Maybe I Should Get a Guest Spot on Dora

February 19, 2009
Tabard of the Explorer

Tabard of the Explorer

In all of the hullballoo of actually making this attempt to switch my main class there are a few things which always weigh in favour of keeping the original character that you first started in the dim and distant mists of the long past. Bouaza was created a few months into TBC and numerous alts came after her, on my login screen Lekktra is not even in the first 5 characters, she came very late to Team WoW. If memory serves Lekktra was created during the period where myself and our guild <Renegades> were busy romping our way through Karazahn and quickly exceeded the other alts I had in terms of level. Even today, the only other character I have close is Phaed my Death Knight, the next level bracket where I have things is in the 40’s and that contains a Hunter, a Paladin (Horde) and another Shaman (Horde).

When I returned to WoW I started off on my Hunter aftering keeping up with a couple of blogs and deciding that I was still pretty “meh” about the Priest. After not too long the Shaman came back on the scene about the time that other RL friends came back to the game as well. It was due to a little pressure from them that saw me take up the challenge with Bo again and get up to 80. I still wanted to do the Shaman and after our Warrior switched to Death Knight I knew my time had come and here I am today at almost 72. Yet, there are still things niggling in the back of my mind, it’s not the money, nor the lack of current Tradeskills that does it, it’s not the gear or lack of 80. There are really only two points that make me wonder if I am doing the right thing, these are Reputations and Achievements.

Due to the fact that Bo has been around a lot longer she has obviously earnt more in the way of achievements, although not everything that she has done previously has been recorded by the system when it was added. The fact of having been active at end game TBC means that a lot of content that was current for her is historical for Lekktra so, Lekktra seems less “experienced” and I have a load of stuff that will need doing on Lekktra in order to “catch up” with Bo, but then again there are a few achievements that Lekktra has that Bo hasn’t (Onyxia for example). The worst possible ones are those achievements relating to reputation. Gaining rep in WoW is inevitably a long grind, while I applaud the addition of the Northrend Tabards to aid in this regard anything pre-Wrath though is going to take some time. This is both a blessing and a curse, a blessing because it adds something for me to do at endgame other than Heroics/Raiding but a curse because of the potential for grinding out things, especially after I screwed up my Scryers/Aldor thing by not reading a quest properly and turning in an Aldor quests which dropped me from Neutral with Scryers and no longer able to hand in Signets or Tomes.

Last night I had a bit of a relax and after running Onyxia the night before I thought I’d pick up and do some exploring. The last thing Bo did was grab her explorer title and tabard and although I am devoid of a flying mount at the moment I thought I’d do something that will grab me some acheivements and doesn’t require me to actually do too much. I don’t know why but discovering places is actually one of my favourite things to do in the game, the uncovering of a new area of the map as well as that little XP boost always brings a smile to my face.


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