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February 5, 2009

Tabard of the Explorer

I had a plan and it started with getting these baby’s. Roop,  our now level 80 Death Knight, used his version of the Heirloom shoulders to speed up his levelling which will now see Fermat the Warrior relegated I believe. Although I’m a little further behind with my main class swapover I only needed one shard to get this gear (and let’s face it, I have an almost level 50 Hunter that could get a agility enchant and use them for the XP bonus). Getting this one shard proved somewhat trickier as it meant grabbing Bo. So, I did, hit up the Priest and went to get the Wintergrasp quests, firstly I got gimped by a Rogue (I hate them) and then it took a group of two Death Knights and the same Rogue, apparently Holy Priests need that kind of pewpew to be seen off (needless to say I went down fast). Unperturbed I logged off and had dinner, then went back in got in the raid for the Wintergrasp battle and we retook the zone (Horde controlled it when I logged in so couldn’t just do an instance to get the shard). I grabbed the Shoulders and mailed them away to Lekktra.

Equipped with her fancy new gear I hit Terrokar forest like a Draenei possessed, eating through mobs and quests to hit 64, which I did, at which point (around about 10pm) I settled her down for some rest XP after getting the training I wanted and finally grabbing her a shield to go with her Diamond Core Sledgehammer from Blood Furnace. I’m looking forwards to Nagrand tonight and going to 65, it’s a zone I skipped when levelling Bo so haven’t really seen it properly. Between the priest and shaman I also now have enough for the regular flying mount, although due to Northrend I’ll not be doing a thing until I hit 77 and then I can hopefully go straight for the Epic.

After hitting 64 I logged Bo back in and decided to go grab some more Elders and do some exploring, I finally finished off the explore Northrend and have been granted my Tabard of the Explorer which is nice to have for sure. I still have some way to go to get the Elder title and am trying to weigh up in my mind whether I should be levelling the Shaman or using Bo to finish the event. I’ve looked at some of the achievements for Love is in the Air and am despairing that it’s unlikely that Lekktra will be able to complete it despite the fact she is levelling quite quickly. I want to be in Northrend by next weekend so we’ll see if I can get into Dalaran and maybe get more done that I might otherwise be able to.

In other news some of the ideas for patch 3.1 have been released, but I think looking at those warrants a post of its own rather than being tagged onto the end of my “Look at my levelling prowess and achievements” post.

Tonight it’s 65 or bust and the wife is out for the most of it. Yes I am just going to shove a pizza in the oven and not move from my PC until she gets home, how’d you guess?


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