Victory! – I love the smell of burning Dragonkin in the morning

January 28, 2009

Except of course it wasn’t the morning, it was about 9pm at night, but I digress. No “proper” levelling got done last night although Lekktra hit 61, no Lunar Festival goodies on Bo either. However, the plan to venture into Blackrock Spire and help some friends out getting the Jenkins title went off without a hitch. More or less.

The main problems stem from the fact that Bo already has the title and has done both UBRS and LBRS for the achievements, being 80 she can also afford to venture in solo to grab the Elder for the World Event. Lekktra only hit 60 at the weekend and therefore will get mightily owned going solo. This was my opportunity to help out some people and get some nice achievements on what I am hoping to switch as a main. I logged in after gorging myself on home cooked Chilli (yes, I cook) and setup the group to go in. I even took the time to pick up some of the quests for the place as they would be level appropriate for the Shaman and I was hoping for a bit of an XP boost as I was going to be there anyway. Lisuri our regular guild Warlock tagged along as well and we walked through LBRS quite happily, I even managed to do a little DPS as everything was quickly AOE’d down. The problem I personally faced is that I tend to aggro everything in sight if it gets anywhere near me.

On the first time we went through for the Jenkins achievement we had Bo and Roop (our main tank’s new Death Knight) chase around the eggs, one going clockwise the other anti-clockwise and then bring a butt load back to the middle for AOE. This time we sent a Paladin who had bubbled around the room to collect them, except he didn’t. They took one look at the sexy Draenei and decided a snack was in order, no-one could save me when a good two thirds of the achievement proceeded to eat my face. This was made even more hilarious by the fact that I had already eaten through a Reincarnation and a Soulstone after getting tagged by other mobs previously and I wasn’t even trying to get close to anything. Still, we did manage the achievement and finished off the rest of the dungeon. I went and handed in the quests, picked up the pets and headed back to Outland now I can learn Netherweave Bandages. I did two more quests and dinged 61. The future should still be grabbing Elder for Bo and seeing just how much of the “Love is in the Air” event I can do with a sub-80 character. Bo isn’t doing too bad with achievements but having a level 60+ at the moment that I really want to try as a main means that what I have done is probably going to have to be replicated and there are some achievements the Priest has that I am not sure I can quickly pull off on Lekktra, however, this is all for the future and we’ll see just how long the guild and I keep going. I still have less than 600g across all my characters though… /sadpanda.


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