Underachieving Achievements

March 3, 2009

A while ago I made a post regarding the fact that my Priest has way more achievements than my Shaman, the Priest has been around a lot longer and has had a LOT more time pumped into playing. Bo has well over 30 days played, Lekktra is approaching 7 days. There is another blogger around on my server, he plays Horde and made a post today about achievements and I thought I’d pass comment on it and make some of my own points.

Speak to anyone in my guild and they’d more than likely tell you I fall into the Achievement Junkie category. There is something compulsive to me about getting that nice little noise and a yellow banner on the screen telling me I’ve done something. Even if it’s something that everyone has been and done before me. Discovering places on the map is one of my favourites and completing the exploration of a zone just does it for me, not to mention that you get a nice bit of experience if you discover places at the right level.

However, even as much as I love getting my achievements and having the Shaman catch up and (one day) overtake the Priest I have to say that I would NEVER be so focussed on the achievements side of the game to gimp other members of my guild. If you didn’t read Spinks’ post, go do it now, otherwise none of this will make sense.

Obviously all achievements are not equal. For instance, grabbing the “I am level 10” is a lot easier than obtaining “Champion of the Frozen Wastes” or getting Exalted with all 5 home cities and there is that whole section dedicated to instances and raids which some people either have no inclination or no possiblity of ever having a chance of going for. So when I heard that there are guilds out there that are deliberately NOT taking eligible members into raids so that a few can try and achieve a more “elite” title or tick in their profile my blood starts to boil. Now, that’s not to say I can’t understand the thinking, but if you have people in your guild who have yet to experience the full raid I’d be expecting the guild to be more oriented about getting these people through and going back for achievements later. If you have a guild where every single boss in being farmed then sure, drop a couple of guys and go for it but that chap that has just spent the past two weeks grinding Heroics to get geared for his first Naxx run and gets told by his guild that he can’t come because they’re trying to do an achievement run… Well, personally that’d be time for me to /gquit and find myself a guild more focussed around their members because in my opinion, dumping hard working people for a title or a few achievement points smacks of selfishness.

Before the achievement system was in I had an incident whereby I was down for a Thursday night Karazahn on my Priest. Now, due to other commitments I could hardly ever make a Thursday raid (which was the first 4 or 5 bosses) and could only ever make Sunday and Monday raids which I attended almost all of. So, I got a Thursday off and chatted with the other officers and guild leader about how I could finally run some of the early bosses, it was discussed and I was going to try out Shadow Priest for them to help with mana regen and some DPS, plus the utility that Shadow Priests used to bring. I respecced, got all the gear I could and when Thursday came I arrived, helped with the summons and then buffed everyone inside the instance. However, I didn’t get to do anything, even after all the build up and the fact that I got to do maybe one Thursday every two to three months I was kicked from the raid for someone else that was there every Thursday (it was a girl too which tended to make a lot of the guild go all gooey for her…) if my computer hadn’t have crashed within those next ten minutes I would have /gquit myself and I started that guild with RL friends. The raid leader took one of the worst players in our guild instead of someone that had respecced and geared up for a raid they had been invited to and the background was known about availability on that day.

Selfish rant on my part? Maybe. Relevance to topic? Some may consider it tenuous. However, when someone makes the decision to leave people out of experiencing content they don’t get the chance to run for the sake of some selfish reason, personal tastes or grabbing a few extra achievement points, something is wrong with that guild. MMOs are social games, each avatar has a real person with emotions and desires at the other end of the screen. I know you can’t please all of the people all of the time but would it really hurt to actually consider the people who are playing rather than just consider the game that you are playing? If other people didn’t play then you’d never even get a chance at seeing half the stuff you’ve done throughout your WoW career. I can understand frustration if you’re whole guild is farming Naxx 25 and you want to do the minus players achievements and don’t have a large enough guild to run two teams, therefore you have to leave some people out, but I hope that those who feel left out are the first ones to be invited after the reset to have a go. I can’t tell everyone how to organise their raids to fulfill all of their members desires but a good guild with good people will know how to manage their members. I’ve seen people leave over perceived greivances that were never real but I am a real advocate of taking the player not the class, yes, some fights need a certain class sometimes but if the only utility Blizzard can give a class is to make them a shoe-in for certain boss fights, well, that’s just lame design in my book.

So, in conclusion, never forget that at the heart of this game are people and as a raid or guild leader you have a responsibility to those people. Screwing them over so you can get an achievement done quicker is never going to be something that I can accept and hope if ever I do exhibit this behaviour I’m slapped down and reminded that I am not bigger than anyone else and we are all here to have fun TOGETHER.


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  1. Yes, and my point from Spinksville cannot simply be brushed away with a ‘bring 40 friends’ platitude.

    Put it this way, if people are doing their normal raids, that’s fine, but to get a lot of these things done (Naxx, Malygos, Sarth) requires a hell of a lot of raid attendance, and the pressure is on the ‘non-junkies’ to help the junkies with their achievements, otherwise where are you getting ’40 friends’ from?

    The fact is, I don’t want to be raiding every night of the week, just to help people get some Achievement that is immediately forgotten about, but takes up all my free time, when I’m not even that bothered about it.

    Pushing people to do Achievements outside their normal game style is devisive to guild unity, imo.

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