Nine out of Ten

March 11, 2009

No game updates or amusing posts about vertically challenged beard lovers bent on world domination. Mondays and Wednesdays are generally non-gaming days and I was out last night too so am looking forward to sitting down tomorrow with an absolute wad of rest XP that will hopefully see me quickly ascending to 80 by the weekend, I only need a bit under 2000 gold now for the epic flyer too. Would having it now make levelling easier and faster? Undoubtedly, I’d be flying around Icecrown raking the cash in but Lekktra has a lot of instances she hasn’t run yet and Storm Peaks is seeming like a good place to grab the levels as it should also open up the Sons of Hodir rep line.

Shockingly I also have a free character slot on Argent Dawn now, I currently have a Blood Elf Paladin, Draenei Priest, Draenei Hunter, Gnome Warrior, Blood Elf Rogue, Draenei Shaman, Human Paladin, Human Death Knight and a Night Elf Druid (all female btw). That extra character slot will continue to taunt me until something occupies it, however, I’ve done the Draenei starting zone about fifteen times and can’t bring myself to throw another character through that, next character to level when the urge takes me is likely to be a toss up between the Hunter, Death Knight and Druid, I seem to have a thing for Hybrids though, I just seem to work better with them in this game. I expect a /facepalm from Roop, but he may have to  wait until he regains consciousness once he reads that I only have 9 characters on the server not 10!


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