Picking up where I left off…

February 2, 2009

….although I do wish that I had tried to solo that world Dragon in Ferelas.

After the break on Friday night I got to grips with things again Saturday afternoon. Somehow I managed to heal a PUG through Blood Furnace as an Elemental Shaman, it was a lot of fun actually even though things didn’t go perfectly, still if I can manage that as a DPS spec then surely if I was actually Resto then everything would be even better than that, there is definitely encouragement there for the future. I hit 62 and went on my merry way to Zangamarsh (I’m concentrating on levelling in the best places rather than finishing zones at the moment). During this levelling I’d like to call out a special Night Elf Druid. I will omit the name for now, but next time you see me please feel free to apologise for casting Moonfire on every single mob that I targeted so you’d get your quest done faster. I’m sorry that I was killing them faster than you could but there were enough for the both of us without you collecting 5 at a time and then AOEing them down.

Lekktra has now hit Terrokar forest and is level 63, at 64 I’ll be off to Nagrand, a zone I didn’t level up Bo in apart from the Ring of Blood quests which I used to ding 70 way, way back. So not really much Shaman news, just that I am continuing to level just as fast as I can, I’m expecting Roop to hit 80 sometime this week and he is already gearing ready for Heroics, needless to say I am way off this and once more feel like the poor cousin. I wanted Lekktra to hit 70 and raid Kara when we were doing that just over a year ago, I never managed it although I was levelling her a lot faster than Bo had, Lekktra is a step up again in terms of the speed with which I am able to level. This is no doubt to experience of the quests as well as knowing more about the game.

Bo spent much of her time talking to Elders, she has now talked to all of them in Kalimdor with the exception of ZF and Mara. I have also done the Northrend Dungeon Elders, running around this yesterday also allowed me to finish off the Kalimdor Exploration achievements. Now I just need to finish the three zones in Northrend I haven’t done and I’ll have my explorer title. Sunday afternoon we chain ran instances, Utgarde Pinnacle, Halls of Stone and Halls of Lightning, non-heroics. I’m still having a lot of fun with the Shaman, more so that I can remember on my Priest, the only thing that still concerns me is that Bo has so much more in terms of achievements and reputation gains. I suppose that I’ll just be kept busier with Lekktra come the point where she does hit 80. Although we do now have a Resto Shaman that has joined us through another RL friend, so even the position I hoped to occupy may now be in jeopardy. Once more I feel like I am lagging behind and will be left there while others go on to do bigger and better things because the character I think I should have been playing wasn’t what I’d picked at the start.


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