So close I can almost taste it!

March 9, 2009

This weekend proved busier than expected. I’d had some forewarning that I was going to be expected to take my wife shopping but when we got up in the morning and she was taking her shower I normally use this time to get a quick hour or so in on WoW. Imagine my surprise when after completing my first round of quests the doorbell rings and Roop the Death Knight is standing there. I’m still in my dressing gown at this point and he’s already been out the house and now his front door is busted and he can’t get in. RL > WoW so the morning levelling gets canned and after he arranges a locksmith I take a shower then wander over to his house to keep him company while he waits for the Rogue with 375 lockpicking to arrive.

Shopping involved about 5 minutes with the wife before myself and the accompanying Roop were dismissed, we checked out some games stores and then went to the local Wetherspoons to grab a refreshing beverage. Some lunch and the end of a Bond movie on TV later and my wife and I headed out for the evening to visit my sister-in-law to celebrate her birthday which was on Thursday.

Sunday arrived, no levelling on either Friday night nor through Saturday meant rest XP (every cloud has a silver WoW lining after all). I was pretty sure I’d get 77 but had added a stretch goal for myself to grab 78 considering how faster I’d managed to go from 75 to 76 during the week (Anna has another meeting on Thursday this week too… /schwing). I started playing after lunch at around 2.30 and went through all that was left of my Grizzly Hills quests and dinged 77, the only quests I haven’t done is the Hour of the Worgen and the PvP quests, I may go back and do those at 80. Having already planned my zones out I then legged it over to Sholazar Basin and spent the rest of the afternoon there. With it being a quite compact zone it is really excellent for questing as there isn’t a huge amount of travelling to do. Hemet Nesingwary is continuing his quest to exterminate all life from the universe so there are lots of “Kill X of Y” to do which, at least as far is levelling is concerned, really help the XP fly. I left there without doing the Elite Oracles Vs Frenzyheart quest nor continuing chains that I need to fly to the tops of pinnacles for. I moved on to Storm Peaks and grabbed the quests in K3 and the first one saw me ding to 78.

I bought the regular Flying and Cold Weather Flying skills from cash I have on Lekktra and am about 2k off Epic Flying. I’m going to be patient and wait as long as I can, I really want to be flying purely epic from the start but if I am forced to start flying then I may have to go and spend the cash on the crappy 60% one. I’m trying to avoid that if at all possible. Gathering skills would have made up this deficit already but this is only my second proper high level character in three years so I’m willing to forgive myself.

Inside of 8 hours then I achieved two levels and completely exhausted myself of the rset XP I’d gathered. Luckily I’ll be out for the next three nights anyway which will hopefully recharge it all for the charge to 80, if I’d have already earnt the epic flyer I’d be in Icecrown now as I saw how fast that got Bo from 77 to 80 and I’m a level ahead of that already. Props go out to the guildies as they took me through the Zul’drak arena quests which nabbed me cash, XP and a nice new mace. Over the fights in that chain I also noticed my DPS wasn’t that far behind them which makes me look forward to seeing what happens once I get heroic gear upgrades and start the process of gemming and enchanting gear. I certainly have a whole host of things to keep me busy once I grab 80.

I did miss out on goign to Naxx this week with a friend’s guild, Steller, Lisuri, Roop and Hoac did get to go though. We’ll see if I can make it in time for the next run as I am really looking forward now to the final push which will see me XP bar vanish once again, a second level 80 isn’t just an alt that will become my main either. Ever since I got Bo through to top level I wondered if I had the willpower and stamina to do it again, things are looking good on that point at least and with so much I could be doing I’m going to try and accomplish a lot of things on Lekktra and stave off the inner devils which tell me to start something else. I may dabble with the Hunter but for the sake of my sanity and that of the guild I think Lekktra will be seeing a lot more playtime.


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