Tempting the Horde

January 30, 2009

Prior planning and preparation prevents poor performance. This mantra applies in all aspects of our life and equally in World of Warcraft. With my crippling case of Chronic altaholism I am always struggling with the amount of characters I have on a specific server. I have one legacy character left over on Scarshield Legion when I first started playing with many of the group I do now before we moved to alliance. Argent Dawn, our current server has its full complement of 10 characters and Draenor, the server we had a short spate on playing new Hordies has 8, despite the fact we were there for maybe a mere 2 months. I may look at a free character transfer to free up a slot on Argent Dawn as my constant hankering for different characters takes hold once again. What this altaholism has done though has provided me with a level 21 Blood Elf rogue and my original character from Scarshield Legion, a level 43 Blood Elf Paladin. Tonight I wanted to get through the “Elders of the Horde” achievement on Bo, I’ve done enough PvP with her to realise that I am effectively a free kill and cannot outheal the damage I take quick enough and I have no mitigation as I am always in PvE gear. To facilitate this I logged onto the Paladin (who resides in Silvermoon City) and translocated to Undercity, I had a good idea where the Elder was so grabbed him and then took the zeppelin over to Orgrimmar, after a quick question in guild chat (yes, even though I play Alliance I have my almost never played Hordie in a guild…..don’t tell anyone but it’s an RP guild too…..Shhhhh) and found out where that Elder was hiding. I zipped over the Thunderbluff and found that Elder, then, being a Paladin, I leaped off the top of Cow Central and bubbled to get the “65 yds without dying” achievement for giggles.

Armed with this knowledge I later logged in Bo with some trepidation, shockingly she can’t use the translocator in Silvermoon, nor the zeppelin (easily) or Horde flight points. However, this present more of an opportunity as between many of these places lie some of the other Elders that I need to get for the other achievements. First up was Undercity, I went from Ironforge to Southshore and rode through Silverpine to grab the Elder from Sepulcher, then onto Brill and eventually riding in through the front door past two level 80 Paladins. Incident free I grabbed the Elder and legged it on the back of my trusty Armored Brown Bear. I hearthed to Dalaran and took the portal to Stormwind and headed down to Booty Bay to grab the boat over the Ratchet, another two Elders from the ports and I was in Kalimdor running towards Crossroads, then Camp Taurajo and then off to Bloodhoof Village and up the “back” lift. The only thing I aggro’d was the guards, which I expected. I knew that Orgrimmar was going to be the busiest by far so left it till last. I’d already run Ragefire Chasm on Bo so I knew the kind of run there was to outside Thrall’s chamber where the Orgimmar Elder resides, it could have been worse, they could have made me go past the Auction House and Bank. So, after enjoying much success in getting even more Coins of Ancestry I charge across Durotar and into the Orc capitol via the rear entrance on Southfury River. I see the guards running back to their posts from inside the city so obviously someone else from the Alliance has just legged it through, all I need to do is ride in their wake.

In I go, trying to aggro as few guards as I can, but there are several choke points on this route that will make it impossible for me to avoid them entirely. Things are going well, I get outside the Hall of Heroes near the flight point before I see my first red name. Unfortunately this guy was already steering himself into the PvP shop so what happened next probably wasn’t much of a surprise, the fact that he was a Hunter just cements the stereotype for me. Yes, I got shot, he fired off a rotation that hit with with pretty much a crit every shot, I don’t even think his pet had time to spawn after he dismounted. I know, I was in their city, I was flagged and therefore fair game, however, after seeing a fair few Hordies galloping through Alliance cities to pick up their own achievements I would have hoped that the supposedly “more mature” Horde side would let us ride in (I was after all a solo Priest and no threat to anyone) get what we needed and leave. However, this Hunter obviously had other ideas, he saw a red name and hit his shot rotation macro (2 shots and I was pretty much dead as they were both crits). To be honest I’d prepared myself for worse so wasn’t too upset, I just had some seed of hope somewhere that everyone could just accept what was happening during Lunar Festival. The only really annoying part is that the nearest ress point is Razor Hill, which is quite a walk to Org. Nevertheless I dutifully strode back to collect my corpse, ressed, healed, buffed and shielded anew. Hopped back on the Bear and went and grabbed the Elder. I finished off the night by grabbing the Razor Hill Elder and took the flight point from Ratchet to Tanaris.

So, I got my Elders of the Horde with only one death and have positioned myself ready to roll through southern Kalimdor to grab the rest of the Elders there and also complete my Exploration achievements over the weekend. I’ll then hit up Eastern Kingdoms and Northrend before finishing off the dungeons. Hopefully I can be done with Lunar Festival before Love is in the Air kicks off so I can dedicate proper time to that. As an aside I am also enjoying the +75 Alliance rep that you get with each Elder, I’d rather be accruing all this on Lekktra but I suppose all this learning is just going to help once I do switch over more fully to Lekktra when she hits max level. Once I get a break from all these World Events I think Bo will be heading to the dwarf starting area to grab some starting quests to finish the few thousand rep I am off Exalted with the last two factions I haven’t maxed yet. Cue more mounts availability…..

So, hopefully this weekend will be a flurry of achievements on one hand and power levelling on the other. I’d ideally like to get 63 or 64 on Lekktra before Monday arrives but I’m going to be out at a LAN event tonight whereas I’d be concentrating on getting all the Elders done otherwise.


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