Let me tell you a story

January 29, 2009

As I wasn’t playing last night I thought I’d take up today’s time with a story and a bit of an aside, although all this does in fact still relate to World of Warcraft.

As you may know from previous posts I spend most of my time playing with friends that I know outside of the game, the main three help to form the group that I tend to run instances with as this tends to mean that we have better runs. For those of you who don’t know, let’s give a quick run down for the level 80s.

Myself – Bo, Healy Priest

Fermat – Prot Warrior

Steller – Balance Druid

Lisuri – Demonology Warlock.

Fermat currently has a Death Knight that he is levelling (still a tank) and I am levelling my Shaman (currently Elemental but targeted as Resto for end game). Fermat and Steller are by far the most experienced WoWers in our party but I have the most MMO experience (if that counts for anything). I am going to relay a story that was told to me by Fermat when we was in an instance with his Death Knight, Roop.

Now, I can’t remember which instance it was but they had a group and another Death Knight was tanking, this was a PuG and as such calls forth all the worst of thoughts that long time players have when they cast their minds to these kinds of groups. Well, off they go and needless to say they start to encounter some problems with threat and the tank taking a lot of damage. (I am paraphrasing for the sake of brevity). Ever the faithful Tank Fermat notices that the tanking Death Knight is not using his Frost Presence, so he whispers the tank and suggests that if he changes to the tanking presence he might meet with some more success. The tank dutifully follows the advice and they go on to complete the instance with no further incident.

So, why do I mention this? Well, as anyone who has read the WoW forums knows, this is not the normal behaviour for any group. If there were problems with aggro and the tank taking a lot of damage normally party chat fills up with the ever so original “lol, you noobs sux” or “l2p nubz” or some other equally eloquent and, more than likely, expletive filled derivative. In some cases the tank here would have been kicked from the group, however, someone took the time to look at what was going on and suggest a change. What is perhaps even more remarkable was that the change wasn’t shot down with a flippant response. Thus the party worked together and completed the content rather than having a spewing match aggravating all the players. Some players are far too quick to judge another player as an idiot or someone that cannot play, yet at times it may just be a quiet helping hand (in this case a whisper to the player rather than a massive announcement in party chat) that will allow another to learn and progress. Now, I’m no expert on Death Knight’s but I know that Frost Presence boosts armour and threat so would be looked on as the defacto way of tanking. I am sure other players may scream at me that “lolz, u can tank in NE presence nooob!” or something else, but I still think that something valuable can be learned about listening to other players and not flying off the handle when someone pops in with a suggestion that may in fact turn out to be beneficial.

Of course, this seems to be a discourse between two mature people and it may well have gone differently if the Death knight in question had just disregarded the suggestion off hand, but I’m not going to make a blanket statement about younger players being less mature and Alliance being full of arrogant kids with over-inflated egos. There are enough examples of idiotic players splashed all over the various community outlets but it was nice to hear a tale whereby rather than screaming and whining two people actually sorted something out and made changes that helped the group achieve its goal. If only all players went with this method of helping others and trying to improve the group rather than acting after their own selfish interests then I can only imagine how much greater this game and the resultant community would be.

I’ll certainly be trying to hold to this example in how I deal with people in the future.



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