Impromptu Raiding FTW

February 18, 2009

With my attempts to find a group for the Nexus proving futile I spent most of last night questing in Dragonblight (I am going to go mad if I get one more whisper of “healer?” when I put “Caster DPS(Elemental)” in my LFG comments). I got most of the way to level 72 and am 100g lighter off from starting the night getting my level 71 skills.

Lisuri our main Warlock has decided that he wants to try levelling his level 62 Paladin as an alt, I have no problems with this as I am trying to replace my Priest with this Shaman so we rounded up some folks and decided to do some Outland instance farming. We grabbed Hoac our level 80 Retridin, Qet the now 66 Warlock, myself and Lisuri’s alt, Etaew. Apparently I was going to be healing [natch]. First off we went to Slave Pens then cleared Underbog all nice and easy, after that we hit up Mana Tombs and Auchenai Crypts, for the last two of those we’d been joined by Roop after Steller in Trood form had logged in and taken over healing duties for Underbog. I made Honoured with Cenarion Expedition so grabbed my first Heroic key on this character.

When we were done in Auchindoun Roop suggested that we go do Zul’Gurub for a laugh, well, it’s already in our raid calendar for the weekend after a request I’d had earlier (Kara is scheduled for Thursday night at the moment). So, as we already had that raid scheduled I suggested we go do Onyxia. After being met with a surprising number of enthusiastic responses I found myself in Dustwallow Marsh with Roop, Hoac (in Holy gear), Qet and Lisuri back on his main. Back when I played Horde in vanilla WoW I only ever made it to 41 on my Tauren Shaman so never really got to appreciate the endgame content. This is the first time I’d ever been inside the instance and it was the same for our whole group, even those with more playing experience than I.

I’ll have to say that I really enjoyed the experience, having never done any of the old 40 man content to go in with a group of 5 was obviously completely different to how it would have been. Virtually no trash and just the one boss, but either way we had a lot of fun and unsurprisingly downed her in short order, cue a huge stack of loot (I didn’t win the 20-slot bag either and I am carrying 14 slots) and an achievement for those of us who had just on the spur of the moment decided to go run it. I am expecting to have more nights run like this to give us a break from either levelling or gearing up for Naxx, some old school content should prove to be interesting and a bit of fun. I’m not sure if we’ll get to all go to ZG on Saturday as some real life shennanigans may appear but we may postpone till the Sunday at worst I hope, I want a Raptor or a Tiger!


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