring. Give me zeppelins with giant cannons, hordes of undead and goblin stealth bombers any day!

    It is much more enjoyable, though, if you already have the epic mount first. I was zooming all over the place while The Wife had to slog it out on the 60%’er (and she hated it).

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