Blogging senior moment

February 24, 2009

With various sources springing up with information related to the new 3.1 patch a lot of players are going through these notes and what they mean. I’m going to break from that and not really go into them at all until we get nearer a release. One thousand gold for the dual spec seems a bit steep but I know that for level 80s it’s not that much work to grab that kind of cash. As for the rest of things though it’s not worthwhile idly speculating as it is still early days and things are liable to change day to day.

I need to stop diverting myself and get my ass to 80, last week seemed to be a disaster for levelling and this week I am coming down with a cold, if I can keep my motivation I’ll need to hit the Shamaning hard and am hopefuly of level 75 by the weekend. I have a habit of setting goals that are always seemingly slightly unobtainable as time progresses though.

I did have a proper blog topic all worked out for today as well, however, due to various work issues (well, one work issue that is currently destroying my will to live) I have completely forgotten what I was going to say. All I can remember is that it was pertinent and insightful, I should have written it down.



  1. “I need to stop diverting myself and get my ass to 80″… Just focus on the extra 10 achievement points!

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