Tonight, I have plans!

January 27, 2009

Darntootin’ I have plans.

One of the best aspects of the MMO genre is the ability to spend your time playing with other people. Sure you can spend time with friends out of game (and I frequenetly do) but I get a lot of social interaction with people through WoW. In fact, I have friends in other countries who have had great influences on my life who I have met through MMOs. I know that there is still some stigma attached to people who spend their lives “jacked in” as it were, yet there are enough tales out there to give some shred of evidence that many of us are actually incredibly social creatures and are not all basement dwelling troglodytes whose only communication with the outside world is when their mom comes in to grab their laundry.

So, where is this leading? After spending last night shedding the lbs at a friends on their Wii Fit tonight sees a return to Lekktra and her diving into the race to 80. Due to having a few friends that I know from outside the game I should also be taking a trip with them to get my Shaman her Jenkins title, we have a Hunter with us for Volley and we’ll see just how much Chain Lightning and a Nova Totem can do between them. This should also allow me to finish UBRS and LBRS for Achievements (and Elders). I should probably invest in some larger bags on Lekktra too, we are sure to collect a lot of crap in there. I might even take the time to get the pet quests from Burning Steppes. Decisions, decisions.

So, after not having played WoW at all last night expect something marginally useful and relevant from tomorrow’s post, because as of right now, I got nothin’.

Although I suppose I could say why it’s funny that half the Priest community is whining about one spell getting a 6 sec CD…


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