The Weekend is NOT for working!

February 16, 2009

Indeed it is not, so losing four hours of my Saturday by being at work is something of a bummer…. oh well, I suppose that is what they pay me for.

Apart from that lost afternoon though this weekend has gone quite well, I topped out on Sunday night at 30% towards 72 and am on my way now to Dragonblight after completing the Borean Tundra achievements. I still love those Murloc quests though and reckon I’d get another character to Northrend just to do those quests again. I even managed to do the Arcatraz and the Mechanar, there is talk now about also going back into Kara to grab some achievements there, especially for those of us that have either never seen it or are now going in on different characters. I wonder if the Infernals are still as annoying as they were when we were doing it for real. I also took some time last night to grab a couple of the Love is in the Air achievements, although some are appearing to be infuriatingly elusive.

I’ve already got some massive gear upgrades and am seeing my crit climbing, Totem of Wrath is an amazing buff to my damage output too. We’ve also been helping out our level 65 Warlock Qet, he got his Dreadsteed on Saturday and I had a laugh with Lisuri taking him through Scholomance. As the de facto leader of <Naxxramas Bin Collection> I’m getting some questions about going raiding, I have no problems if anyone wants but I need to try and get the Shaman to that level, Bo has no enchants on her gear and I am not going to spend all that cash when I’d rather get Lekktra there and invest in her. I’m coming up on 2000 gold just on Lekktra as well, leaving me to hope that getting the epic flyer at 77 shouldn’t be too much of an issue at all.


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