Questing Vs Dungeoneering

March 6, 2009

Last night I had one of those “wife is at a meeting and therefore isn’t in the house” nights. This allows me to start cooking dinner as soon as I get in, take a shower, eat at least 30 mins before we normally would and plonk my lazy ass in front of the PC for the whole night without any real chance or interruptions, in short, it’s almost like being single. My previous night’s entertainment had been an enjoyable jaunt through Drak’Tharon but I thought that this latest levelling frenzy would be better off if I just ran the quests I have through Grizzly Hills.

I started off the night having completed 30% of level 75 and have 50% rested. I had a quick break for a drink and to grab some snacks (trash collection is today so all evidence has been removed) but other than that played pretty solidly for about 4 hours, not a particularly huge session but one which generated some interesting ideas. At the end of the session with some more quests left (including 2 of the ones I’d started the night with) I found myself 33% of the way through 76, now, because of the fact that 76 needs more exp to 77 than 75 did to 76 I’d earnt more XP than a single level in the course of those four hours. I also still have a decent amount of rest XP left.

I’m not going to go into Elitist Jerk mode here, there are far too many variables (zone you’re in, distant between quests, any add-ons used etc..) but I did think about what I had always assumed about levelling. When I first started playing Alliance our little group used to run instances pratically every night we were on, this resulted in us leaving a lot of quests behind as we outgrew the areas we were doing due to the sheer number of instances we’d be running. In the race to 70 I expect in the case of my Priest that the number of instances we would run probably account for around one level in every ten, I don’t think that sounds unreasonable especially when we three manned everything up to SM Cathedral. I noticed on my first run through Nexus with Lekktra that the first of the patrolling dragonkin netted me 6k XP (rested), I thought grabbing groups would be the way to go. I reckon that Wednesday’s run through DTK took us around about an hour or so, not including the time waiting for people to arrive, get repairs etc. In that hour I gained 15% of the level, taking that as a kind of standar and multiplying it (I know this isn’t exact science) gets us to 60%, so even if we had come out, reset and gone through it again that would be 4 hours for a 60% of level experience gain (again XP varies with your level against the mobs so this isn’t meant to be taken as a pure math result).

In those same four hours questing I managed to make an extra 45% on top of that I would have gotten through dungeon farming. So here I am questioning my methods, I know that instances bring loot, but so do certain quests, certainly not necessarily as good as dungeon loot but loot all the same. At the moment I would also be more concerned with getting to 80 than the accumulation of gear that is more than  likely going to get swapped out with Heroics and Badge gear in the near future.

I use QuestHelper, I know that there are players that will deride me for knocking out a chunk of the game by the fact that I don’t concern myself with reading the quests (I do sometimes) and don’t work anything out. I “easy mode” it by getting shown almost exactly where to go and what to do. I am more than willing to admit that this made things nice and easy for me last night during my levelling marathon, for me it improves my game experience and means I’m not alt+tabbing out of game to check Thottbot or WoWhead or, even worse, spending an age trying to find out where I need to go to complete the quests. I had a massive issue with Everquest 2 because of it’s vague directions on how to complete quests, often you’d spend hours walking round a zone trying to find where you were supposed to go and often had very little information to go off about finding the next NPC in the chain or whatever. Call me lazy, a carebear or whatever, I don’t enjoy wasting my time like that, especially now that my friends are being invited to raid in their first foray into Naxx while I am going to be stuck on the levelling treadmill for at least another week.

This all probably bears thinking about as I continue to level, I do feel that perhaps I have been misleading myself and although I can recognise that dungeons provide a nice distraction and offer a change of pace perhaps I should really put my focus down on running these places only after I have reached the level cap. I know I’ll be going into them in Heroic mode, but maybe I can afford to skip those achievements for the moment just so I can get to where I want to be faster. Ironically I’ll never know what is faster as if I do one to the exclusion of the other then I would be skewing the test results. I’m almost at the end of Grizzly Hills and have picked out Sholazar Basin as my next area, another one I never touched on Bo. Howling Fjord is going to be my gold resupply zone once I hit 80 and have all my flying sorted out, I had fun there before and reckon at 80 with an epic flyer I’ll be able to swiftly dispense my Lava Burst justice to one and all. On the epic flyer front Bo is parked in SMV to transfer her 800g to get me the first flying skill. I have almost 4k on Lekktra now and should hopefully be close to 5k when I ding 77, obviously 2k short of what I’ll need to start swooping around the skies of Northrend. I should have grabbed two gathering skills from the start and sold mats, but you live, you learn and should I bring up the courage to level another character from scratch I’ll be doing just that (despite the vast swarm of 30-40 alts I have). I am guessing it’ll probably be around 79 that I’ll have the cash, we’ll have to see what the payouts are in Sholazaar as I really don’t want to go to Icecrown on foot. I’m also determined to earn this on my own with no handouts and there is no way I’m doing it on a 60% mount.



  1. “…and should I bring up the courage to level another character from scratch…” Hehe folks, current odds on this happening 10/1 within in 2 weeks, 5/2 within 4 weeks and 9/10 within a month. Place your bets and watch this space! 😉

  2. Thanks for your unceasing support and razor sharp wit matey. Take your pick from the level 60 Death Knight, level 33 Warrior, level 46 Hunter, level 7 Druid, level 13 Paladin or a level 1 Rogue.

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