Re-visiting Old Haunts in the World (of Warcraft)

February 20, 2009

Last night <Naxxramas Bin Collection> had a Kara run scheduled in the calendar (by me), sort of another bout of nostalgia (Hoac wanted achievements too) and being a mere 71 would provide some level appropriate XP to my Shaman. Earlier that evening I finished off my tour of Kalimdor and managed to grab that achievement, I’m at almost 1000 points now and feeling good about the character’s progression. It was fun when we all arrived outside the gate in Deadwind Pass to find that none of us actually had the key to get in, while our tank logged in his wife’s character I thought I’d start the attunement quest but didn’t manage to finish either parts before we got in.

Our party started off with Roop (Death Knight), Hoac (Ret Pally), Lekktra (me in Elemental guise), Aliye (resto Shammy) and once we were about done with Maiden, Steller (Tr00d). When Karazahn was the entry level raid for 70’s I remember spending many nights with the guild running it and having a great laugh. Going back with 4 (or 5) people does seem to be a bit of a cheat but I’ll admit that revisiting the passages and hallways proved to be great fun. We ripped Attumen a new one (no Horse dropped), Moroes was AOE tanked and downed in short order, Maiden went down easy. Hoac body pulled The Curator when we hadn’t finished clearing his hall, still, we downed him on his first evocation. The Satyr guy whose name I can’t remember went down smooth, I died to a lag spike during the elementals phase on Shade of Aran but used an Ankh to finish off the fight. We had to have two gos at the Chess event and Netherspite was a doddle. In just over two hours we were standing at the pinnacle of the place starting down Prince Malchezzzzzzzzzzzzar. We drop totems by the door, assume positions and make the pull, apparently I am the only person to remember that he does an enfeeble, everyone bar me and Roop die, no problem, let’s try a 2 man then (might have worked if I was 80). I start to offheal as well as DPS the Prince but a dodgy Infernal drop cuts me off and in trying to get around it I end up dead at just over 40% on the boss. Roop on his own manages to get Monkeyzar down below 30% before he bites the dust too. Not bad for a first effort I feel, the next time he goes down with no trouble at all.

I even managed to get a few new pieces of gear, I got an epic cloak off the trash mobs which was a massive upgrade to me and a partial upgrade epic belt, everything else that was greeded ended up on the vendor and I have some badges to spend on a new Relic I think. After all that I am a mere 5% off 72 so bagged around 200k experience from the whole event (rested) made 150g and am a good way into Friendly with Violet Eye. I wonder if I can persuade everyone to try Zul’Aman in the next few weeks?


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