“O Hai, we’re here for the trash”

February 9, 2009

As an aside you should check out BBB’s post about PuG raids, he raises some good points that I wish more people would keep in mind when running groups, especially something on the scale of a raid.

Anyone that has seen Bo’s armoury profile (or Lekktra’s TBH) will have seen the rather appalling guild name that we threw together for our triumphant return to the World of Warcraft. After a few months of playing we’ve gotten around to changing it and this has involved many a hilarious RL as well as guild chat conversation. Saturday night it all came to fruition, finally purchasing a new charter on Lekktra and then getting a lot of the old guildies signatures (as many as were online at almost midnight) to sign it.

So, after standing around in Ironforge and Stormwind spamming General and Guild Recruitment saying I would pay a gold for a charter signature on Sunday afternoon we finally got the charter finished and I went and handed it in. What guild name did we choose? Suggestions along the lines of <Redridge Bridge Repairs> and <my pants are epic drop> lost out to the iconic <Naxxramas Bin Collection> which apparently had our tanking DK in fits of hysteria. This should mean that although we remain in our light hearted comedy vein, the name is now serious enough (Argent Dawn is RP after all) that if we wanted to encourage others to join us for the purposes of venturing into Naxx then we should be able to do it.

In other news Lekktra hit her target of 66 and now I am wondering whether to continue in Nagrand or try my luck in Netherstorm for the last two levels until I hit the magic “I can go to Northrend” level. Elementals in Nagrand are starting to do my head in as they are immune to my most frequently used damage spell. I’m going to imagine that Halls of Stone is going to prove equally as frustrating. Wife is out tomorrow so if I can do all the tidying up I need to do to the living room tonight I should be set for the pizza/computer night that was going to happen last week. Either way, grinding out these next two levels this week is going to keep me focused.

I am meaning to look at the proposed class changes and that post is coming, honest.


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