Anarchy in Auchindoun

February 11, 2009

A while ago I wrote a post that made mention of running through Hellfire Ramparts with a group of 4 Death Knights, last night I logged in with the intention of powering my through towards 67 which would allow me to move on over to Netherstorm and finish off my sojourn in Outland and spend my weekend running through Northrend in a different order to what I have already done with Bo. This is less about experiencing the zone and more about getting to 80 quickly. I can go back and do the zones later on and experience all there is to experience.

So, what does any of this have to do with that 4 Death Knight group, well, the link is tenuous at best. I logged into Telaar where I am hearthed and ran off to do my quests when guild chat pipes up with the only other guildie on, Lisuri our Warlock. He asks if I want to run some instances until people log-on for Heroics, of course I say yes, instances mean loots and achievements and through reading the WoW forums regularly it is clear to me that it’s obvious the more achievements you have the better a player you must be (/groan). So, we run through Auchenai Crypts and Sethekk Halls, Aliye a Resto Shaman asks if we’d like some heals and we accept, she arrives towards the start of Sethekk. We then come up with the idea of running through the Tempest Keep instances (I’m getting to the Death Knight bit honest) and we get Hoac the Paladin so we can use the summons to get there. We have another Warlock, Qet, who is a lowly 63 so we grabbed him for the group as well. At this point Roop the Death Knight (told you) logged in so we now had a proper group of three 80’s and two of us Outlanders. Qet couldn’t get into the TK dungeons so we went back to Auchindoun and ran through everything there that was sub-70. This was where it got (for me at least) hilarious. Now, Roop isn’t known for taking his time when tanking, he is quite happy to charge from group to group as fast as is humanly possible, so I’d like you to imagine what that’s like when presented with a load of stuff around thirteen to fifteen levels lower than you. He pulled ROOMS at a time, not just one or two pulls but whole ROOMS!!!! Perhaps I should have taken some screenies but watching nothing but Magma Totem damage numbers climb up the screen really doesn’t work well for my framerate hehe. We did Crypts then Mana Tombs and then Sethekk again. Qet has got enough upgrades to change full gear around twice I think. Once we’d done those three instances we took on Underbog and walked through that too, pulling whole areas at a time and then AOEing them down, I imagine Recount must have been going mental with the damage in there. After that we called it a night with me a mere 72k off 67 which I should easily bag on Thursday when it’s likely we’ll run the same kind of thing again as we had so much of a blast doing it.

At the end of it all I’d made around 200g and got both the D3 head and the D3 legs from the Shaman set as well as a nice new rare Leather chest piece that looks very sexy to replace the hideous mail one I’ve had since Hellfire Peninsula. Lots of gem slots which are now filled with a mix of MP5, SP and Int and a good night all round. I may not have hit 67 but I’ll easily do that come Thursday when I next get to play, I’ll be out on Friday night too so I need to make every hour count. I know I’ll be in Northrend this weekend but if I can also grab 70 as part of that then I’ll be a happy space goat. If I get my way and we farm TK instances for a while then that will be even better, it depends on if we take the Warlock with us, I’m not sure what the lowest you can be in order to enter the level 70 instances but we’ll want to help him out as well if he is on.

It’s nice to have guildies who are willing to do this and they all found it as hilarious as I did, you really haven’t seen anything until a whole room full of elites are being AOE’d down, the XP was pretty good. There was also a mention of Kara…….


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