Nesingwary Vs Arthas – The Real Villain

March 10, 2009

One of these characters is the focus of the latest Expansion pack to the critically acclaimed MMO we all know and love (love to hate in some circumstances perhaps). He is the biggest baddest leader of a vast Undead horde seeking to extinguish all life from the face of Azeroth. However, is he the true enemy of all life? The only quests available to actually serve him are those that are in the Death Knight starting zone, I’d like to suggest that there is another threat that has quietly been going about it’s work and has recruited far more members to its cause than that of the Lich King’s.

That’s right folks, the biggest, most evil character in all of WoW is Hemet Nesingwary!

Many MMOs have their smatterings of quests that run to the formula “Kill X of Y” it’s part and parcel of the whole MMO experience, an accepted part of the levelling process. However, Hemet Nesingwary and seemingly innocuous camps appear throughout the various releases of the game, from a meagre start in the jungle depths of Stranglethorn Vale he moved over to the other-worldly remains of the Orc homeworld Draenor that is known as Outland and recently he has braved the frozen wastes of Northrend. I have raised these things with my guild as I’ve been doing the various Nesingwary chains, heck we even get achievements of the wholesale slaughter of massive herds of these beasties. If we look at Stranglethorn Vale, the first time his followers are encountered there are a large number of quests involving wiping out large portions of the jungle wildlife, Tigers, Panthers and the humble, majestic Raptor are all culled in a flurry of bloodshed in exchange for some coins and the shot at a few pieces of equipment when you have proved yourself “worthy” to go after some bigger named critters.

You may congratulate yourself on making the jungle a safer place for travellers as a lot of those nasty predators get a face full  of axe, or in my case an ass full of lightning. Maybe that is so but then we encounter more in Nagrand, here you’re attacking creatures that wouldn’t say boo to a goose until you run up and start bashing their head into the ground, but who can blame them for defending themselves? No wonder the animals get more aggressive the further down the quest chain you get, they’ve been warned about the living avatar of genocide that is brutally butchering their way through the serene grassy plains.

After the wholesale slaughter of HUGE numbers of creatures in Nagrand those of us with an eye for detail will start to notice Nesingwary’s insidious plan for world domination and the ruination of all races, whether this is some insane plan to allow the Dwarf to single-handedly claim all the worlds gold and treasure is unknown, all I have been able to ascertain is that he’s been very, very clever with his plans. I’ll move onto Northrend after I reveal what the Dwarf mastermind is up to. Let’s examine exactly what he asks you to kill, starting at the very beginning, out there in Stranglethorn Vale, you dodge the Trolls and Gorillas but pursue Nesingwary’s genocidal campaign against Tiger, Panther and Raptor species. Now, I can tell you that the Panthers are in there to try and add a legitimacy to his “Hunter” professional claims, but look at the other two, Tigers and Raptors, notice what these two have in common?

I can hear those cogs whirring….

Want me to put you out of your misery?

Ok, both Tiger Meat and Raptor Meat are used in nice tasty recipes that budding Chefs cook up as a matter of course. Coincidence you might claim, ok, let’s move on then to Nagrand. Talbuks, Clefthoof and Rocs, same pattern again, one species thrown in, two others that provide delicious meats destined to feed the hungry. Coincidence again? I think not! One can only imagine the depths of depravity that are now being sunk to in Northrend as Nesingwary tries to throw his legion of cold-blooded “hunters” off the true scent of his quest for the death of fauna, he knocks things up a gear and asks you to primarily take down only one species that provides tasty protein snacks, the ill-fated Shardhorn Rhino. The Dreadsabers are filler as is the nasty “I don’t care what you kill just make sure you kill 60” quest. As an aside, all that leather that can come from these poor innocent animals would normally be destined for clothiers to enshroud our erstwhile Druid and Rogue friends, again perhaps no coincidence that the Druids of the D.E.T.H.A. are out to stop him and his army of loot-crazed followers. Perhaps for them it’s less about hunting poor fluffy bunnehs and more about having to run round in their boxers due to a lack of appropriate knit-ware (although bearform in undoubtedly toasty warm). I’m probably personally responsible for the death of some starving orphans in Stormwind as I’ve completed all these quest chains, heck, I’d hate to think how many characters I have personally gone through Stranglethorn Vale with over the years, each one culling substantial meat from the tables of the Human capital a few zones away…..those poor children!

So there we have it, who is the most evil person in WoW? The exiled Prince seeking to unleash his plague of unlife upon the world, or the Dwarf with an eye to global starvation? Next time you’re out there randomly exterminating herds of roaming antelope have a think about it!



  1. The Nesingwary quests are pure grind-fests, and nothing more. It was bad enough in STV, but once I saw him in Nagrand, I cried ‘enough’.
    Beast Mastery? Boredom Mastery, more like.

    If only you could kill the guy via a PETA questline. Now that would be satisfying!

  2. I’m not going to disagree and going through all those mobs the first time maybe one of the reasons that some characters never get to leave STV. Luckily for me, my Shaman is a character that I can actually stand to spend time grinding with.

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