Lunar Festival and the Heroic Chicken

January 26, 2009

First of all I need to tell you a story. This will help to set the scene and kind of make everything fit into place, I am sure that this also results in the horrible loot rolls that Bo is plagued with as I cannot remember her ever winning more than 1 or 2 need rolls ever in the whole history of the character (no exaggeration). World of Warcraft is filled with Easter Eggs, little nuggets waiting to be discovered by the intrepid adventurer on his journey through the lands and dimensions of this world. Almost from the start there is a poultry quest hidden inside one of the feathered dinner table favourites, our humble Chicken. Using the /chicken emote upon a Chicken (natch) repeatedly will eventually cause the Galliform to offer a quest. Taking this quest shows you that your little friend wants nothing more than a quick bite to eat, asking you to track down a sack of his favourite Clucky Kibbles. While you can pick up this quest from any chicken, the natural place to do this is in Westfall as the chap that sells the chicken feed is in one of the farmsteads there. Due to the zone this quest is almost Alliance Only unless some kind soul throws up the feed on the neutral auction house.

Bo picked up the chicken early on in her career, completion of the quest gives you an egg that adds a vanity pet to your collection. Now, having picked up this little avian friend it has toured with her through many of the perculiar sights to have greeted her on her journey. Due to the fact that when I came to Argent Dawn I didn’t do it alone I’ve had the pleasure of running pretty much every instance in the game. Peculiarly enough when we hopped over from Horde RP-PvP to Alliance RP-PvE the raiding Warlock became a Human Prot Warrior, the Undead Prot Warrior became a Night Elf Rogue and myself, the Blood Elf Paladin took up the mantle of the Draenei Priest. I had ummed and ahhed about rolling a Paladin, Shaman or Mage but for some reason went for the Priest. We were also joined by an Undead Holy Priest who was co-erced into playing a Druid.  We finished our respective starter zones and kciked off the instances for our level as part of our regular evenings play. Once more for reasons unknown I tended to run around with the Chicken by my side. It was there through those early instances and over time became something of a mascot for us. Eventually after telling tales of our exploits we found out that another RL friend had an account that he wasn’t using, he had a Warlock in the mid 30’s and we were round about that same level when he came on board. Sometimes we’d run instances without the Chicken running alongside us. I don’t remember exactly when it happened, all I know now is the aftermath of events now long passed. What did happen though, was that the Chicken seemed to exude some kind of amazing loot and boss Karma. If we struggled with a particular boss fight, or someone really wanted a particular piece of loot, supplication was offered to the Chicken and he was presented before the Boss and we went to battle. Amazingly, with alarming recurrence, we would down the boss or acquire the loot once the Chicken showed his face. What also happened was that the more the Chicken was used the less effective he was, it appeared that he needed time to recharge after exuding his other-worldy powers to call forth our inherent skills or hack the loot table. So, we couldn’t just run round with the little fellow plodding along at our side. The Chicken is personally responsible for at least 3 first time boss kills in Kara and I can even relate on story where our Main Tank had been running Steamvaults (Heroic) for over a week without getting the tanking cloak to drop. I went along on one of these runs and he asked for the Chicken when we went up against the final boss. Much DPS ushered forth and the Naga lord paid the debt that all men pay. Lo and behold, the cloak dropped.

So, why I have just wasted vast moments of your life reading that? Well, this weekend saw much Heroic goings on, we’re trying to gear up and maybe looking at future raiding and after the debacle of Old Kingdom late last week we wanted to get things down good. Drak’tharon now lies in our wake, numerous wipes on King Dred were put to rest with the appearance of the Chicken (only fight we had issues with in the whole place). We ran out of time with tank availability on final boss in Azjol-Nerub, too many DPSers taking damage from the spikes and his bugged “pound”. Yesterday we pushed on through Gun’drak and another Nexus run, our Boomkin getting a piece of epic gear from the last boss in ALL 3 of the dungeons we completed. The excellent Mace dropped from Heroic Nexus, I know it has no +Spirit but the oodles of +MP5 make it a winner according to Rating Buster, I lost the loot roll. For some reason I cannot win a need roll to save my life, I lost out on a wand to our Warlock and an epic to the Druid, the shoulder and head piece I won over the weekend were left with only me needing them. I suppose I could suplicate the Chicken but to be honest even with his powers Bo is probably the most unlucky character I have ever seen. It has become something that is now remarked upon by our guild (not recently either).

So, the Chicken has made it’s debut in Wrath and it’s powers seem undiminished in the realm of Boss killing.

Bo has had a lot of success in the Lunar festival too, she has a butt load of tokens and if I can finish the Northrend Dungeons side of things I can solo the rest (I hope). I’m also getting used to her Holy spec and I am sure that this is having an effect on how we are doing on the Heroic side of things too. I just have to make sure I do my part in learning the boss encounters and keep everyone alive as well as I can. Bo got lucky (for a change) when doing the Elune’s Blessing achievement as I got to Moonglade when it was chock-full of people and Omen had just been killed, I popped over the lake and got the Blessing, job done. With all the Heroics it’s also been a good place to grab the Elders, I have done a few all over the place but need to put in a concerted effort to grab the title. I reckon this is much more achievable than I thought it would be.

Hope you all enjoy the festival because it’s not long before “Love is in the Air” kicks off.


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