Important News is Important!

February 13, 2009

Righty-ho then, let’s dive straight in to all the important new from Azeroth. Alongside the breaking news that the “Ice Stone has melted” there is also a new interview out detailing some of the proposed ideas for the dual-spec system. This holds promise for Hybrid classes such as my Shaman as I can swap in and out of Healing/DPS gear as it’s looking like I might be spending end game in a more Elemental guise than the planned switch to Resto. I suggest you go take a read it’ll be interesting to see if it can be pulled off as I can see a couple problems with it.

In news closer to home Love is in the Air kicked off, with achievements available for another World Event I have to fight off the urge to dive right in (OK, I’ll admit I got the one for shooting off the 10 rockets) but as I have a goal right now I managed to only spend around 10 minutes or so diverted on the quest chain and giving out cards. I’d also like to thank a very nice Druid in Darnassus that donated to Lekktra the stuff that she was just about to chuck in the bin, I saw the trade window appear and I popped in 5 gold as a small token of appreciation for the gesture.

For the most part of the night I got on with the serious business that is hitting Northrend, I was 100k short of 67 after Tuesday night’s instance farming so started off finishing some of my Nagrand quests, this allowed me to move onto Netherstorm as soon as I had hit the lowest recommended level for the zone. I remember taking Bo there as soon as she hit 67 (I was doing Terrokar at the time IIRC) and really enjoyed the quests there and this time it was no different. There are a huge number of quests and due to farming the place for Netherbloom throughout TBC I know the zone back to front, although usually I’m flying. Without that option things took longer to get to with Lekktra but with all the quests so bunched up and close together you get through them in no time at all, I think it took just over 3 hours to go from newly 67 to 68, Elemental is a monster for levelling right now and I really enjoy it. I remember things being a nightmare with the Priest and playing this character has certainly been a revelation for me. As soon as I got 68 I headed back to Shattrath, dropped by Stormwind to get training and then jumped on the boat over to Borean Tundra, that’s right, Lekktra is now in Northrend! I can’t tell you how happy this makes me to finally have this character in the right place and heading for endgame. I’ll have a lot of this weekend to try and get as high as possible, 70 should be easily achievable and I’ll take whatever I can get over that, hopefully I can get in some instances too.

Lekktra had over 1000 gold in her pocket when I left Outland, a good portion of that has gone on skills though, I forgot how expensive they get. I had to resist the urge to buy a Brown Bear straight off the bat too. I’m going to be a good Shaman and save up until I hit 77 when I am hoping that I can go straight to Epic flying. Bo still has over 800 gold so I am almost halfway to Epic flying already. Northrend has meant a bag clearance too, thanks to Federick our mage porting me straight to Dalaran I can get around to places nice and easy, what I had failed to remember that as soon as you get the new First Aid skill all you do is Frostweave, I had over 300 Netherweave cloth in my bags, this is effectively useless as I am no Tailor so it all went on the auction house, I undercut the lowest person on there and with so many stacks of the stuff I’m hoping to make a tidy profit on all the stuff I’ve collected since maxing the OL First Aid.

Tonight will therefore be my first proper night of Borean Tundra questing, the fact I am enjoying this character so much keeps driving me and enables me to sit at the computer for much longer than ever I could with Bo, it looks like making the decision to try this character and stick with it is proving to be a good one.

Wish me luck against all those Dragonkin and Vrykul!


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